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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
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I have drawn the conclusion that it is too late to save our existing society. The forces of chaos have gained the upper hand, and soon we will see race wars, economic collapse, starvation, manufactured diseases, global war and a complete societal breakdown. These things are coming shortly to our lands because the people that run our world desire to bring them about, and the people that live in our world are unwilling to resist.

I also believe that the coming chaos is months, if not weeks away. For those that survive, your options will be based on your available resources. For those of you that have stored food and other supplies, converted your other assets into real wealth (gold and silver), and are living the higher law that brings about miracles and Divine intervention, you might have the opportunity to help create a far better world.

With that said, permit me to illustrate the basic principals that will govern this better world:

1. The Rule of Law: All men will be treated equally regardless of religion, skin color, education, social status or other advantages they may or may not have.

2. Divine Law: True religious liberty based on the 10 commandments will be the law of this higher society.

3. True Justice: Violate the Divine Law and you will be punished. Hurt others and you will make restitution. Murder or Rape, and you will be executed. Attempt to subvert justice and you will be "cast out" to live with other enemies of the law.

4. True Freedom: Just taxes and leaders that are willing to labor with their own hands, instead of being a burden on the rest of society. Displays of Extravagance by our leadership will be viewed as corruption. All men will live in a way so that they can create the least possible burden on their fellow men. All men will labor. No speculation. No gambling. No taking advantage of another in their ignorance. The poor and the needy will be taught useful skills based on their desires to labor. The truly needy will be provided for.

5. All Life will be Sacred: No Euthanasia, No Abortion. Families raising the handicapped or taking care of the disabled, will be able to rely on outside help as needed. Every life will have value.

6. The Constitution Will Govern the Land. The way it was intended.

7. Greed  will be Punished: No casinos. No highly compensated CEOs. No speculation through the use of put or call options. Corporations will be run for the benefit of the shareholders that own stock in the company AND those that use the products that the company produces.

8. Do No Harm: Companies that attempt to sell a product that is harmful will be shut down and prosecuted.

9. True Religious Freedom:  Men will no longer be permitted to create unjust laws that shackle the conscience of their fellow men. Both majority and minority will be protected.

10. A Just Currency: Gold and Silver will be made legal tender and will become, the coin of the realm.

11. No Usury: Lending money at interest encourages speculation and establishes a criminal banking elite that will always impoverish a nation and rob it of its virtues, history, morals and just laws. Interest rates are manipulated by the Banksters to create depressions when they want to buy a country's assets, and prosperity when they want to sell. If Banks are permitted in this new society, they will be severely limited in their lending activities, and forbidden from taking advantage of the poor and ignorant.

12. No Satanism, Sorcery or Witchcraft:  No society can permit a religion that is built on pleasure seeking, exploitation of others, idolatry and the worship of death.

13. Secure Borders: Citizenship will only be given to those that have a history of lawful behavior. Those that do not, will not be permitted to cross the border.

14. No Slavery: Those that exploit their employees will be punished by Law and forced to make restitution.

15. Right to Bear Arms: All able men will be trained as a unified and united militia.  It will be expected of all male citizens to become proficient in the use of the latest technology in defense of their nation. All arms will be stored and managed locally. Every family will be expected to have the ability to defend itself.

16. The Jeffersonian Ideal: Every family will own enough land to produce their own food. Mortgaging or selling to the family estate will be prohibited. The government will maintain a land bank that will deed new land to new families based on their projected needs and projected family size. Large families will be granted more land than smaller ones, thus, raising offspring will not be punished by the state. In fact, it will be encouraged. When a child turns 18-21, a land grant will be given to those that marry and commit to raising a family.

Those that choose not to marry will be given a temporary property lease by the state. Marriage will be the only requirement for land ownership.

I will spend more time on this in my next article.

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