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Can You Hear Me America? (Responses)
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Yesterday's Article generated more responses than anything I have written to date. I am publishing them out of respect for other Patriots that may or may not agree with my position, but see the peril of our position. In the words of Patrick Henry: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."  Paul

Some of the Names have been changed by myself for obvious reasons:


I am humble man by nature, of humble birth, having enjoyed a childhood home headed by my father, a brave Marine Officer, now deceased 15 years, and an insightful, intelligent and gentle Scottish mother who has remained faithful to her husband though he is gone. I have enjoyed the blessing of disciplined military service ( 7 yrs USA Inf ) to our great Nation and was discharged honorably. My direct generational roots precede the Revolution in this Country and my family's men have served in every conflict this Nation has ever seen, having been wounded or captured in all but two. One endured and survived the horrors of Andersonville with a shattered right femur.  My paternal grandfather lost his eye sight in France from mustard gas in battle. My fathers brother was captured 11 days following the Normandy landing while deployed alone as a 105mmBATT forward observer and remaining MIA, did not see freedom until liberated from CC imprisonment by Russian infantry in May 1945. His other brother, as a Naval Corpsman - twice wounded in the South Pacific. Dad, a bullet through his canopy and thru his right arm. Our own beloved first born son- two consecutive 14 month deployments to Iraq- a 60mm mortar @ 40 ft.

I mention these not for recognition, gratitude, or praise. They are simply factual. I could go on, for there is more, but I will not. Enough said.

I find no attraction in the diversions and delusions of today of which our countrymen are so disgustingly enraptured with.  I am more informed than most would ever dream. Liberty, and its inherent preciousness is far from lost to me. It is, in fact, worthy of whatever sacrifice be required; no matter the heartache-no matter the blood shed, even if need be, here in our own backyards and amongst us.  We will not shrink from a fight. I am not unaware of this price demanded for its restoration. A high price indeed.

I fully see and hear the " ill wind" which this way commeth. I for one stand ready.

I bend my knee to no man save Jesus Christ.

My Friends, this is someone who "gets it"!. I believe this next battle will be a battle of faith that will be lost without God's help. We need to turn back towards the 10 Commandments AND the faith of our fathers if this battle is to be won. Without Divine Intervention both ourselves, and our country, is doomed. Are you asking God for his help to preserve you and the Constitution/Bill of Rights from those that oppose us?


I enjoy your articles but I must remind you that America's history is drenched in blood from our so called Manifest Destiny and the slaughtering of millions of Indians ( my grandmother was pure blood Choctaw Indian ) to butchering The Axis powers we financed, to the butchering of millions in Vietnam ( many of my friends died there ) and the killing of millions of innocents in Iraq and other Mideast countries.
Cleon Skousen, a friend, correctly described America as the military arm of the Illuminati. If one looks carefully, even the very foundation of America was guided by England probably under the Masonic code and Knight Templar. I do not think they ever lost control.
I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and by virtue of interest and osmosis have studied the Founding Fathers and their writings all my life. Even during the Revolutionary war only 5% of Americans participated. I'll wager I could stop ten people on the street and not one could name two of our Bill of Rights. The Civil War was not fought over slavery but the right of any State to succeed. This a right I fully support, especially in the present moment.
You, me and the 10% preach to each other. Sad, oh so sad.

I agree. Our children learn war at their mother's knees and we fight wars for the Illuminati causes without question. I also believe that the American Indians will play a major role in cleansing this land and then, restoring our Liberty. However, I do not support Secession as I believe that it just makes us more vulnerable to foreign domination.


Are YOU ready ???
I'll tell you this....I have quite a few that are not looking forward to it but Are none the less ready to ROCK AND ROLL....LOCKED AND LOADED !
May God lead the way....God speed !

A little Mormon Doctrine my Friend... (Source)

23 Now, I speak unto you concerning your families—if men will smite you, or your families, once, and ye bear it patiently and revile not against them, neither seek revenge, ye shall be rewarded;

  24 But if ye bear it not patiently, it shall be accounted unto you as being meted out as a just measure unto you.

  25 And again, if your enemy shall smite you the second time, and you revile not against your enemy, and bear it patiently, your reward shall be an hundredfold.

  26 And again, if he shall smite you the third time, and ye bear it patiently, your reward shall be doubled unto you four-fold;

  27 And these three testimonies shall stand against your enemy if he repent not, and shall not be blotted out.

  28 And now, verily I say unto you, if that enemy shall escape my vengeance, that he be not brought into judgment before me, then ye shall see to it that ye warn him in my name, that he come no more upon you, neither upon your family, even your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.

  29 And then, if he shall come upon you or your children, or your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation, I have delivered thine enemy into thine hands;

  30 And then if thou wilt spare him, thou shalt be rewarded for thy righteousness; and also thy children and thy children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.

  31 Nevertheless, thine enemy is in thine hands; and if thou rewardest him according to his works thou art justified; if he has sought thy life, and thy life is endangered by him, thine enemy is in thine hands and thou art justified.

  32 Behold, this is the law I gave unto my servant Nephi, and thy fathers, Joseph, and Jacob, and Isaac, and Abraham, and all mine ancient prophets and apostles.

  33 And again, this is the law that I gave unto mine ancients, that they should not go out unto battle against any nation, kindred, tongue, or people, save I, the Lord, commanded them.

  34 And if any nation, tongue, or people should proclaim war against them, they should first lift a standard of peace unto that people, nation, or tongue;

  35 And if that people did not accept the offering of peace, neither the second nor the third time, they should bring these testimonies before the Lord;

  36 Then I, the Lord, would give unto them a commandment, and justify them in going out to battle against that nation, tongue, or people.

  37 And I, the Lord, would fight their battles, and their children’s battles, and their children’s children’s, until they had avenged themselves on all their enemies, to the third and fourth generation.

  38 Behold, this is an ensample unto all people, saith the Lord your God, for justification before me.

  39 And again, verily I say unto you, if after thine enemy has come upon thee the first time, he repent and come unto thee praying thy forgiveness, thou shalt forgive him, and shalt hold it no more as a testimony against thine enemy—

  40 And so on unto the second and third time; and as oft as thine enemy repenteth of the trespass wherewith he has trespassed against thee, thou shalt forgive him, until seventy times seven.

  41 And if he trespass against thee and repent not the first time, nevertheless thou shalt forgive him.

  42 And if he trespass against thee the second time, and repent not, nevertheless thou shalt forgive him.

  43 And if he trespass against thee the third time, and repent not, thou shalt also forgive him.

  44 But if he trespass against thee the fourth time thou shalt not forgive him, but shalt bring these testimonies before the Lord; and they shall not be blotted out until he repent and reward thee four-fold in all things wherewith he has trespassed against thee.

  45 And if he do this, thou shalt forgive him with all thine heart; and if he do not this, I, the Lord, will avenge thee of thine enemy an hundred-fold;

  46 And upon his children, and upon his children’s children of all them that hate me, unto the third and fourth generation.

  47 But if the children shall repent, or the children’s children, and turn to the Lord their God, with all their hearts and with all their might, mind, and strength, and restore four-fold for all their trespasses wherewith they have trespassed, or wherewith their fathers have trespassed, or their fathers’ fathers, then thine indignation shall be turned away;

  48 And vengeance shall no more come upon them, saith the Lord thy God, and their trespasses shall never be brought any more as a testimony before the Lord against them. Amen.

I have applied the above my entire adult life. I also keep the 10 Commandments and try to live the laws of Jesus Christ. God fights my battles because I follow His instructions as it relates to my enemies. In-spite of various attempts on my life, I am still here. In spite of various threats against my well-being, I am still here. I have seen my enemies lose their employment, their health and in some cases, God has taken their lives through disease etc. This is where we need to arrive individually and collectively: God on our side and fighting our battles for us, through us, and with us.

If God is with us then who can oppose us?


"Can You Hear Me American Patriots? The time is fast approaching when you will need to beat your pruning hooks into swords and resist foreign invasion and domestic tyranny by the force of your arms. Are you ready?


Can You hear me America's soldiers? Do you still stand by your oath to defend the Constitution of the United States?

Can you hear me America's wives and mothers? Are you willing to set aside your petty desires, so that your sons and husbands can preserve the cause of Liberty?

"Oh say Does that Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave? O'er the Land of the Free? And the Home of the Brave?"

Now that's a laughable piece of propaganda.

Americans have never been free - EVER!  Americans have always been regulated.  FREEDOM itself has always been regulated.

The American Revolution was fought to establish a new financial slavery as opposed to the then existing financial slave masters.

Alexander Hamilton was the prime supporter of a privately owned central bank, his nemesis was Thomas Jefferson.

The Slavery by Usury model Hamilton and his cronies, including founding "Father" George Washington, established simply took the old system under the bank of England and gave it new owners in the "new world".

A Plutocrat is still a Plutocrat and it don't matter if he's American or Abysynian.

Will I fight to save a Union wholly owned by Plutocrats?  Hold your breath and lets find out.

The one thing Abraham Lincoln figured out was that the Plutocrats own this country.  He got Congress to issue United States Notes debt free - ie no interest owned to the ISSUERS of the money - and for that the Plutocrats immediately assassinted him.

I'm not going to argue you with about it.  Go find somebody else to fight your war.  Until you realize the ROOT CAUSE of the slavery and the FALSE SENSE that you are "free", you will forever be a pawn fighting to preserve the interests of the Plutocrats who have bought and sold your grandchildren.

Have a nice war.

I don't believe for a second that the existing American Conspiracy will lead us into war against their foreign Illuminati friends. The Plutocracy, as you call it, is about to come crashing down (by design I might add) and these foreign governments will send their troops (probably already here) to divide this country into pieces. I also believe that God will preserve all that is good in this country, including our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the words of one Founder (Adams?) "The Constitution was designed for a morally just people and will prove to be totally inadequate for any other".  No morals, no freedom. Its just that simple. After the cleansing, we will have a moral and just people that will be worthy of our founding documents.

MORE Comments Below:

"Good article.  Everyone should stand up and speak.  In Fact, I just had troubles with my Air Conditioner unit... and after getting some resolve on how to correct the problem, I spoke to the technician on the other end about our country and the state of injustice that our country is in... he and I agreed, that every chance we encounter with anyone from the 7/11 clerk to the mechanic to the....?  we vowed to talk about the US and the unConstitutional stewards at work.

Perhaps... you can tweek this idea and send it on. "anyone you speak to thruout the day, from your dentist, to your co-worker to your babysitter... speak out about the Constitution!"

Meanwhile, do you want to know how to have a Constitutional Convention?

My Uncle, (who has since passed to the higher land) spoke of this for years... he was a true Patriot that helped a number of people fight the Central GOVt...  it is simply--- the 2 cent stamp.

He read to me, when the us gov't set up the us post office, (1781-1787ish) they made post roads, and also included, that no letter will be no more than 2 cents and no postcard will be no more than 1 cent... and to this day... i test it once in awhile... it works... i mail letters with 2 cents and postcards with 1 cent....   they cannot change this law unless there is another con con.  ???

It is an old law, that only can be revoked by having a con con....  it would send the us post offfice offf the deeep end.!  Just imagine... and if you want to test it... here are the rules.
do not use a return address
do not use a us post box (although, it probably will work, i never tried it)
do not use a zip code of any state or country
do Spell the state in which you are sending to completely out ie... NC  must be North Carolina

when you or your buddy who recieves the letter,will probably notice, hand stamped or weird markings on the letter itself... this is the us p o code to let it go thru... because it is the LAW and the only way to change it is to have a con con.
Thanks for your work... maybe you can do something with this.  Gods' Speed "

Published without comment ;)


"The Federalist papers are fascist propaganda and any discussion of them is blatantly one-sided without without giving equal time to at least the arguments of Jefferson and Burr. In addition, I don't know what your bitching and moaning about as Hamilton wrote that consolidation of people into cities ruled by a corporate elite was the preferable outcome for America, which is exactly what we have, and look where it got us. Why don't you go down to the gulf of Mexico and take a big drink jackass."

You obviously did not read the part about what God does to my enemies :). You gotta start somewhere. I will give equal time to James Madison's "Bill of Rights" and Jefferson's Declaration of Independence.  You first on the Gulf thingy. Send me the video.


Hello Paul,

I don't know if you remember me, but we talked briefly on the phone during one of your first radio shows on the Knights Templar back in January 2010.

I have been continuing to follow your work since we last talked and I am amazed how much you have accomplished in these few months. I really admire you for your commitment to Truth, Justice, Freedom and your God.

There are not many people that can keep up with you going at light speed with your mission and your celestial work :-)

I am really glad you are exposing the masses to the work of Fritz Springmeier, since he is an authentic and very commited and advanced brother in Christ energy just like you are. In my opinion Fritz's work with that of Svali is the most important and accurate information out there on the Illuminati.

I am really looking forward to Fritz being released from prison soon and hope that you and him can collaborate then.

I would really appreciate if you could maybe write an article on him and encourage your Christian brothers and sisters to send Fritz prayers of protection and through your prayers he might be able to get paroled early. I really feel he needs to be seen as the true prophet he his, because without him our conspiracy research and resistance against the World Order (like Fritz says it is not a New Wolrd Order, because it has been in power for millenia), would not be where it is today. Also I think he needs extra protection at this time, and we owe it to him, because he paved the way for so many of us.

His work, even after all these years is still cutting edge in my opinion, esspecially the parts how the Illuminati use Mass Trauma Mind Control ( i.e. Kennedy Assassination, 9/11, Stock market crashes, oil desasters etc.) to scare people into their agenda to give up their freedom for slavery, which is supposed to be security:-).

I want to thank you again Paul for using your internet page, your intelligence, your popularity and your heart for exposing people to the real truth of the Illuminati and going into areas where only very few people dare to walk. Thank you for working together so closely and so commitedly with the Higher Heavenly Hierachies.

All the best to you,

Thank you for the kind words and I will write an article on Fritz in the future. We do owe him a great debt. As for walking in dark places. Its not so bad when you walk there with God. I have learned that every experience is for our ultimate benefit.


Mr. Drockton;
I read your articles often. Yes, I hear you. We have strength in unity, and we live in dangerous times.
However, I assert our Declaration of Independence is our founding document, and that item penned by Jefferson is superior to the U.S. Constitution. The federal government has gone far beyond decent or lawful bounds, has completely dispensed with the Constitution since FDR suspended it to rule arbitrarily under the War Powers Act  where the American public is legally defined as the enemy of the state.
I desire to see America remain these united states, but the corporate beast in the District of Criminals must be slain. It is not really a matter of states wanting to part fellowship, but rather the people of the states needing to secede from the tyranny on the Potomac. Marxists are in control of the federal; government and will not rest until they have destroyed and replaced us with  the United Socialist States of America.
Globalists, International Socialism, has put us in a head lock with Marxists in the Whitehouse and threats from China and Russia. These are dark days for freedom, and we must remember the price of freedom and what it takes to refresh the family tree of liberty.  I love America, and recall the Spirit of '76 in which it was born. I seek to rekindle that spirit among the people, by God!
I write for, a site promoting secession hosted by Timothy Baldwin, an attorney and constitutional scholar, which often features his father, Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Chuck was the Constitution Party candidate for POTUS in 2008.
Feel free to check it out and get back with me.

The Declaration is not a statement of Governance. It is a Declaration Against Tyranny. The Illuminati are just as embedded in your State and Local government as they are in the Federal one. I submit that if you secede, you will take them with you. The solution is to pray that God would cleanse this land from the great evil that now governs it and then look go where the Founders intended us to go, as a United people.


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