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"Dead Man Musings"

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Jeff Rense and "Taking America Back"
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A Real American Treasure: Jeff Rense
Every Movement needs a Voice. The Patriot Movement has one of the greatest voices of all time, Jeff Rense. As you know, I am one of many writers that would be relegated to sharing my articles on an obscure forum somewhere if it were not for Jeff Rense and his amazing website and radio show. I personally do not know how he does it. The man is a genius and somehow manages to do a three hour radio show every single weeknight, Monday through Friday.

I try to do a one hour show, twice a week and its exhausting.

The powers that be don't like Jeff very much, and would do almost anything to silence him for good. They have frequently attacked his website, even his guests, and have tried to destroy him personally in other ways. One of those ways has been through someone who, like me, really owes much of his success to Jeff Rense. That individual is Alex Jones.  Alex Jones got his biggest single push appearing as a regular guest on Rense Radio for almost three years.  He owes Jeff Rense for a good deal of his current career success.

Sadly, Alex has not shown any signs of gratitude. In-gratitude is an Illuminati trait.  They use people to get what they want and then throw them away. So, what is it you want Alex?

I have a good nose for things, and something is definitely rotten in "Jonesville". I have a few questions for Alex:

1. Why did you try to destroy Rense radio and its sponsorships? Was it because of the competition? The money? Are you that greedy Alex that you will not permit any other voice in the Patriot Movement but your own? That is not what the Free Speech movement is about.

2. If you are money motivated Alex, then you are already compromised. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers control the world's money supply and they will control you, if all you want is money.

3. How did you get into Bohemian Grove? An intelligence Agent? Zionist Friend? Was it all planned to give you credibility in the Patriot Movement? It wouldn't be the first time that an "Asset" was created to divide and conquer a political movement in America.

4. I have seen your videos. Its funny how, once you were in Bohemian grove, you were unable to get pictures of any specific individuals. No naming of names. One would think, with all those "Grovers" walking around, you could have identified somebody, anybody that was in attendance.

5. How did you get past all the security?  These are the most powerful people in the world. Every inch of the grounds are monitored and secured by both video cameras and guards.

6. You failed to mention the perverted sex fiends, the numerous prostitutes, and MK-Ultra sex slaves that also wander the grounds, sometimes without clothing. Interesting that no pictures were available to you for this.

7. These are Satanists and Luciferians. Witnesses attest to the murders that are committed at Bohemian Grove and the screams of the tortured and abused. None of that seemed to be picked up on your video. In fact, all you have is a grainy picture from the "cremation of care" ceremony of who knows what.

In fact, it looks to me like your Bohemian Grove videos actually "whitewash" the actual events at Bohemian Grove. I think that the public was finding out the truth from MK-Ultra survivors and you were handed a video to discredit them and minimize what really takes place there. That is what I think, Alex.

Now back to Jeff Rense.

Jeff did not ask me to write any of this. Unlike Alex Jones, I feel a debt of gratitude to the man that gave me my opportunity to talk with the world. There are still  loyal people in this world, Mr. Jones.

I expect that, as a result of this article, that I will be accused of doing what you have already done: divide the Patriot movement. In a sense, you are right. I want to divide it so that people that follow principals have more influence than those that seek for money or unearned popularity at the expense of their friends.

With that said. This sight will now recognize the Jeff Rense program as one of our personal causes to maintain our right to "Free Speech". Jeff needs to stay where he is, but it will take all of our efforts to keep him there. That means we will all have to reach into our pockets and put our money where our mouths are.

I told you I would ask you for a second favor. That favor is that you would commit to a monthly amount. $5, $10 or more if you can afford it, and become a grassroots sponsor of and Rense Radio.

This will be only one of two causes that I will promote. I earnestly believe that you all understand the importance of Free Speech. Well Jeff Rense is the very essence of Free Speech and our right to dissent against evil in high places.

Please be generous in your donations. (click on any image below)

Help Save Your Freedom Of Speech
Help Save Your Right To Question And Dissent
Help Save Truly Free And Independent Journalism
Join The Constitution Party!
From My Forum:

  "I'm pleased to see you offering recognition to Jeff Rense, his website, and his radio show.
  In March of 2009, the veil of lies was lifted from eyes. I owe a debt of gratitude to Alex Jones and his radio program for that. While I always suspected politics were not 'kosher', I did believe in the Left/Right paradigm, and was a Republican. I just could not understand how seemingly well-intentioned men and women could gain power in an election and soon defy those who worked for their election.

  I can still recall Rush Limbaugh's first program syndicated in the Portland market. I vividly remember him being extremely critical of Bush Sr, of the Republican party in general, and of 'fat cat' Republicans. Yet over the years Limbaugh gradually became what he criticized. I can't imagine there is 1 man or woman in the country who regularly listened to Limbaugh back then and can still tune in today without immediately recognizing the man is nothing more than a well-paid shill for the Illuminati-Masonic families intent on destroying the world.

  Always a fan of talk radio (I was one of those youngsters who would listen in bed at night to scratchy AM stations) I was usually disappointed by the hosts. But Alex Jones seemed to be a breath of fresh air. His work really did shatter that left/right paradigm for me. After a few shows I was hooked. I downloaded every program to my IPod each day and found a way to listen to darn near every show through the summer of 2009.

  But something began to bother me. I was put off by Jones inability to let guests or callers talk (a trait that entirely turned me off to Michael Savage a couple of years prior). But worse, he seemed to be offended when another person received credit for doing or saying something. The bitter end, though was listening to Jones' tear into a guy who linked to some of Jones' Prison Planet writings and instead of being happy that the 'word' was getting out, threatened lawsuits. But shortly thereafter there were lawsuits threatened against Rense. Then Kapner. It seemed as if Jones was losing touch with reality.

  But, as stated, I do owe Jones for my awakening. I'm just as thankful for Jones introducing me to Jeff Rense. Only when Jones blew his stack at Rense was I properly introduced.

  I now visit Rense's site daily, and am enthralled with his radio style and ability to interview guests. Rense does not suffer from 'little man's syndrome' or whatever it is that makes Jones HAVE to have the final word. Rense can ask a question then get out of his guest's way. Further, he has an aptitude for the spoken word seldom heard today.

  I think you are right, Paul, in using your forum to recommend and advertise Jeff Rense. Since my recent introduction to 'Alternative Media', one realization that has struck me is that so many 'voices' seem to use their soapbox with the aim of hurling abuse at others occupying the same Alternative Media. Over time Jones has struck me as a man who feels he must be constantly praised and honored by others in the movement. And damn anyone 'below' him if he or she dares think and acts in a way not prescribed by Jones. William Cooper was the first I know of to call out Alex Jones as a phony and a fraud. Since, Jones has seemed to do the job all by himself."
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