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Reincarnation and Past Lives Explained
One of the most persistent beliefs in the Occult is the belief in reincarnation. Illuminati adherents believe that Plato's 5 elements: air, water, earth, fire and Aether (spiritual matter combined with intelligence). They also believe that man's ultimate state is to break free from the four elements we call earth, and rejoin Lucifer in the eternities.

Lucifer vs. Satan: The Illuminati believe that Lucifer and Satan are two distinct and separate beings.

Lucifer: Lucifer is pure aether, according to their doctrine, and rebelled against God to give man the basic Sciences and Mathematics. He is an immaterial god that is represented by the "all seeing eye of Horus". 

Mass Conciousness: Is an occult concept based on the belief that we can become one mind, with Lucifer and our Aether will ultimately return and join his.

Satan: In the Occult, Satan is the brother and rival of Lucifer. He is the Egyptian Set, or Seth, the homosexual god of death, chaos and destruction. They also believe he is the god of this world and lord over the elements. The Illuminati believe that Satan is trying to keep us "earthbound" and separate from his brother Lucifer.

These concepts are portrayed clearly in "Lost", "The Ghost Whisperer" and other pop culture media, which are controlled by the Satanic Psychopaths.

Hermes/Mercury: Represents one who was a master magician and scientist that tried to lead mankind to Lucifer through the the "Scientific Method" and unexplainable scientific phenomina (Majick).

Reincarnation: Is a belief by the Occult that we live multiple lives on earth until we break free of the elements and can rejoin Lucifer in the cosmos. Eugenics is the belief that certain races have a lower Aether level than other races. The Illuminati adhere to the belief that "Aryans" have the highest Aether content and will become "Ascendant Masters" after they finish their lives on earth. Bush spoke of this indirectly in his "Thousand Points of Light" speech.

Eugenics: Is the Illuminati attempt to purge this earth of those they feel are inferior (people of color), so they can be reincarnated to a higher Aether level (white races). This is the philosophy that justifies their mass murders, birth control and euthenasia agenda. The reader will note that Hitler was a tool for the Occult, as were Stalin and Mao.

The fact of the matter is, many individuals that have undergone deep hypnosis or "regression therapy" report on their so-called previous lives on this world of ours. These experiences are often explained away as demonic possession or hypnotic suggestion. A more valid explanation is called for if we are to understand why reincarnation has moved closer to the mainstream.

1. Scientists have long known that genetic traits are hereditary, and often, thousands of years old. When we are born, we receive the genetic code from both of our parents that forms the blueprint for our body.

2. If physical traits can be passed down from generation to generation, why not physical experiences, emotions and tendencies? This would explain why these "memories" of past lives can be retrieved in a deep hypnotic state.

3. We know that our body keeps a perfect record of all of our experiences, thoughts and actions, are we reading one of our ancestor's books when we are able to recall past lives?

Adopted twin studies that monitor the traits and attributes of identical twins separated at birth, show that some traits are hereditary (physical height for example) and others less so  (IQ for example). These studies also show that some diseases, like autism, are genetic traits that manifest themselves even when the twins are raised separately, in different environments. (Source)

Interestingly enough, mental diseases, like schizophrenia, also have a genetic component:

"Patrick Sullivan cites twin and adoption studies as justification for searching for schizophrenia genes. In his words, “Both adoption and twin studies indicate that the familiality of schizophrenia is due mainly to genetic effects."  (Source)

The ability to dissociate (Separate the mind from an experience by creating amnesia walls), is a highly prized trait in the Occult that is also multi-generational. This single trait is what allows the victim to be programmed with multiple personalities (demons) that are outside of the awareness of one another. The perfect mind slave is the result. Dissociation is also the desired outcome for those immersed in a violent/sensual popular culture.


If mental traits can be passed down from one generation to the next than why not memories from our ancestors? Unlike computers, which only record data, the human mind records and stores smells, tastes, feelings and other physical experiences. This is the most reasonable explanation for the ability to recall "past lives". All we are really bringing to the surface is an ancestors recorded experience that was passed down to us through our DNA.

This is my unique explanation. I believe that exploration of this theory could lead to huge advancements in the treatment if mental health issues. If we are responding to a recorded experience from our ancestors locked within our cells, then maybe mental illness is more than the result of a faulty thought process.

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