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Is Petraeus Our Next President?

The Washington Post Just came out with an article on the financial benefits of starting a war with Iran. (Source) The Satanic Psychopaths use the same tired argument of how World War II brought us out of the Great Depression. The Banksters could have easily lent all of that money for a massive public works program and accomplished the same thing (Oh wait, they did). How borrowing money from the Banksters leads to economic prosperity is one of the great mysteries of life. It used to be, owning assets and not liabilities, was the key to wealth.

The real effect of another war will be blowing up valuable assets and the exacerbation of hyper-inflation, as the government borrows even more worthless Federal Reserve Notes from the Satanic Psychopaths. It looks like  a war we will be having.I believe, based on a vision, that it will start with a False Flag that will involve the cities of Phoenix and Detroit.

I now believe that, after this election, Biden will be replaced with  General David H. Petraeus. Petraeus came from Dutch parents, but the name is definitely of Greek extraction, which by the way, ties into this vision given to George Albert Smith:

He describes it as a vision in which he "saw" future events. Here are some key points which he alleged stated:

    * It was a vision of another terrible war which would make World War
       II look like a "training exercise."
    * The Soviet Union would have military power dwarfing that of the U.S.
    * The U.S. withdrew its missiles with atomic war heads from Europe,
       and then the war began.
    * The U.S. had its missiles in deep holes which looked like grain
    * The U.S. President would be the first one to be of Greek
    * People in the U.S. would have their weapons taken away.
    * Russia would position thousands of tanks in big trucks.
    * The worst time in the depression would look like a picnic in

It makes sense that the Satanic Psychopaths would want Petraeus running the country when the next war starts. He gives the effort credibility, and would be the perfect candidate to implement martial law and place the country on a wartime footing. The problem being, how does Petraeus go from Vice President to President?

In another vision I saw Obama riding a parade in a car with the top down. They assassinated him via a sniper's bullet. I believe the parade was in Chicago. I believe the purpose of the assassination was to trigger race riots in America's inner-cities, something the Satanic Psychopaths have been agitating for since the 1960s. Obama is the scapegoat for all of the crimes committed against this country by the Banksters and their allies. This is why he was permitted to win the election. This is why they will remove him.

I hope that those around him will do what they can to protect him after reading this article, that a race war in our cities might be averted.

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