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Mitt Romney and O'Romneycare
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Mitt Romney, the father of Socialized Medicine in Massachusettes, and inspiration for Obamacare, is now telling his fellow Americans that:

"If I were president, on Day One I would issue an executive order paving the way for Obamacare waivers to all 50 states. The executive order would direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services and all relevant federal officials to return the maximum possible authority to the states to innovate and design health-care solutions that work best for them." (Source)

Universal Health Care has long been an Illuminati driven tool for advancing their eugenics program objectives. These objectives include:

1. Genetic Counseling and mandated abortions for those that they deem are inferior stock. As Planned Parenthood has demonstrated, this means minorities living in America's inner cities.

2. Shortened Life expectancy for individuals that are no longer "productive" members of society.

3. Monopoly for their pharmaceutical and vaccine companies and a lock-out for competitors and holistic alternatives.

Socialized medicine is a win-win for the Satanic Psychopaths. Their banksters lend the government money to pay for universal healthcare, driving that government deeper into their debt. Their bureaucrats mandate Nazi Germany efficiency and death on those citizens that they view as no longer profitable.

The fact that Mitt Romney's war-chest is full to the brim with money he took from the Satanic Psychopaths, and Illuminati Banksters, is ample evidence to show that he will stick to their agenda. All pleadings and rhetoric to the contrary. Romneycare has been a huge boondoggle for the people of Massachusettes. As one article explains:

"First of all, our insurance premiums are up double digits and this is according to one of the most liberal papers in the nation - Boston Globe. Meanwhile greedy out of control insurers in the rest of the country have gone up at half the speed. But responsible taxpayers are not the only ones hurting, the insurance plans under Massachusetts Commonwealth Care designed to subsidize low-income families are on the rise as well, also by double digits. According to CATO, our state already suffered from high insurance premiums due to oppressive regulations and domination by several large insurers, now the problems have exploded. Certainly seems like government intervention tends to raise insurance premiums, no? Imagine this on a national scale now." (Source)

Of course insurance is more expensive. Add an additional layer of bureacracy and a license to steal and their is no downside for corrupt politicians that manage the system, steer contracts to political favorites, or add unnecessary employees to the public pay-roll.

"Second of all, Romney promised the cost of this life saving experiment would not exceed 1.5 Billion and Common Wealth Care(CWC) would cost just north of 700 million. This may be hard to believe, but these projections missed their mark, just a little bit. For starters CWC clocked in at 870 million, more than 20% increase just this year alone. According to our governor, within the next three years CWC will DOUBLE  in cost! We are already unfairly relying on federal subsidies to pay for these costs and will suffer when they stop, but what will the federal government do when it's subsidies spiral out of control? Want a hint? It involves a printer. Meanwhile our legislature is scrambling and trying to comprehend the out of control rise in health care expenditures, just brilliant. The only medical insurance we should be subsidizing is the one covering brain examinations of legislators." (Ibid)

The Federal Reserve just came out and stated that the United States is practically insolvent. Unable to pay its bills. Now, I blame TAARP, derivatives and ongoing wars of aggression as much as the next guy, yet, I can't help but note the heavy burden that Socialism has placed upon our system.

Before the 1960s people were able to pay for their own health-care expenses and afford a major medical policy for hospital care. Families, churches and communities rallied around the sick and infirm, providing for their needs. Doctors made house calls and costs were more than affordable. Many physicians used a mixture of holistic and traditional medicine.

In 1960, the average American lived to about age 70. (Source) Today, life expectency is about 78. A difference of 8 years. Before you start jumping on the socialized medicine bandwagon, Life expectancy also increased 10 years for Americans between 1900 and 1930. It increased another 10 years between 1930 and 1960. (Ibid)

So, in essence, the trend towards longer lives has actually decreased in the past 30 years. The trends also indicate that indoor plumbing, refrigeration, better nutrition, safer work environments etc., play a much bigger role in prolonging life than Socialized medicine could ever hope to accomplish.

So, we spend trillions of dollars on Socialized medicine and what have we accomplished? Not much when it comes to prolonging  human life. Mitt Romney is an Illuminati hack that will obey his overlords, as Massachusettes demonstrates. This means O'Romneycare is here to stay if he wins the White House.