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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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The Holly Greig Blog:
First off, let me tell you about my mother. She was awesome! I was dyslexic as a child and she spent countless hours teaching me how to read and write. I read the Bible for the first time through when I was in 3rd Grade, thanks to Mom. We were struggling when I was a child. A package of cookies was a rare treasure. McDonald's was a feast. My dad turned down a college scholarship so that he could support his family. He had newspaper in his shoes to cover the gaping holes he wore in them from his job searches..  

He started out pushing carts for a grocery store and selling real-estate. The early years were lean. Yet, my parents made sure we attended good schools. My mother would waitress, and often bring us our lunches mid-day at school after she made the money to buy them.

She was tough. The mother of the neighborhood bully came to our house, and tried to bully my mother. Things escalated, and before you could count to ten, the neighbor was lying in the rosebushes by the side of our porch, shaking her head and looking for the Mack Truck that had run into her jaw.

We always attended the local Catholic Church, and in-spite of our best efforts, were forced to actually listen. I had some health issues, my mom was always there for me. I was hit by a car in 4th grade, mom was there. I broke bones, had numerous dental problems, wanted to play violin and football and my mother was always there.

At the age of 17, I went into the Air Force for a four year, volunteer hitch. Mom cried when I left and asked to ride with me to my First Base assignment. She always made a big deal when I came home on leave. I joined the Mormon Church at age 18. She didn't make a big deal out of that, and defended my decision to others.

After I finished my 4 years in the Air Force and was honorably discharged, I left home again to serve as a missionary in South America. Again she cried. Yet, both her and my dad helped me financially and made sure to write every week. I have a great mom. Everybody deserves a great mom.

Which is why Obama's decision to even consider a Lesbian for a seat on the Highest Bench in the land is an outrage to mothers and families everywhere.

While most mothers give up their own goals and aspirations for their children's dreams, so called "Lesbians" put their unbridled sexual lust ahead of everything and everyone else. Including their own natural maternal instincts. They are like selfish little children, that greedily stuff their faces with piles of cookies, totally oblivious to the needs and desires of those around them.

They are not heroes. Heroism requires sacrifice. It isn't bravery that spurs on their publicly displayed affections, its contempt. Contempt for mothers everywhere and contempt for their families. They want to rub good women's faces in the fact that they have gone through life without doing anything for anyone else, and still get the empty acolades while your matronly sacrifice goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

It reminds me of the student I taught that left school to becomea drug dealer. He came to school one day to show off his brand new set of wheels, stating that I was stupid to work a normal job when I could have everything I wanted if I just followed his lifestyle choices. He's dead now, a young victim of his lifestyle choices. Just like a host of others that sought the "easy way" through life. His tombstone should read, "I Listened to My Friends and Not My Mother".

Obama and his ilk are showing equal contempt towards American mothers by even bringing this issue up on what should be one of America's most sacred holidays, Mother's Day.

Normally, a totally unacceptable candidate is vetted before the "annointed one" is presented to the public. The unacceptable candidate is designed to show people they could done a whole lot worse. We have seen this political strategy before. We can only hope that this is the case at present.

Consider Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World":

"He taps into, and then feeds, our revulsion at Pavlovian-style behavioural conditioning and eugenics. Worse, it is suggested that the price of universal happiness will be the sacrifice of the most hallowed shibboleths of our culture: "motherhood", "home", "family", "freedom", even "love". The exchange yields an insipid happiness that's unworthy of the name. Its evocation arouses our unease and distaste.

In BNW, happiness derives from consuming mass-produced goods, sports such as Obstacle Golf and Centrifugal Bumble-puppy, promiscuous sex, "the feelies", and most famously of all, a supposedly perfect pleasure-drug, soma." (Source)

Pleasure cannot replace happiness because it comes at a cost to everyone else. Shirking responsibilitiy and sacrifice makes great men little and little men disappear. Hedonism comes at the expense of conscience. As the body builds up its tolerance to simple pleasures, the hedonist embraces previously unthinkable practices designed to penetrate a mind and body that are now past feeling the normal range of human emotions. The challenge becomes anesthetizing the guilt that naturally springs from practicing unnatural lusts.

In Brave New World, narcotics were provided by the "system"

"For a start, soma is a very one-dimensional euphoriant. It gives rise to only a shallow, unempathetic and intellectually uninteresting well-being. Apparently, taking soma doesn't give Bernard Marx, the disaffected sleep-learning specialist, more than a cheap thrill. Nor does it make him happy with his station in life. John the Savage commits suicide soon after taking soma.

The drug is said to be better than (promiscuous) sex - the only sex brave new worlders practise. But a regimen of soma doesn't deliver anything sublime or life-enriching. It doesn't catalyse any mystical epiphanies, intellectual breakthroughs or life-defining insights. It doesn't in any way promote personal growth. Instead, soma provides a mindless, inauthentic "imbecile happiness" - a vacuous escapism which makes people comfortable with their lack of freedom. The drug heightens suggestibility, leaving its users vulnerable to government propaganda. Soma is a narcotic that raises "a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds." (Ibid)

In exchange for constant self-gratification, the Brave New Worlders leave the child-rearing to the State. Raising a child is painful and pain is to be avoided at all costs by the primitive hedonists. In reality we never really avoid pain. We either suffer the pangs of a body denied, or we suffer the pains of a conscience defiled.

Narcotics can dull the conscience initially, but eventually, the amount required to dull human sensibilities will prove fatal.

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