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World War III and North Korea
In analyzing this latest confrontation between North and South Korea, it is easy to come up with a variety of possibile scenarios:

Scenario #1

The United States has 28,000 American Troops guarding the border between North and South Korea. The border is only 160 miles long. That means 175 American Troops guarding 1 mile of South Korean Border. Not that anyone from the South, which enjoys a much higher standard of living, would care to illegally immigrate to the North. Those working in the North Korean slave camps, for companies like Brittish American tobacco, would have to first get through the North Korean army that is also amassed at the border.

The United States spends an estimated 54% of its Federal Budget on its military (including past debt for military purposes). (Source) South Korea, on the other hand, only spends 2.7% of its GDP on military expenditures.(Source). The people of the United States are spending their taxdollars on a country that can well afford to pay its own way. One solution would be South Korea to reimburse the US for all of its military expenses.

A better solution would be to pull out of South Korea altogether and reassign those troops to the Mexican border, which just received a whopping 1200  National Guardsmen for almost 2,000 miles of border. While Americans have their "packages" checked by the TSA, illegal immigrants come and go freely through our Sothern border without  ever seeing a TSA agent.

Then there is the South Korean Lobbyist, Sun Myung Moon, who was crowned Messiah in front of adoring fans like Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah. Senator Hatch, and others like him, are more than willing to support the interests of foreign nations like North Korea, while ignoring the interests of those that put them in office.

Which brings us back to the Illuminati Banksters looking to destroy the middle class and dilute the wages of American workers. They are also the owners of the international corporations that have partnered with countries like North Korea, Mexico and China, to produce foreign goods for the United States in what can be only called slave-labor conditions.

All of this leads to one conclusion. A False flag between North and South Korea reminds us of how important it is for us to continue to waste our resources on a country that has the same strategic importance as South Vietnam.

Scenario 2:

This is the start of World War III. China, which launched a missile off the coast of California, is using North Korea to raise tensions and draw the United States military resources away from the Middle East. This would include dividing up the US naval forces between Asia and the Persian Gulf, where they could more easily be destroyed by a combination of Russian and Chinese weaponry.

This makes more sense when you factor in the Chinese Air Force, which would have a much easier time striking off the Coast of Korea then in the Persian Gulf. Also, the Chinese Army could fight close to home, on familiar turf, with a much shorter supply route. Strategically, it makes sense. This would enable the Chinese to use their advantage, the massive Red Army, without the expense and time of troop transportation.

A Nuclear False Flag on American soil would force the United States into a multi-front nuclear war. I believe that Russia and China will launch a first strike on military and civilian targets to minimize our ability to respond. This is further complicated by the fact that Western technology has been given to both countries by the treacherous banksters and their Illuminati brethren.

This will be their next great Satanic Sacrifice.

Will God permit it? Read the Book of Revelation and decide for yourself.

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