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On Friday, January 22, 2010 Herman Rockefeller mysteriously vanished and has not been seen since.

"Police say he landed in Melbourne about 9pm and was seen walking alone to the long-term car park. At 9.32pm his car, registration UUP-682, was seen on security vision leaving the pre-paid credit card exit.

The father of two never made it home.

Police say Mr Rockefellerís bank account has not been touched and his mobile phone remained switched off after the flight.

His Citylink account had not been activated, although the tollways were his logical route home from the airport." (source)

The fact that his bank account has not been touched would indicate that this was a professional job, not a group of amateur thugs looking for some easy money. The fact that his car did not activate the electronic tolls indicates that it did not happen on his logical route home, and the fact that his occupied car was last seen at the airport, would seem to indicate that he was abducted at the airport itself.

The real question is, who is Herman Rockefeller? His brother Robert claims they are not related to the Rockefeller family in the US, but, based on Herman's business activities, which align quite well with the American Rockefeller business interests, this claim rings hollow. Consider the following:

1.  Mr Rockefeller is a Harvard graduate and was initially identified as a former director of Carlton and United Breweries. Now Foster's is denying any connection to the man.

2. This Rockefeller family came from Akron, Ohio, where they owned a bakery. The US Rockefellers lived in and operated from Cleveland, Ohio (which was the headquarters for Standard Oil until the company was sold to British Petroleum), a mere 45 minutes away. Purportedly, Herman's father made a decision to move to  Australia in the early 1960s and "struck it rich".

3. Even more interesting is the influence this man and his family had in New Zealand:

"Just last month one of the family's investment companies, Burnie Hospital Limited, agreed to a $52 million deal to sell the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie to the Tasmanian Government.

The Rockefeller family owned the hospital, built for $26 million in 1994, and leased it to the Tasmanian Government. Over the past 16 years, the family has reaped an estimated $90 million in lease fees on the site. The 25-year deal was worth $125 million in total - so extravagant the Tasmanian Government finally sought to buy its way out of the contract." (source)

Now that's a deal only a Rockefeller can make. Spend $26 million on a building and lease it to the government for $125 million. Yet, the denials keep coming in that there is no relationship between the two families.

Even more interesting is the unreported fact that Herman Rockefeller was a director of "Genesis Research and Development Corporation".  The list of patents filed by this Biotech company definitely would meet the needs of a global conspiracy, if there was one of course (wink,wink). For example:

"Methods for producing genetically modified plants, plant materials and plant products produced thereby. 
Inventors: Flinn, Barry; Cheah, Kheng Tuan.     
Assignee: Genesis Research and Development Corp. Ltd.
Patent issued: ZA2001/1818 - 2001-12-24."  (source)

The Rockefeller Foundation has been tampering with genetically altered food for quite a while, as evidenced by this grant offer to anyone that could assist them in genetically altering rice. Herman Rockefeller's Genesis Research has also been involved in controversial RNAi technology designed to "suppress" certain genetic traits. (source). RNAi research can be traced back to the Eugenics movement and the search for a "Master Race", both Rockefeller pet projects.

So, is this the reason for all the denials of "Rockefellerianism"? Or, is there more to it? For example, Herman Rockefeller's position with the Pratt Group:

"In his corporate career, Harvard-educated Rockefeller has had two stints with the Pratt family's Visy empire. He first worked with Pratt Group's financial services and investment division, which was closed after the sharemarket crash of 1987. In 2000, he returned for six months to help with the acquisition and integration of Visy's packaging business."

Charles Pratt was John D Rockefeller's Treasurer and was a direct contributor to the "cause":

"Old John D. Rockefeller's treasurer at Standard Oil, Charles Pratt, bequeathed his New York mansion to the Council on Foreign Relations as its world headquarters."

The links are there and they seem to indicate that Herman Rockefeller was another member of the Illuminati Elite. If this is the case, then may I propose a few reasons for denying his Rockefeller heritage?

1.  I believe that this "disappearance" shows just how vulnerable the Western Illuminati Elite really are. For the Rockefellers to admit that someone had gotten to a member of the "family" is an admission that they are currently under siege, wondering which one of them is next.

2. This is evidenced by the suiciding of the "World Economic Forum" Security Chief (source). Are the two incidences linked?  Obviously this guy's security operations had been compromised.

3. If in fact, the Eastern Illuminati in China and Russia are planning a war with the West, as I believe, is this the beginning of a "decapitation" plan of Western Illuminati leadership?

4. Or is this just "payback" for the 1,000 trillion dollar derivatives screw-job? Herman Rockefeller was involved in high finance as well as his other business interests. China and Russia were both heavily invested in derivatives and both got screwed by Western bankers.

Maybe the answer is "all of the above". We will definitely be watching for any future developments on this.

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