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Paul Drockton: RICO, Romney and the Mormon Church
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"I'll Think About That Tomorrow"
Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee for President, that much is a fact. Romney is like the son George Bush never had, and George Bush still controls the Republican Party. One would think that, with Romney's Illuminati connections, he would be a shoe-in to the Executive Office. I'm not convinced.

I believe the Illuminati want Romney to be the Republican candidate, but I don't think they will let him win. To fulfill their dreams of race riots across Amerika, they need Obama in office as the catalyst. The Satanic Psychopaths will sacrifice Obama when the time is right, and it won't be in this years election. Its a win-win. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers get to loot at will, and then they get to blame it all on a black guy.

So why Romney?

I believe Romney, who is a member of the Mormon Illuminati, is also part of the Satanic Psychopathic Agenda. He just doesn't know it yet. The Mormon Church has been infiltrated by thieves and liars that have sworn their allegiance to the New World Order Agenda. They have mistakenly taken this partnership for granted, and even backstabbed their masters. Now its time for payback.

Think about what they did to the Catholic Church and it will all start to make sense. First they infiltrated the Church with Satanists loyal to their organization. Then these Satanists committed the horrendous crimes of pedophilia. Instead of covering for the pedophiles, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers exposed them in their controlled media. Then they looted the Catholic Church with Class Action lawsuits.

Now its the Mormons turn to burn. You just can't trust a fellow Satanic Psychopath these days.

Which brings us to the Mormon Mall and R.I.C.O.

"The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows for the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually do it.

While its original use was to prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime, its application has been more widespread." (Source)

The Mormon Mall has all the characteristics of a Mafia Operation: massive cost overruns on a greatly diminished project, someone filling their pockets at the project's expense, and those behind the project failing to explain how a 300 million dollar mall project becomes a 4-8 billion dollar disaster.

"Under RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that has committed any two of 35 crimes—27 federal crimes and 8 state crimes—within a 10-year period can be charged with racketeering. Those found guilty of racketeering can be fined up to $25,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison per racketeering count. In addition, the racketeer must forfeit all ill-gotten gains and interest in any business gained through a pattern of "racketeering activity." RICO also permits a private individual harmed by the actions of such an enterprise to file a civil suit; if successful, the individual can collect treble damages.

When the U.S. Attorney decides to indict someone under RICO, he or she has the option of seeking a pre-trial restraining order or injunction to temporarily seize a defendant's assets and prevent the transfer of potentially forfeitable property, as well as require the defendant to put up a performance bond. This provision was placed in the law because the owners of Mafia-related shell corporations often absconded with the assets. An injunction and/or performance bond ensures that there is something to seize in the event of a guilty verdict." (Ibid)

Mormons have the right to sue in Civil Court if they believe that RICO applies to the cost over-runs at the Mormon Mall. The federal statute at 18 U.S.C. 1961 itemizes all RICO predicate acts.  "The most common are mail fraud, extortion, obstruction of justice, obstruction of a criminal investigation, and witness tampering or retaliation." (Source) Contractors or other parties that were affected can also seek damages under civil R.I.C.O.

The Mormon Church and the FBI haven't been getting along lately. In fact, the Mormon Church owned media launched a year long investigation against the Salt Lake FBI Field office:

"SALT LAKE CITY — A pattern of long-term and ongoing problems inside the regional headquarters of the FBI in Salt Lake City could have catastrophic consequences to national security, sources connected to the FBI say.

Nearly a dozen self-described whistleblowers — including those with strong ties to the FBI’s Salt Lake field office — have come forward to expose potentially serious security breaches, including the removal of classified documents from the office contrary to strict FBI protocol." (Source)

It seems the primary concern is that information on FBI investigations might be made available to the Mormon Sheeple. I am the only news outlet the Mormon Illuminati are worried about. I will remain available for any FBI Agent that is worried about crimes being covered up in Utah before they can be prosecuted. All sources will continue to be held in the strictest confidence, and will remain anonymous.

Much of the information on this site is from "whistleblowers" that know they can rely on Paul Drockton to keep his word and champion their cause against the corrupt and powerful.

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