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Outrage Builds at Mormon Politicos Support of Lesbian Surrogate Pact:

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All is not well in Utah. The latest scandal involves the above Lesbian lawmaker, that has been artificially inseminated on behalf of two homosexual men, with the promise of delivering the child to them at birth. The whole process seems to violate state law which prohibits adoption by anyone but married couples. Thus the two homosexuals cannot legally adopt the future child, since gay marriage is illegal in the State of Utah.

Entering into a contract that violates the laws of the State is a crime. The agreement the Lawmaker made with the two homosexual men can also be considered "conspiracy to commit a crime". Having a Lawmaker that refuses to submit to the law is also a crime. The right thing to do at this point is to vote for her removal from the State Legislature. Instead, Utah's Mormon Republican Leadership, which controls both State houses and the Governorship, will continue to publicly support policy that the people detest.

The anger in the air is almost tangible. I quote the following from the article comments:

"Oh brother. What is the world coming to when a rug muncher gives a child to a couple of grown men who sodomize one another on a daily basis so that they can raise the child using their morals and standards. This is sick and wrong."

"Whether several prominent LDS members approve of this action is hardly the point. They are simply bowing to political correctness these days. Let me give you the opinion of an atheist that does not support either Democrats or Republicans: Even if you do not wear a swastika on your arm, or don't hate Jews, if you accept the idea that it is okay to pervert science to conduct freakish experiments on human lives, then you are a Nazi. This kind of activity is nothing less than the social rape of a child. It is not a religious issue. It has nothing to do with Jesus, Buddha, or Abraham. It is social experimentation with an innocent child, and a violation of a any sense of common decency. If the three so-called adults want to conduct perverted little activities in their bedroom, that no one's business but their own, but they are purposely trashing the life of a child so they can receive a good book or movie deal. If any of these three sociopaths had a conscience they would let some one else adopt the child. Since they do not, they will certainly be rolling in dough as soon as they get an agent. Pathetic."

In September of 2006, the Agape Press reported the following regarding homosexuality and promiscuity:

“ A survey by The Advocate, a homosexual magazine, revealed that promiscuity is a reality among homosexuals. The poll found that 20 percent of homosexuals said they had had 51-300 different sex partners in their lifetime, with an additional 8 percent having had more than 300.

Unprotected homosexual sex is also a concern among health professionals. A survey in Ireland by the Gay Men's Health Project found that almost half of homosexuals said they were having unprotected sex....

The fact that many homosexuals appear to live their lives in sexual overdrive does not seem to concern leaders in the movement. In an editorial from the same issue (August 15) in which the survey results were published, The Advocate said: "[Homosexuals] have been proud leaders in the sexual revolution that started in the 1960s, and we have rejected attempts by conservatives to demonize that part of who we are."

AND studies report that homosexual couples have significantly higher incidences of violent behavior. For example, a recent study by the Canadian government states that "violence was twice as common among homosexual couples compared with heterosexual couples".

According the American College of Pediatricians who cite several studies, "Violence among homosexual partners is two to three times more common than among married heterosexual couples." In addition, the American College of Pediatricians states the following: "Homosexual partnerships are significantly more prone to dissolution than heterosexual marriages with the average homosexual relationship lasting only two to three years."

In June of 2004, the journal Nursing Clinics of North America reported the following regarding homosexuality and domestic violence:

“Domestic abuse is under-reported in the gay community...Male-on-male same-sex domestic violence also has been reported in couples where one or both persons are HIV-positive. Intimate partner abuse and violence include humilation, threatening to disclose HIV status, withholding HIV therapy, and harming family members or pets.

"I laugh at these people who tell us we're not allowed to "judge" anything because they are liars who ignore the fact that we HAVE to judge things every day, and they are liars who ignore the rest of the scriptures (all over the place in the bible) where we are COMMANDED to judge between right and wrong and to choose the right. Good grief, this is so simple, but there's always someone who only knows how to say "don't judge," but doesn't understand the issue (or their own words) beyond the surface."


using comments from Mormon lawmakers to make it appear tolerable is also sickening. Read the family proclamation if you would like insights on surrogacy:

"...the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife."

I don't admire anyone who would carry a child for another family in this way. The powers of procreation were used in direct contradiction of the ultimate law. I don't know how the universe will play all this out someday, but I do believe there is a truly all-knowing God who is not smiling at all about this situation. True, a child is a blessing, but the circumstances that these selfish adults created to bring a child into are a disservice to the child and society in general.


This development comes on the heels of the Mormon Church's endorsement of "Gay Rights" legislation in Salt Lake City. Many Mormons would rather see a full scale breach with the rest of American Society, its political powers and its commerce rather than any further compromises on these issues that they hold sacred.

God isn't going to condone sodomy, bestiality, lesbian behavior today anymore than He did in Sodom and Gommorah, Rome or Ancient Greece. For those of us in the Mormon Church that hold real "family values", now is the time to make our voices heard.

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