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Before we can confront the Psychopaths without, we must first learn how to subdue the Psychopath within. The truth be told, all of us have a latent or active psychopathic side to our personality. Freud called this the Id. I will refer to it as the "Physical Man".

The "Physical Man" is your physical body. It is corrupt because man is a fallen race. It was also meant to be that way. Its enemy is the "Spiritual Man", which came from God and the eternities. The "Spiritual Man" is a very powerful and gifted intelligence. In order for things to be in balance, and to protect our "Free Will", no man's "Physical Man" can be stronger than his "Spiritual Man".

In other words, no matter what, we always have a choice.

The "Physical Man", by nature, is a Psychopath. It desires pleasure above all things and has no regard for the consequences of exercising its lusts at the expense of its fellow man. The "Physical Man" is play now, pay later. It carries the genes of our ancestors and we often inherit their tendencies towards unlawful desires and bad habits. These lusts can be easily inflamed by forces in our environment, music, movies and our peer group.

Satan's purpose is to tempt the natural man into following forbidden paths so that he can rule over us in this life, and drag us down to hell in the next life. One way, or the other, we will be forced to pay for our choices. Death does not "clear the books". There is no "suicide solution" to escape the "Physical Man". The only path to defeating him is "through".

To assist the Spiritual Man, all of us are endowed with the "Light of Conscience" when we come into this life. This "God-given light" is designed to warn us when we are about to give in to the "Physical Man". If we violate our conscience, we suffer in guilt and fear while we wait for the consequences of our bad choices. Again, we are all given this light, we ignore it at our own peril.
Freud referred to our Conscience as the "Superego".

Sigmund Freud led people to believe that, through the rational mind, we can arrive at a reasonable compromise between the forces of our Conscience, and our very own Psychopathic Physical Man. He called the rational mind "ego". I would argue that there can be no compromise between the Physical Man and the Spiritual One. Each one has its own mind, and its own determination.

In an attempt to defeat the Psychopath within, many a great man has gone into personal exile in order to learn how to recognize the voices of the various influences on his mind and body. I believe that prayer and meditation are also a important part in learning the difference between good and evil. I also believe that the 10 Commandments are the universal standard for a clear conscience.

While it may be wise to turn off the television, music and other negative influences in our life, including bad friends that will not listen to their own voice of Conscience. I don't believe that we can divorce ourselves from life's responsibilities including, work, family, or other activities that elevate mankind. Interaction with others is an important part of our Spiritual Development. Neglecting our responsibilities is an other serious violation of Conscience.

As for Life's Pleasures, we need to truly understand what the words "All Things in Moderation" really mean. Also, in the right place, at the right time, with the right person, under the right conditions, needs to be a critical part of our thought processes.

All the physical urges can be separated into good and evil. The sexual urge is good, inasmuch as it is exercised in the right time, right place, with the right person and under the right conditions. Ignoring these rules will bring with it a violation of conscience and feelings of guilt, remorse and despair. Pedophiles and homosexuals violate the rules because they ignore the simple fact that they also have a choice. Submission to perverted sexual urges is the choice they have made, thus they will be punished by their conscience, and in the eternities, unless they learn to ignore the siren's call of the Psychopath within.

When a man repeatedly submits to the dark side of his being he becomes weak, and feels as if he has lost control over his choices. As a result, his lusts lead him to greater and greater violations of conscience. The laws of eternal justice and balance state that the price for the crimes must be paid.

Many so-called Christians ignore these consequences arguing that Jesus Christ suffered as God, for the combined sins of mankind. Yet, Jesus stated that "Mercy cannot rob Justice". He also warned the Psychopaths of His day about the eternal consequences of their choices. He spoke of both heaven and hell in terms of reward or punishment. He never said that His sacrifice would do away with these things, or an individual's responsibility to make the right choices in their lives.

One of the greatest Illuminati lies is that we can balance our evil deeds with charitable donations and donations of our time. This is the philosophy that brought about the "Sale of Indulgences" that Martin Luther correctly identified as corruption in the Catholic Church. Sadly, most of modern Christianity are also selling "indulgences", giving a pass to the evil deeds of a member of their Church that has influence, money, or power. This not only weakens the integrity of the organization, leads to a disaffection of the general membership, and takes away the moral authority of the Church Leadership.

It also opens the door for wealthy and powerful Psychopaths to come as wolves among the sheep, devouring who they will, and making the Church complicit in their crimes through inaction and silence, when they should be exposing them, condemning them, and driving them from the flock.

It would be far better for a congregation to meet in a "mud-hut" where all members are treated equally, without respect for their persons, than to meet in an ornate building built and maintained by corrupt offerings.

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Having dealt with several psychopaths in recent years I have learnt to detect them in short order and my advice to anyone who has to deal with them is this – get as far away from them as you can. It is usually impossible to compromise or rationalise with a psychopath and they have no limits to the severity of their actions in order to obtain control. In addition to exhibiting a lack of empathy and gravitating toward positions of power, control, and influence, psychopaths also have a tendency to use projection as a form of defence. If you challenge them, they have an innate ability to turn around an argument and make the victim feel as if they are in the wrong. Their traits and modus operandi are well known, however what really interests me is the psychology of the people that tolerate and defend them. I worked for an organisation that was run by a Manager and his ‘lieutenant’ who were demonstrably (at least to me) psychopathic. Yet no matter how I tried to elucidate to my fellow employees to the reality of their behaviour (which had tangible consequences to the business) – no one ever sided with me. In fact on the contrary, their behaviour was defended! The whole experience left me with a profound sense of despair because it was analogous at the macro level. We have psychopaths controlling the world and many people (if not the majority) appear to be suffering from a severe form of cognitive dissonance that ensures the malevolent status quo continues unabated.


Well written article, with many applications.  Since my psychopathic landlord is around right now (let's call him Jim to protect his 'identity'), I would like to offer a few suggestions on how to handle them.

First of all, Jim fits every description in your article.  His favorite pastime is going around preaching at various churches; rarely the same one, of course; for some reason they keep splintering apart into warring factions.  Jim nicely displays the complete lack of empathy or self-judging (which others may call guilt, but I don't subscribe to guilt).  He will admit that he has done something wrong, but Jim always has a good reason.  Um... there is no good reason to do something wrong.

So.  I've found a few things that he will respond to.  Calm resistance in the face of severe conflict puzzles him, because Jim understands from experience that only he is capable of being calm in these situations.  The reason a psychopath can be calm when you are brewing with rage is simple:  He really doesn't care; but he knows you do, and is playing you.  But to simply say "No" and back it up (calmly) stops him when things get really rough.  I have had to physically stand between my wife and Jim to prevent him from "getting into her bubble"; that is getting close enough to produce the anger that he needed in her to control the situation.  It would have been quite comical had it been filmed.

Jim is deeply interested in everything about me and everyone else.  People like this kind of attention; it's rare.  He files all these facts away, and before you know it, you feel the knife slipping into your back.  The only effective way of countering this other than being ruder than we should ever have to be, is to ask as many and more questions back.  A chronic liar does not lie just when it advantages him; he cannot tell the truth at all.  After surprisingly few questions, this becomes evident, and Jim will stop trying to ask questions or leave.

Lastly (this is a comment not an article, though I'd love to do an article), remember who you are.  While occasionally we have to 'react' to negativity, there is no reason that we need to think or act negatively, even toward a psychopath (and I do not consider putting a psychopath in the electric chair necessarily 'negative', it could be a great kindness.)  Jim is often thrown completely off his game when I greet him cheerfully, or as the other week, help him fix his truck, when by all rights I should be suing his pants off after turning the garden hose on him.  But just because Jim is pyscho, should I stop acting like a human being?  Jim depends on people getting completely fed up with him so he can burn the bridges behind and not be bothered by his past... there's just too many new victims around.  I don't play that game.

Jim's not going away anytime soon, but neither am I.  It's been nice having him around --a book could be written-- because I've learned an enormous amount about how utterly depraved these people are, but more valuable, I've learned that I don't have to let it affect me.




I hear

We are a strong people.

I have faith but yet some fear .that we may not act soon enough to avoid mass loss of life.

There are more and more of us that have been awaken

Too many put events in Gods hands but are we not Gods hands.

We have many a good man in our armed forces.

We need a leader

How he gets people together to hear what is can do done.

What action are we to take.

Perhaps that four-star general that was just fired.

Or General Clark has retired maybe he could be approached

I hear (Anon)



I enjoy your columns very much and want to comment on some of the ‘phonies’ you have mentioned. My parents taught me to ‘beware the person who sets himself or herself up as the epitome of all virtue.’(I am exaggerating a bit to make a point, but am sure you understand.)They told me that these  so-called virtuous persons often have something to hide or need something to detract from their actual performances and deeds! A truly good person does not have to say so-his behavior is obvious. And a phoney do-gooder is easily identified because when you are in a certain mode of behavior, it becomes so much a part of you that it is difficult for you to hide.Bill Bennett is so taken in by gambling, he can hardly stay away from it-or some other indirect form of it. Hence he is caught! This is why I believe in the perfect crime and the imperfect criminal. A criminal might get by with a crime simply by accident or someone overlooking something or making a human mistake. HOWEVER if he tends towards bad or violent behavior, he will repeat that behavior until he IS caught! CRIMINAL MINDS is a good example of this. I have NEVER had the impression in all I have read that you have written- that you were trying to say,”Look at me-I am sooooo virtuous!” You have never suggested such a thing. In fact you tell us to judge people by Biblical standards of right and wrong no matter who they are. Or what they are advocating or what they have done. I greatly admire your tact. Because you are also saying’ watch-and if I EVER slip up and do any of this, let me know!’ That is the sign of a sincere and decent person.I am a writer and currently write for a newspaper in another state-something I started 7 years ago to help out a friend of mine. When she sold the paper, the new owners asked me to stay on and since I can work from home, I did. Several years ago from about 1991-1997 I worked as a reservationist for Marriott. As an employee, I couldn’t complain about the way I was treated. It was fine. But about the time I left, things were changing within the organization and many of us did not like what was going on. I can explain this some time to you privately if you wish. But it was also about this same time that I heard gambling was to be allowed in the Marriott hotels and resorts in the ABC Islands off the coast of Venezuela. Since I did not wish to be involved in any of this and all the attendant problems which always go with it, I went ahead and resigned. I do not think Marriott is doing as well today as it did when I originally went to work for them. Take care- Amy


Hi Paul,
great article on the psychopaths and very good replies from your readers.
This topic is so important, because it is so massively used by the Illuminati/Elite to spiritually pacify people. The New Age and Love and Light community is the pinnacle of this ''Forgive and Forget or don't even look'' attitude, but the churches and religions preach it of course too.
The Powers that Be, do not want true spiritual warriors to take on their power and stand up to In-Justice and Tyranny, and that is why they have created religions, which the New Age movement is a part of, to distort and corrupt true spirituality.
Entire armies and legions of dumbed down soldiers and insane psychopaths are ok, but save us from the positive spiritual warriors, they are the Devil :-)
What you said that the Elite has been promoting the perception that words are more important than actions is so true. Like they say in this video babbaling comes from Babylon :-)
Here the link:
Thanks again Paul (VK)