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The Perfect Temporary Shelter
This is an unsolicited endorsement for which I receive no compensation. Heck, I don't even know these guys. I do, however, like what they are selling. One of my concerns was suggesting temporary shelter for those that are forced to flee from their current homes when the stuff starts hitting the fan.

This is a geodesic dome design that can, according to the designers, handle up to 150 mile per hour winds. It is also portable and can be assembled in about two hours. The geodesic design is said to be one of the strongest because it distributes stress evenly across its frame. Here are some other features I like about this particular product:

1. You can purchase insulation pieces that keep it warm.

2. You can purchase a portable wood burning stove that vents through the roof of the structure and has a heat regulator.

3. It has a floor.

4. The structure is so strong you can hang hammocks off its hubs to sleep in.

5. It is a low-cost solution for those that cannot afford a second home or cabin far away from Urban Areas.

6. You can purchase a 200 or 452 square feet enclosure.

7. You can purchase a kit that would turn it into a greenhouse.

The manufacturer states clearly that this is not a tent. Once you build it, you keep it up at the same location. The company is called "Turtle Tuff Enclosures". You can access their website HERE.

I recommend that you lease or purchase a small bit of land in a remote area. Mountains are good, so are dense forests. Higher elevation is preferable. Get your extended family together and see who wants "in". Small Communities always fair better than individuals. Then:

1. Each party pays a portion of the land cost.

2. Each family buys a small, two wheel, open trailer. (If you don't have a pickup).

3. Each family is required to buy enough food to take care of themselves for 1 year.

4. Each individual has to sign a "code of conduct" contract.

5. Every adult has to possess a firearm.

Keep your communities small, 5-10 families max. Two communities can be next to each other. Each Community elects a leader and operates as a democracy. All differences are settled by a jury, according to what is contained in this article.

The community will need to establish common areas for washing clothes, water etc., Running water nearby is a huge bonus. Also, you will want to build a latrine or outhouse to minimize the risk of infectious disease. Stock up on soap and have water available.

More in the Next Article.

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