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Paul Drockton: Grand Jury States Paterno Knew About Child Rape
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The Main Stream Media will undoubtedly whitewash the ongoing child rape and purported child prostitution scandal unfolding at Penn State University. According to the Grand Jury Report, Paterno knew much more than what his enablers would have us believe.

According to the report, on March 1, 2002, a graduate student walked into the Penn State locker room and heard noises of a sexual nature in the showers. Investigating, he walked in on former Defensive Coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, raping a boy he estimated to be about 10 years old. (Source)

The graduate assistant called Paterno and went to his home, where he reported what he had seen in lurid detail to Paterno. Under Pennsylvania mandatory reporting requirements, Paterno did as the law required:

"b)  Staff members of public or private agencies, institutions and facilities. Licensees who are staff members of a medical or other public or private institution, school, facility or agency, and who, in the course of their employment, occupation or practice of their profession, come into contact with children shall immediately notify the person in charge of the institution, school facility or agency or the designated agent of the person in charge when they have reasonable cause to suspect on the basis of their professional or other training or experience, that a child coming before them in their professional or official capacity is a victim of child abuse. Upon notification by the licensee, the person in charge or the designated agent shall assume the responsibility and have the legal obligation to report or cause a report to be made in accordance with subsections (a), (c) and (d)." (Source)

Paterno called his immediate supervisor, Tim Curley, and reportedly told him that the graduate assistant saw something of a sexual nature take place. Instead of contacting campus or or other law enforcement, which they were mandated to do by law, Curley and VP of Business and Finance, Gary Schultz, reportedly told the graduate assistant they took away Sandusky's keys and told him to not bring young men on campus.

Apparently, Jerry Sandusky had been caught a few times previous to this. Once, by a janitor who found him sexually abusing another young boy in the Penn State showers. This incident was also kept from the police. Gary Schultz oversaw the University Police, yet did not report the incident of child rape to them, or ask them to investigate.

In 1998, Jerry Sandusky was reported to the police by a mother of one of his victims. She was permitted to confront him in front of Prosecutor who decided not to prosecute him, and who later disappeared and is presumed dead, possibly as the result of a change of heart. The prosecutor's car was found, as was his laptop computer, with the hard drive missing. One can only speculate on what was on the hard drive and who it implicated. After all, Jerry Sandusky was considered a prominant member of the Penn State elite:

"Sandusky played for Paterno at Penn State, starting at defensive end from 1963 to 1965. After graduating first in his class with a B.S. in health and physical education,  Sandusky served as a graduate assistant under Paterno at Penn State in 1966, and then held assistant coaching positions at Juniata College (1967) and Boston University  (1968). He returned to Penn State in 1969 and remained there as an assistant coach until his retirement at the end of the 1999 season. Sandusky served as defensive line coach in 1969, became linebacker coach in 1970, and was promoted to defensive coordinator  in 1977, holding that position until his retirement. In his years as a linebacker coach and defensive coordinator he coached many outstanding defensive squads, and Penn State gained a reputation for outstanding linebacker play, producing 10 first-team All-Americans at that position, and acquiring the nickname "Linebacker U". (Source)

The Grand Jury Report states that he was a Professor Emeritus at Penn State following his retirement, with an office and full access to the facilities.

"On November 4, 2011, Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly  indicted Sandusky on 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys... following a three-year investigation into allegations that he had inappropriate contact with a 15-year-old boy over the course of four years, beginning when the boy was ten years old. The boy's parents reported the incident to police in 2009.[12] A grand jury identified eight boys singled out for sexual advances or sexual assaults by Sandusky from 1994 through 2009.[13] At least 20 of the incidents allegedly took place while Sandusky was still employed at Penn State.[14]

On November 5, 2011, Sandusky was arrested and charged with seven counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; eight counts of corruption of minors, eight counts of endangering the welfare of a child, seven counts of indecent assault and other offenses.[15] Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and senior vice president for finance and business Gary Schultz (who oversaw the Penn State police department) were charged with perjury and failure to report suspected child abuse by Sandusky." (Ibid)

Apparently, he is also free on $100,000 bail. Expect him to be "suicided" or just disappear before he can testify against any other perpetrators, or identify any other victims. There are already reports circulating that he was "pimping" children out to high-flying perps. According to PA radio host, Mark Madden:

"I can give you a rumor and I can give you something I think might happen," Madden said on the radio. "I hear there's a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the Second Mile Foundation -- and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross, I will use the only language I can -- that Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors." (Source)

Sandusky fits the profile of a "Groomer". That is, he groomed the young men, usually from single parent homes and sufferring from low self image, to accept sexual abuse as a condition for adult male acceptance. Once they have been violated, the perp will then usually introduce them to other perps to be sexually abused. Often times the groomer or handler then receives money or other consideration for the introduction. Thus, the rumors of prostitution.

It is estimated that for every victim that is identified, there are 40 more out there. The Grand Jury found eight. That means there are an estimated 320 more out there that have not come forward yet.  There could be many more.

As an aside, Congressman Rick Santorum gave Sandusky an "Angel of Adoption" award in 2002. Sandusky has 6 children, some adopted. Predators also tend to abuse their own. The Grand Jury report states that many of the victims were abused in the Sandusky home as well as at Penn State.

More in the Next Article.

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