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No Sympathy For the Devil
Satan and Lucifer are the same entity. The Bible explains how Lucifer was an angel of light that rebelled against God, and was cast down to the earth. Paul explains that he still has power to reveal himself as an "angel of light". This is a fact. So, it is a simple matter to detect him.

Satan is a spirit and will not ever receive a physical body, due to his rebellion. If he appears to you,  simply ask him to shake your hand. He will make the attempt and you will feel nothing. When angels appear, they come as either resurrected beings, or Spirits of Just men made perfect. A resurrected being will extend his hand and you will feel that it is very physical. A Righteous Spirit will not extend his hand, nor try to deceive, but will still communicate his message.

The devil has sandy brown hair and will often be dressed in fine attire. He is human in form and does not have horns, a cloven foot or any of the other attributes attributed to him. You can ask the Lord to rebuke him and He will depart. He appeared to  my son and promised him anything that his heart desired if he would betray me. My son told him to leave and he departed.

His presence is cold and dark, void of light or truth, and will have the same effect on those that are his servants. He is the arch-deceiver and uses flattery and charm to deceive those that will listen to him.

He and his followers (1/3 of the host of heaven) were cast down to earth and seek to steal this world, and mankind, from its Creator. God permits him to go so far and no further. He and his followers are so desperate for a physical body that they actually possessed a herd of swine when they were cast out of a human.

Satan seeks to weaken the body to the point where he can have full possession of it, with his minions. This is why the Illuminati systematically abuse their own offspring, to open them to demonic possession. They are literal partners with the devil in controlling this physical world. In return, they receive wealth, power and a partnership with invisible spirits to help them achieve their goals.

Satan can be cast out of a willing host. An unwilling host, however, is a whole different matter. One of the keys to casting him out is to find someone who has the Melchizedek Priesthood to do so. The Priesthood holder must be obedient to the commandments of God. Sometimes, this is not enough, and some spirits will not come out until after much prayer and fasting.

Hell is not a place of fire and brimstone. It is a place of cold hard darkness. The fire and brimstone is a description of what those that have been cast down to hell feel inside as their torment. God is light, Satan is darkness. Those in hell do not have the ability to move about freely and are left alone with their thoughts. A man is his own tormentor.

It is much easier to resolve issues in the flesh, then in the spirit. What can be resolved in a short while in the flesh takes hundreds or thousands of years in the Spirit. We should not seek to artifically shorten our lives here. Taking in pollutions like tobacco, narcotics or alcohol willingly to avoid pain and suffering in the flesh will only lengthen the pain and suffering in the next life.

All men are taken home to that God that gave them life when they die, and are consigned to darkness or light, depending on their works in the flesh and the desires of their heart. God looks at both. All men will be resurrected and assigned to a permanent, very physical and perfected kingdom. Sons of Perdition will be resurrected as well, but cast into darkness with Satan and the spirits that follow him.

There is no redemption for Satan or his followers. This includes those Sons of Perdition that yield to him in the flesh. They will be assigned to darkness forever.

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