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Revelation to Orson Hyde, member of the Quorum of the Twelve, received at Nauvoo, Illinois, on 14 March 1846
In my meditations, this morning, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was moved to write: and being grieved in my spirit on account of false pretences [pretenses] by evil designing persons to gain power, and lead away the flock of God; It whispered me and said:

Evil men, ambitious of power, must needs arise among you, and they shall be led by their own self-will and not by me. Yet they are instruments in my hands, and are permitted to try my people, and to collect from among them those who are not the elect, and such as are unworthy of eternal life. Grieve not after them, neither mourn nor be alarmed. My people know my voice and also the voice of my spirit, and a stranger they will not follow, therefore such as follow strangers are not my people. Behold James J. Strang hath cursed my people by his own spirit and not by mine.

Never at any time have I appointed that wicked man to lead my people, neither by my own voice, nor by the voice of my servant Joseph Smith, neither by the voice of mine angel: but he hath sought to deceive and Satan helpeth him; but before of old was he one that was ordained to gather the tares of the field, and mine angels have chosen him to do it because he was a wicked man, even as Judas was chosen to betray his Lord.

But his spirit and ambition shall soon fail him, and then shall he be called to judgment and receive that portion which is his mete, and his treacherous followers, who have forsaken the counsel of their brethren and turned from the covenants of their God, and have cast asunder the tenderest ties, must drink from a bitter cup. (Source)


Byron wrote: "Didn't Jesus Christ choose Judas Iscariot? We either place our faith in men and the organization, which is not a sure foundation and can shake with any kind of news that doesn't "seem right" or we place out faith and hope in Jesus Christ, who is the sure foundation (hel. 5:12). Stop doubting with every kind of logic and finite thought!"

Todd and Michelle Staheli Funeral
Interesting Handshake?
"Mormon Illuminati Lie and Mormons Sheeple Die." Since my articles exposing the Mormon Illuminati have gone viral, so have my various Mormon detractors. I have been called "Apostate", "Excommunicated", "Persona Non Grata", even "The Devil" by the various, vocal Mormon Illuminati shills. None of the accusations are true. I remain a member in good standing, with a devoted and loyal following of Mormon Patriots that continue to rally to this website and my radio show.

I have also been compared to a woman who was raped, and then beaten by the neighbors for exposing one of the town's prominent citizens. So it goes in Mormondom. Corrupt and evil influences that seek to destroy our Freedom remain highly respected citizens in the Polyanna culture that won't acknowledge the cancer that is literally devouring it from the inside out. That same culture spreads lies about the doctor that, after numerous tests, and various second opinions, has diagnosed the fatal illness and prescribed the appropriate cure.

Call me Doctor Drock. In true medical fashion, allow me to open the patient's portfolio to a somewhat discerning world.


Patient complains that dirty rats like Orrin Hatch and Mitt Romney have scuttled the Constitution through their advocacy of the Patriot Act and underhanded dealings with the Satanic Psychopaths. Patient also complains that Satanic Ritual Abuse, documented by Church leaders and others, are tolerated and swept under the rug. Patient complains that leading Mormon Illuminati sit on Illuminati Leadership Councils and hold high leadership positions within the Church. Patient complains of headache, nausea, vertigo and thinks they might have multiple personalities inside their head. Too many other symptoms to mention here.


Piles of documents validate the above and more. Sourced and Linked, yet patient remains in denial and expresses extreme anger when doctor points out the obvious. Patient was given prescription for a "dose of reality" but believed it was "from the devil" and flushed the prescription down the proverbial toilet. Patient's immune system has been internally compromised and high fever has made the patient delirious and delusional.


Patient desires to live in a world where everything is correctly labeled. Believes that if the bottle says "Mormon", or "Leader", or "big Church donor", then integrity, sunshine and mom's apple pie must be inside. Patient refuses to test the contents of each bottle to see if the label is accurate. Ignores sense of smell and taste when exposed to the most putrid odors.

Diagnosis: Satanic Psychopathic Influentia


Force a separation of the good from the evil by continuing to compile and report additional evidence of a criminal or Satanically Psychopath nature. Continue to administer doses of reality as they become available. 

The Doctor is IN. More in Next Article.