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* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
* Bayer Aspirin, Illuminated Nazi's, and Heroin.

*  "Dead Man" Forces Senator's Resignation:

* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson

* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion
* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
* NEW-Important! Jeff Rense and "Taking America Back"
*Masonic Expose' Leads to Death Warrant!
*  Illuminati Enemies: Part 1
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*  Calling All Whistleblowers!

* Canada's Biggest Scandal?

* BBC "Spikes" Holly Grieg Story:

The Paul Drockton Story:
New World Order Religion:
* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
* Gnosticism, Judaism and Christianity
*  Egyptian Mystery Religions
* The "Ghost Whisper" and Our Illuminati New Age Religion:

* Sherlock Holmes: The Movie and Our Illuminati "New Age Religion"
* Maitreya and Our Illuminati "New Age Religion" Part 3
* NEW TODAY! Maitreya, the Japanese and WWIII:
* A Great and Abominable Church

* China, Russia and "Brain-washed" Nigerian Terrorists
* Tiger Woods, Professional Athletes and MK Ultra
* Bo Gritz, Delta Force, and MK-Ultra
* Television, Sex Majick and the "Brainwashed" Masses:
* TV and Trauma Based Programming:
* NEW! More 911 Truth: 911 Hijacker and MK-ULtra
* Was Stack an Illuminati Programmed Multiple?

MK-Ultra/Mind Control:
* Federal Gay Marriage Case Will Make It Legal in 50 States:

* Outrage Builds at Mormon Politicos Support of Lesbian Surrogate Pact:

* A Lesbian Surrogate Lawmaker, Two Gay Men, and Mormon Utah:

* 100 Things You'll Wish You had in an Emergency!
Emergency Prep:
* Gangs, Graffiti and the "New World Disorder"

* V For Vendetta and the Homosexual Terrorists:
* NEW! Who is Herman Rockefeller and Why Does it Matter?
* NEW! Swingers, Rockefeller and the Illuminati:

* The World's Dumbest Criminals.
* The Illuminati and the Patriot Movement
* Haiti, Machete Gangs and Martial Law: Part 1

* What the Massachusetts Election Really Means:

* New! China, AIG and the Derivatives Market
* NEW: Japan, China, Russia and WWIII:

*NEW! Taking America Back: Part 1
*NEW!  Alex Jones and 911 Truth:
* NEW! Alex Jones and Freemasons:
* China Dumps US Treasuries
* NEW! 911 Truth: What Have We Let Them Steal?

*NEW! Are We in a HAARP "Earthquake War"?

WWIII & Armageddon:
Patriot Movement
* The US Constitution: A Christian Document
* Nazi Masons
* The Dead Man Musings Forum
* The Masonic-French Revolution
* NEW! Al-Gora Bin Laden:

*NEW! Illuminati Symbolism: The Auto Industry
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*NEW! 911 By the NUMB3RS
* Was Joe Stack's Plane Crash a "False Flag"?
* Who Wins from the Joe Stack Disaster?

*NEW! More 911 by the Numb3rs:

Free-Masons & Illuminati:
911 and False Flags:
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Internationalism is the doctrine of the Banksters and Satanic Psychopathic Allies. Socialism, Communism, Monopolistic Capitalism and even Fascism are internationalist ideals. Common sense would indicate that the only resistance to internationalism and "The New World Order" is a resurgence of Nationalism and True Patriotism.

Nationalism is the doctrine that each country in this world should maintain its own individual identity. Nationalism is also based on the ideals that:

1. Our country has the right to pursue the course that is required for our National Survival.

2. Our Nation has the right to maintain its history and traditions

3. Our Nation has the right to secure our borders, deport those that are here illegally and maintain a common language.

4. Our Country has the right to protect our manufacturing and employment base through tariffs, sound immigration policies and maintaining a balance of trade with other nations.

Contrary to what is taught in the propaganda that we call our educational system, Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini were not Nationalists. They were Internationalists and Socialists (NAZI= National Socialist Workers Party). They were brought into power by the Satanic Psychopathic Banksters. They were expansionists that patterned their policies based on foreign conquest and the exploitation of the resources of other nations.

True Nationalism is opposed to expansion and exploitation because these policies go against the National Interest. War is brought about by Internationalists seeking to establish a "New World Order", not true Nationalism, which recognizes that their are no winners in war.

Which brings us to the subject of Patriotism. Patriotism cannot exist without Nationalism. The true Patriot seeks to maintain the National Identity, and the successful Political Traditions of his country. In the United States he is a defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

1. The True Patriot resists and opposes the forces of evil that seek to destroy the Democratic traditions of his or her country.

2. The True Patriot understands that terrorism is a tool of the Satanic Psychopaths to destroy our Liberty.

3. The True Patriot supports and understands what is, and is not, in the National Interest.

4. The True Patriot chooses Liberty. They are ready to place everything on the altar, Life, Fortune and Sacred Honor to preserve our collective Freedoms.

As long as we have the ability to do so, we should oppose the propaganda of International Socialism. Currently, the most effective way to do this is through the Internet. Applications like Face book, My Space and Twitter can reach thousands in the stroke of a key. Our purpose at present, is to educate and separate the minds of the people from the shackles of slavery.

Permitting individual choice is at the very crux of Patriotism and Liberty, but so is the realization that there is no choice without education and the spreading of information. This is best accomplished at the point of the pen, and not the sword, which seeks to deprive all men of their Right to Choose through the threat of violence and intimidation.

True Patriotism opposes entangling foreign alliances which run counter to the National Interest. Modern Zionism is just another cloak for the Internationalists. A tool to create conflict and exhaust our National Resources. It is an unequal alliance that has formed the basis for the justification of wars and genocidal extermination. True Patriots don't hate Jews, Moslems, or anyone else for that matter. They simply seek to protect the National Identity and promote the National Interest over the interests of any other political entity, whether that entity is Israel, the United Nations, or another Nation.

The rise of true Nationalism and True Patriotism is the most effective weapon against the International Psychopathic Satanists. Their course will lead us to Martial Law, Terrorism and Concentration Camps. Ultimately, they seek to depopulate the earth and then re-colonize it with their "mind controlled/brainwashed" slaves and minions. They seek a passive population that will submit voluntarily to their cruelest form of Tyranny.

So the choice really is between Liberty or Death. If we refuse to fight for the latter, we will surely end up with the former. Remember, they count as only 1% of the population. We outnumber them by a wide margin, which is why it is so critical for them to control "the message". If we take control of "the message", we also take away their advantage.

So I would say, "Type on My Friends, Type On." Through discouragement, depression, financial hardship and the opposition of hell and its minions, "Type On"! Remember, for every soul running away from the Truth, there are 99 souls running towards it. Make sure they can find it, "Type On!"