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The Prophecies of Ranae Lee
Are you ready to evacuate?
Double Barrel Defense from the Collapsing Dollar
"All Animals Are Equal. Some Animals are More Equal Than Others."
Ranae Lee, also known as "Herendair", made a series of prophecies about our nation that I found interesting to say the least. I met Ranae a few years back. Like myself, she was a target of the Mormon Illuminati that have embedded themselves within the Church and Utah Society. Persecuted, harrassed, and suffering from health issues, she is one of the few people that I have met that qualify for the term, "Spiritually Enlightened."

"I saw our president in a meeting in the White House. He was
at the head of a table with several other officials. Behind him
stood a very dark man in a dark suit. The Lord asked, "Do you know
who this is?" I knew who he was, he was the head of the Illuminati. Attached to the president's elbows were cords and the man behind him was pulling those cords again like a puppet master.This meeting was
over how to protect our nations resources durring the economic
collapse that was coming..( I'll refer to this more later)

Next, I saw long lines at the gas pumps and people fighting over
it. First it was $4.75 a gallon then $5.65 in places. I saw a
refinery that was trying to get up and going. I saw one puff of
white smoke come out of it's stack then it was as if everything
froze. I looked at the Lord. I thought I was struggling to see.He
told me no, that I was seeing things as they were. In other words,
things would be stopped for a time, frozen if you will. It was like
the whole nation was holding it's breath.I did see a truckers
strike and they too were frozen.  

Next I saw a large nuclear power plant in one of the
southwestern states. It was in the southeast corner of that state.(
I have more precice details now.)I saw a small plane hit the white
tower causing an explosion. This I saw repeated over and over at
power plants across the nation.( these were very well timed and
orchestrated to coincide with the others) Next I saw this happening
to refineries all over our nation ( as well as power plants and the
reason is to make our nation completely reliant on foreign oil as
well as start a war with Iran...(This is an orchestrated event, that
is meant to be much like 911 was.)

I don't know where the current power plants are now but I did see
and hear certain names and places that were affected.Seattle,
Albuquerque, Des Moine's Iowa, the south east portion of Tennesee, a
place called Lakeland( I think in Florida), Ohio(middle southwest.)
Bridgeport Maine, Michigan, virginia, and North carolina as well as
California and Nevada ( near hoover dam area.)I also saw a large
event near ST. Louis. ( some were suitcase nukes blowing up.I think
this was why I saw the missle on the truck at first... the other
damage came form the small planes.) These attacks were strategicly
placed to send radiation all over the nation.( I saw people in
hospitals and mass evacuations.)Lots of distruction and chaos.I saw
people camping and holding guns. MARTIAL LAW WAS DECLARED.

I saw what the Lord called the Stock house. I felt it was the
stock market, but was told no... He said that the U.S. Trade
Commission  was securing foreign loans from other countries to
pay for the war ( with Iran and ties to Syria) just for our nation to
survive. ( I now know what the stock house is referring to, and will
try to explain...the stock house is our nations collateral reserves.)

The dollar has become valueless and so in order to secure the
foreign loans they want us to collateralize the loans with real
resources. Fuel, food and commodities! The idea that all of our
grain has gone to geo fuels is just a ruse.. our grain and resourses
have been promised to other countries and probably sit in

They are using hedge betting in the sum of 500 trillion
dollars on derivitives. This is under the table betting at the
highest government levels that goes unreported, it is why Bear
Sterns went under. Example: they report on the books only 5 cents on
the dollar but if they loose the bet they pay the full amount... So
our country is betting the farm literaly! Why else will china and
russia come to collect on the bet later on...)

Yesterday, I asked a friend to watch the stock market and what he
reported to me, was very interesting. He said that Congress is talking
of nationalizing our fuel reserves.... making it no longer a private
business as wellas they are thinking of opening up the Anwar reserves
in Alaska...this wont change anything if our oil is already tied up in
bad bets.. so a great big diversion would really help the ptb right

This was published in May of 2008. More in the Next Article.

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