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Satanic Psychopaths Loot U.S. Pensions
These Thieves Will Never see a Jail Cell
>  How sad and pathetic, Paul, that you were treated so poorly at that website after being invited to post.
> Comment:
> It was disappointing to read, Paul, that you were invited to post your ideas on a Mormon website and then when the webmaster objected to your other writings, pulled your thread.
> Let me say that I have read most of your articles posted on your website. I find them worth while because they make one engage one's brain and think things through. Do I believe the claims that Gayle Smith made and which you reported? No. Do I think she has told an untruth? No. That means that I have determined that these alleged events have at least two sides to them and I have only read one side. But beyond that, the story made me ponder other things such as the LDS teaching that in the end times "....even the very elite shall be deceived...". And, that has gotten me to ponder, "how would they be deceived? and how will the membership know that they have been deceived?".
> I was on another Mormon run website in recent times. What I gathered from this experience was it was not acceptable to think nor question things related to LDS Church actions or functions. It seemed acceptable to question other state actions (Arizona, Texas, California, and even Idaho) but don't dare question Utah's legislative actions. One could point a finger at the naught United Nations, the Catholic church, or politicians, just be sure not to mention that the LDS Church has intertwined itself with the United Nations through cash, food, material, time donations along with the Relief Society being recognized by the United Nations as an 'official non-governmental agency." Let us not mention that Brigham Young University hosts United Nation Day nor should it be whispered how many faculty members are CFR members. Poor ole presidents Brigham Young, John Taylor, Ezra Taft Benson, David O McKay must be turning in their graves at what has become of a people that refuse to confront these Secret Combination associations.
> When I read the old LDS prophesies that "one day the US Constitution will be hanging by a thread and the LDS elders will save it", I have to wonder who amongst the Mormon elders will be there to do so amongst all of these non-questioning, non-thinking, get-along Mormons?
> As I tell folks who are looking to pay for their grandchildren's college education, do not send them to Brigham Young University as it is NOT the university that you think it is. It is as liberal an institution as any east coast Ivy League institution. Either send them to an Ivy League university where such indoctrination is open and in your face; or send them to a truly conservative place like Hillsdale College where they can be educated in the US Constitution and how to think for themselves.
> Does make one wonder if the lack of support for the 13 Articles of Faith that the LDS Church stood by until recent decades doesn't account for report that only 30% of Mormons are active in the church. Wonder if the LDS Church STOOD for something if active participation might suddenly skyrocket?
> Interestingly, even Glenn Beck time and again tells his audience, "Question EVERYTHING, including the very existence of God." so that you know what you stand for. As your experience has shown, Mormons seem to have an attitude of put your head buried into sand and never raise a question about the actions, thought, and reasoning behind anything carried out by the LDS church, at Brigham Young University, nor the Utah Mormon dominated legislatures. Perhaps these folks fear that questioning such things would damn their souls while they deny the fact that God gave them a brain to use and they have been commanded to search out the truth.

(Name Redacted for fear of retaliation)
Well, so much for calling me a "False Prophet". Today the Satanic Psychopaths that have stolen our jobs, homes, savings and Constitution, announced that they will begin looting the Federal Pensions of those that have worked, or are currently working for the United States Federal Government.

"The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government loses its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt." (Source)

This is the exact scenario I warned about for the past few years. How the government justifies stealing vested funds from Federal Employees Retirement Plans should not be a mystery to those that frequent this site. The goal is to destroy the only possible dissent to tyranny and one world government, the American Middle Class.

The Satanic Psychopaths want to bring this system down by stealing every last penny available. Next on the agenda will be private Retirement Plans like IRAs or 401Ks, State Retirement Plans and Annuities. The manipulation of silver prices is designed to keep the public in these other vehicles long enough to wipe them out.

Then comes the bank failures and the massive shorts on the stock market and bond market. The dollar is already in a steep decline and you can expect food, energy and other prices to escalate and hyperinflate.

At the same time, they are destroying our food supplies by poisoning the Gulf of Mexico, flooding the Midwest and releasing massive amounts of radiation into the environment. With the opening of a new "Plum Island" in the Mid-west, expect a massive outbreak of mad-cow and other diseases to wipe out livestock.

The threat of a Midwest earthquake, West Coast quake and Tsunami, and False Flag Terrorist Event (following the faked death of Osama bin Lying), will only add to the chaos.

You better have your food storage, seed supply, temporary shelter, portable wood burning stove, and a safe place to go. This Fall/Winter you will more than likely be using them. Allicin C kills everything they can throw at you. Its another great addition to your preps.

Last but not least, you better liquidate your IRAs and 401Ks while it is still legal to do so. Buy silver and take possession. Thanks to the Psychopaths, the precious metal presents a huge buying opportunity at the present time. I can see the day coming soon where there won't be anything left in your retirement plans for you to liquidate. Do it now.

These evil creatures do not deserve your hard-earned resources, but that hasn't stopped them in the past. Nor will it stop them in the near future. If they had compassion or a sense of justice they wouldn't be Satanic Psychopaths.

As for the Federal Employees, with unemployment at 20%, don't expect them to do anything to oppose the thieves. Their Unions have long been broken and they have been well conditioned to just sit back and "take it". Just like the vast majority of other "sheeple" in this once great nation.

The goal of the Psychopaths is to starve the "useless eaters" and non-productive citizens into an early grave. If you are not willing to work 18 hour days in their slave state, then  you are probably a target on their list. the only thing that will save you is obedience to God's Commandments and a fierce desire to be totally self-reliant and free of their system.

Dependence is Doom. Misplaced faith, Destruction.

To order silver bullion, contact Paul Drockton at pdrockton@aol.com