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Paul Drockton: Nixon, Watergate and Rockefeller
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"The career of Richard M. Nixon began in 1946, when, backed by Eastern Establishment money, he came out of obscurity to defeat incumbent Congressman Jerry Voorhis in California, who was anti-Federal Reserve. Voorhis wrote in a pamphlet called Dollars and Sense:

   "...the representatives of the American people in Congress should speedily proceed to transfer the ownership of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks from the private ownership of the member banks to the ownership of the nation itself."

In 1952, Nixon and Earl Warren, then the Governor of California, helped create an Eisenhower majority within a California delegation that had been leaning towards Robert Taft, an anti-communist. Nixon was rewarded by being selected as the Vice-President, while Warren was named to the Supreme Court." (Source)

Richard Nixon was a Rockefeller puppet that joined the Illuminati Leadership Council, the Council on Foreign Relations after his loss to JFK. He had been torpedoed by his former boss, Eisenhower, who stated he did nothing worthy of remembrance during his tenure as VP. (Ibid)

"During the 1960 Republican Convention, Nixon, the Republican nominee, left Chicago and flew to New York where he secretly met with Nelson Rockefeller. A subsequent news release indicated that Rockefeller had requested the meeting, when in fact Nixon had. The result of the meeting was the Fourteen Points of the "Compact of Fifth Avenue," which injected Rockefeller's socialistic plans into the Platform of the Republican Party." (Ibid)

Nixon feared Nelson Rockefeller would end up being the Republican nominee, even though the latter withdrew as a candidate. He sought an Alliance that would later prove to be his undoing. (Source) When Nixon lost, he went to work for Rockefeller's law firm:

"After losing to Kennedy, Nixon ran for Governor in California, but lost to Pat Brown in 1962. He left his law practice, and moved to New York, where he worked as a partner in the law firm of John Mitchell, who was Rockefeller's personal attorney. He lived in an apartment at 810 Fifth Avenue, a building owned by Rockefeller. He was a CFR member from 1961-65, and it was during this time that Nixon rebuilt his political career." (Source)

The 25th Amendment, or "Rockefeller Amendment" is proof that Nelson Rockefeller wanted the Presidency of the United States as his crowning achievement. It was ratified in 1967.

    "Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress."

In Article II of the Constitution, the Vice President followed the President in the line of succession. The Framers of the Constitution declared that CONGRESS shall declare who is next in line after the Vice President:

    "In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.) (This clause in parentheses has been modified by Amendments XX and XXV)." (Source)

Richard Nixon, as Potus, tried to appease Rockefeller:

"He appointed John Mitchell, his campaign manager, to be his Attorney General. He appointed Henry Kissinger to be his Secretary of State, even though Kissinger's views were the complete opposite of his own. In reality, the Kissinger appointment was urged by Nelson Rockefeller so the Illuminati could control U.S. foreign policy. At the beginning of each of his terms, Nixon offered the post of Treasury Secretary to David Rockefeller, but he refused it. It was Nixon who chose George Bush, the former Texas Congressman, to be the Chairman of the Republican Party after Bush lost the Senate race to Democrat Lloyd Bentsen in Texas. Nixon later appointed him to be the Ambassador to the U.N., the Ambassador to China, and the Director of the CIA." (Source)

An interesting aside about Kissinger is that he was fingered by documents from the former Soviet Union as a KGB spy:

"The documents indicated that after World War II, Russia established an ODRA spy ring in Poland to infiltrate British and American intelligence. The GZI discovered that one communist agent code-named 'Bor' had worked with another agent, Ernst Bosenhard (a clerk at the U.S. Intelligence Headquarters in Oberammergau, Germany), who had been sending secret documents to Moscow. Bosenhard was convicted of espionage in 1951. 'Bor' returned to the United States and was secretly working with the CIA while teaching at Harvard University. 'Bor' was identified as Sgt. Henry Alfred Kissinger." (Source)

Alexander Haig worked in the State Department under Kissinger, and is credited for releasing copies of the Watergate tapes to the media.

Nixon feared appointing Rockefeller as Vice-President might turn him into a target for assassination. Instead, he appointed Spiro Agnew. Agnew was targeted for tax fraud and forced to resign. Nixon then appointed Gerald Ford as his V.P. under the Rockefeller Amendment. Many believe that, by not appointing Rockefeller, Nixon sealed the fate of his Presidency.

In reality, if he had appointed Rockefeller, Rockefeller would have become President after Nixon's resignation thanks to the "Rockefeller Amendment" to the Constitution.

While Nixon controlled the Oval Office, Rockefeller controlled the interests of the "Crown" and the American Intelligence apparatus known as the CIA. It was the CIA that brought down Nixon, and the Mormon Mafia was CIA. Nelson Rockefeller did his best to insulate both. The following is from the Rockefeller Report on the CIA:

In April 1970, E. Howard Hunt retired from the Central Intelligence Agency after having served in it for over twenty years. With the help of the Agency's External Employment Affairs Branch, he obtained a job with Robert R. Mullen and Company, a Washington, D.C., public relations firm. The Mullen Company itself had for years cooperated with the Agency by providing cover abroad for Agency officers, carrying them as ostensible employees of its offices overseas.

"Hunt, while employed by Mullen, orchestrated and led the Fielding and Watergate break-ins and participated in other questionable activities. The Mullen Company had tangential associations with some activities of the White House staff. . . . Robert Mullen had, however, for many years cooperated with the CIA by making some of his overseas offices available at different times as a cover for Agency employees operating abroad. The existence of Mullens' relationship with the CIA was, of course, kept secret to protect the secrecy of the cover arrangements and this led to complications when, after Watergate, the Mullen Company came under investigation. . . .

Eight months after Hunt was hired by the Mullen Company, Robert Bennett joined the company. Bennett, the son of Senator Wallace Bennett (R-Utah), His political connections led him to be involved in some of Hunt's later activities, discussed below. . . .

Bennett brought Hughes Tool Company (now Summa Corporation) as a client to Mullen. He had met Hughes representatives while at the Department of Transportation. Later in 1971, he introduced Hunt to representatives of Hughes and various contacts occurred which are discussed further below. (Report to the President by the Commission on CIA Activities Within the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, June 1975, pages 173-176)"

This is the same Robert Bennett that was hired by Frank "Bill" Gay, the head of Howard Hughes Mormon mafia. Frank "Bill" Gay is credited for purportedly helping his son, Robert Gay, loot the Howard Hughes Medical Institute out of billions of dollars through the use of his company, Bain Capital, and derivatives contracts.

"Hunt had dealings with the Agency in the summer and fall of 1971 in connection with the White House projects previously discussed. And he continued to be employed by Mullen, which had a CIA relationship, and to be associated with Bennett in several projects with political or espionage overtones. . . .

During the period preceding Watergate, Hunt continued to be employed by Mullen Co. and was in regular contact with Robert Bennett, its president. Mullen continued to provide cover for CIA officers abroad and Bennett and Hunt had a few meetings with the case officer respecting these arrangements. . . .

At one time Hunt approached Bennett with a proposal to obtain the assistance of the Hughes organization for a burglary in Las Vegas to secure purported information about Senator Muskie. . . .

During this period Bennett was asked by Hughes' attorneys to get a bid for surveillance of Clifford Irving, who was then writing a book describing his earlier preparation of the fraudulent Hughes biography. Hunt got an estimate from James McCord and gave it to Bennett who passed it to the attorneys. They rejected it as too high."  (Ibid)

Bennett is also credited for breaking the Watergate story to the Press:

"Bob Woodward phoned Bennett who confirmed that Hunt was working for Robert Mullen & Co. He also told him he was also employed by Charles Colson in the White House. Bennett added: "I guess it's no secret that Howard was with the CIA." Soon afterwards Bennett sacked Hunt.

In 1974,Bennett became the public relations director for Summa Corporation, a company owned by Howard Hughes. Later that year he appeared before the House of Representatives Special Subcommittee on Intelligence. Chaired by Lucien Nedzi, the committee published a report titled Inquiry into the Alleged Involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Watergate and Ellsberg Matters. Bennett testified before the committee and admitted he knew that "Mullen & Co. had a contractual cover relationship with the CIA." He also testified that he knew Charles Colson as a result of working with him in a programme of dirty tricks against Dita Beard when she was threatening to expose details of the ITT antitrust scandal.

In an article published in 1976, J. Anthony Lukas, of the New York Times, claimed that Bennett was Deep Throat. In his book, In Search of Deep Throat, Leonard Garment argues that Bennett was probably trying to "distance the CIA, his sponsor and source of income, from the events of Watergate".

This is a series is a major exclusive my friends!

More in the next article...

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The Watergate Hotel & Nelson Rockefeller