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Romneyites and Big Brother Internment Camps
Paypal is owned by Ebay. Ebay has quite a few ties to the Mormon Illuminati and Utah.

"Utah was not previously known as a hub for huge data centers, but is increasing becoming so," says Todd Brightwell, vice president of business development for EDCUtah. "Utah has more than $2 billion in data center construction projects underway, which have definitely raised the state's profile."

eBay's $334 million data center and customer support center under construction in the Daybreak Commerce Park in South Jordan is said to be the online auction giant's single largest capital investment. The massive facility will be the primary overseer of eBay's website, with millions of users and accounts, and hundreds of jobs are expected to be filled there. (Source)

Apparently, so do the United States Intelligence Agencies:

"Meanwhile, the National Security Agency (NSA) is building its massive, $1.6 billion data center at Camp Williams. The data center could eventually include more than 1 million square feet of space where it will provide infrastructure to support the NSA's intelligence-gathering operations. Construction has been broken into three phases. The first phase of the project will feature an $800 million investment in a 35-megawatt data center, with a second $800 million, 35-megawatt phase to follow. The initial phase is projected to be complete by March 2013." (Ibid)

So, if you were wondering where they plan on keeping all that data on you and your family, now you know. Big Brother and Mormon Utah, together at last. Which raises some very interesting questions about the Herriman fire that originated from a firing range at Camp Williams during a day when winds were high and dry scrub was plentifull. Expanding the perimeter perhaps?

Big Brother did a number on Dr. Stephen Jones, who correctly postulated that the Twin Towers were brought down with the help of explosive charges already in the building. The Romneyites were successful at forcing the Mormon Church to demand his resignation from their University. The resignation came on the heals of a Bush visit to Church headquarters. So did an honorary doctorate for Dick Cheney and lavish praise for the Rothschild family at a commencement ceremony.

Since the Mormon Illuminati came to town, Patriotic Mormons are fair game in Mormon Utah. Which, doesn't create a problem for the vast majority of Utah citizens. That could quickly change. Now that the Romneyites and their Illuminati cohorts have marginalized Church figures like David O McKay, Ezra Taft Benson, and Cleon Skousen, and documents like the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they are free to continue their agenda.

I suppose that agenda has something to do with Big Brother and Internment Camps for those that oppose the Mormon Illuminati and the Romneyites. Utah does have some experience in these areas:

"Following American entry into World War II, approximately 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent and Japanese-born residents of the West Coast of the United States were forced to leave their homes in California, Oregon and Washington as a result of Executive Order 9066, signed by President Franklin Roosevelt.

About 10,000 left the off-limits area during the "voluntary evacuation" period, and avoided internment.

The remaining 110,000 were soon removed from their homes by Army and National Guard troops. First housed in places such as racetrack stables, eventually they were moved to various camps, hundreds or even thousands of miles from home.

Topaz was the primary internment site in the state of Utah. A smaller camp existed briefly at Dalton Wells, a few miles north of Moab, which was used to isolate a few men considered to be troublemakers prior to their being sent to Leupp, AZ. A site at Antelope Springs." (Source)

Yes, Utah has a wealth of experience to draw upon when it comes to concentration camps.

"Topaz was originally known as the Central Utah Relocation Center, but this name was abandoned when administrators realized that the acronym was naturally pronounced "Curse." The camp was then briefly named for the closest settlement, until nearby Mormon  residents (with their own heritage of forced relocation) demanded that their town name not be associated with a "prison for the innocent."  (Ibid)

That was when Mormons actually remembered what it was like to be a target for persecution. The Romneyites have changed all that, as they continue to push Mormondom into the mainstream of acceptability. Yet, Topaz, and many other Japanese-American Concentration Camps are apparently being prepared for new occupants.

"One of the last acts of Congress was to send President Bush a bill that establishes a $38 million program of National Park Service grants to preserve Japanese POW internment camps in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho." (Source)

When the Doors re-open at Topaz, soon after the next False Flag, I fully expect to see a "Mitt Romney is Watching You" sign at the front gate. After all, if they have the power to destroy my life (As evidenced by the latest Paypal outrage), and the life of Dr. Stephen Jones, just think what they can do to yours.

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Mitt Romney Gives Masonic Grip to "Brother" John McCain?