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Silver Futures Fraud Creates Scarcity
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Traditionally, precious metals and the stock market have an inverse relationship. As one goes down, the other goes up and vice-a-versa. Silver inventories continue to decline. Current COMEX inventories should be skyrocketing with the lower futures prices, reflecting decreased demand and the lower futures prices.

They are not. In fact, they stand at 31 million ounces. Down from the 45 million ounces a short while back when silver was selling for $45 per ounce.

So, what gives?

Well, when one is shooting ducks in the barrell (crashing the stock market and stealing trillions from investors), it wouldn't do to give the poor ducks another place to go with their money. The problem with the futures market manipulation is that it actually creates a very strong incentive for the smart ducks to exit the stock market and move into precious metals.

Its called "Buy Low, Sell High".  The only problem is, the silver manipulation also puts pressure on suppliers to hold on to their metals rather then sell them at a loss. One major suppliers website is down and others are claiming that they are currently out of stock. I can still sell silver at the lower prices but I don't know how long that will last.

This also puts pressure on mines to not sell futures contracts on their future production at all. Why sell at artificially low prices when you know prices are going to escalate? In other words, the chowderheads that are currently running the system have created a major incentive for buyers while taking away any and all incentives from sellers.

This translates into shortages and will only drive prices higher. The COMEX spot price will become irrelevent as no one will sell at their ridiculously low "Spot" prices. So, by trying to steer people away from precious metals through price manipulation, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are actually creating higher demand and diminished supply.

Good for you, as long as you are smart enough to recognize a screaming buying opportunity.

Buy Silver/Gold: email pdrockton@aol.com or call 330-636-6292