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The Curious Case of Roger K Young
Roger K Young
I received the following from Roger K Young after the articles titled, "Mormon Sex Slave" were published and I brought the poor woman on my radio show as a guest:

Mr. Paul Drockton,

"I have just received information of an upcoming radio show that you are doing.   (ie. Momon (sic) sex slave interview)
I personally find it extremely offensive.
It is beyond me how anyone as intelligent as you are could be so gullible as to believe that sort of crap.  It only took me about 1 hour many years ago to determine what a load of BS those kinds of accusations were based upon, and I do not want to be associated in any way with it, or people pushing such manure.

Therefore,  I am withdrawing my offer to have you speak at the preparedness fair.
I will also immediately refund any monies that you have put forward for a booth." 

Roger K. Young

First of all, I want to state that I like Roger K Young. He likes me enough to have added me as a speaker at the above event. The poor guy has done his best to warn our fellow Mormons about the corruption and filth that has taken over this world of ours. I even doubt that he was either surprised or offended that a fellow Mormon would come forward and tell her story about sexual abuse by those in authority within the Church.

I do believe, however, that the small minority (3% of the Church membership at best) that have been exposed in my articles, have more than enough wealth and influence to intimidate any normal person in the Church. I am not a normal person. If I was, I would still be working for Farmers Insurance as a Sales Manager that sold out his church and brethren for a mid , six-figure paycheck.  I say this as a reminder to those that have sacrificed very little for their professed Mormon faith, yet continue to challenge mine.

Still, this is an election year and Mormon sheeple votes are at stake for Mormon Illuminati prospects like Mitt Romney and John Huntsman. Heck, if Republican Mormons have enough clout to fire a tenured professor at Brigham Young University for telling the truth about 911, they surely have enough firepower to prevent their worst enemy from speaking at a seminar. Yes, I am Public Enemy #1 to Satanic Psychopaths everywhere. Also evidenced by the amount of effort they put into silencing me.

As for the "manure spreading". Rachel's story is extremely credible because it jives with the stories told by other victims of the Satanic Psychopaths that roam, without any visible resistence, the hallowed halls of Mormondom. Here is one example:

"Hell Minus One" author Anne Davis had written confessions from her parents that they ritually abused her during Satanic rites.

"When Anne A Johnson Davis was just three years old, her mother and stepfather began to physically, sexually and mentally abuse her—in the name of Satan. Until she ran away from home at 17, her parents and other cult members subjected her to satanic ritual abuse, a criminally inhumane and bizarre form of devil worship. In the middle of the night, Anne would be drugged and forced to endure hours of ritualistic torture as a symbolic sacrifice." (Source)

There was no prosecution and Anne was apparently counselled to "forgive" her evil parents for subjecting her to horrors unspeakable. Interestingly enough, after the string of injustices relating to Anne that I reported on this website, she appears to have met an untimely demise. (Source) It seems that Anne was no fan of the Utah Attorney General's Office:

"In 1995, under the name Rachel Hopkins, Davis states she was abused after a report was released by the Utah Attorney General's office that downplayed the existence of ritual abuse. As evidence, Davis provided a photo showing herself as a child with bruises, and also claimed her siblings corroborated her story. In addition, Davis provided a (signed) confession by her mother and stepfather regarding the abuse to detectives in the Attorney General's Office. Her parents also confessed to two investigators from the office, as well as to the leaders of the church they attended." (Source)

Now, interestingly enough, Anne started remembering the abuse during therapy later on in life. Her memories were "recovered" memories. The same type of recovered memories others have reported (like Rachel on my radio show), without a signed confession from the Satanic Psychopaths. Note to self: Satanic psychopaths don't usually confess because they fear the wrath of an outraged public.

Tragically, in Utah, the only ones to feel the wrath of anyone of note are the Satanic Ritual Abuse victims and those that support them.  More in the next article.

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