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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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"Truth sets us free.  It also makes enemies and can get real uncomfortable at times.  But my  goal is too expose the infiltration of the illuminati in the Mormon Church.  I was born in Los Angeles California in 1948, and brought up in the Mormon Church.  Everything was fine until my first husband and I moved to (Redacted), Utah, to start up a new business.  We were up till then, as poor as church mice.  The monies received to move and buy into a business came through my father as part of a early inheritance.

We started in a vet supply business, and then with further help from my father who was a scientist and inventor, we invested in injection molding machines and started manufacturing my fathers inventions. Over the years we had 12 children, 6 adopted from India and Thailand.  Life was good until about 1987. That's about the time we became independently wealthy through hard work.

My former husband started a new injection molding plant and asked me to work there part time as a secretary to get it off the ground.  That's when he got "involved" with his young Catholic secretary. Things started going downhill at this point. In entered a Dr. Kim Openshaw Ph.d  from Utah State University who seemed to have a vested interest in our family, where eventually I took this Ph.d before the National Assoc. of Social Workers and had a hearing before a committee of 7 Ph.d's at the Uni. Of Utah. 

He was found guilty on 5 charges.  You see, he had accepted large amounts of money from my former husband, and purchased our half a million dollar home for considerably less...  This was done in the hope that the Dr. would testify against me, discrediting me.  Then my husband could defraud me out of my share of marital assets made over almost 23 years of marriage.

Then one night, the husband came to me with his fist clenched and told me to get out...  The marriage was over.  What I didn't understand that that point is that he had me sign 22 pages weeks before, stating that he was putting all our children in a trust.  Foolishly, I never read the papers, just signed them.  I had no reason to believe my husband of that many years and in 2 bishoprics and other leadership positions in the church, would have anything but good intentions.  But was he did it was proven later, was to falsify the trusts to hide marital assets once he divorced me.

He married his young secretary 3 weeks later, and the next 3 years I spent most of my settlement moneys trying to get from him court ordered monies...  But when all 3 judges were Stake Presidents in the LDS church, I found that the decisions handed down, were all ready made before I entered the court room. 

The payoffs were just beginning.  In 1992 I met with Jerry Spence, attorney from Jackson Hole.  He reviewed my divorce papers, and stated that if  my x was anyplace but in Utah, he would be in prison.  He stated the courts in Utah were the most corrupt... As I witnessed many times...  At one time I had the venue moved to another town and brought a judge from Salt Lake City.  It ended up being a big mistake feeling safe, because the judge wouldn't even open up the papers and review them...  Then afterwards the travesty of justice,I witnessed him  hug the x's attorney who was from the biggest law firm in Salt Lake City and also a Mormon bishop, and give him a token...

I could go on and write a book, but I will just high light a few of the wicked practices of the Mormon church, and their taking care of those that give large donations to them by way of tithes and offerings.

My former husband has been into money laundering, as I was called into the IRS criminal investigation department, falsifying W-2 forms, obtaining a 'gag order' when I found court papers where he divulged assets hidden from me when divorcing his 2nd wife.
He has continued to make lies about me and convinced many in the community, including my immediate family, that I was in a mental institution in California, and the doctors advised against seeing me.

He has threatened friends what would happen it they contacted me, he has paid off huge sums of money to my own mother, and sister hoping they would gather info. against me that he could use in court...  He has tried for 20 years to discredit me to justify to the church and my family that he was ok committing adultery and all types of wickedness.  He had all 12 of my children taken away from me, three were babies at the time...

I have been followed by the FBI, had my phone tapped for years, all the time doing everything to put me over the edge.  When my father was found dead, he called me up and stated that I had killed my father... In December of 1989, I brought over the 21 year old daughter of Mother Teresa's secretary to get some medical schooling @ Utah State University.  He hated her and sent her against immigration laws out of state.  This young girl ended up murdered in a southern California desert after being thrown out of a bus that she was sent on...

I spent 5 days in Cache County Jail  being very ill treated by the deputies,  I went to jail because of a plea bargain, and so I wouldn't have to pay the former husband thousands of dollars that it was claimed I owed him, because our children had to have special psyh. counseling from the before mentioned, Dr. Kim Openshaw.  One of the counselors that counciled 4 of my children, is a adulterous sex counselor.

My children were very damaged by this... I was put in the suicide unit of the jail, having to use the toilet in front of inmates and the jailors...

Then there was the time on a Sunday afternoon taking a nap after church, that I was woken up by Dr. Openshaw, a neighbor, and the x, saying it was time to go.  Go where?  To the hospital.  I was was dragged down a flight of stairs, in view of my children, and taken to the basement of the Logan Reg. Hospital down a dark hallway, and taken to the psych. Unit and placed in a padded cell.  Three days later A new doctor showed up and asked me why I was there, I replied that I had no idea.  He asked did I try and kill myself or anyone else?  Of course the answer was no.  I was immediate released.  These were the tactics that were used to break me down, because of the things I was had witnessed...

Like the time I was called him by my wealthy bishop to his office late one Friday night...  He tried to seduce me and was getting very high on talking about sexual things between his wife and him...  I escaped his advances and things just kept getting more uncomfortable.  He is a wealthy man in Cache Valley, became mission president in Santo Domingo, where another very bad incident happened when he invited my husband and I to come down for a visit and stay in the General Authorities. Quarters.
I could go on forever and at one time time I believed there would be justice, big misconception on my part.  I have seen over and over again how the wealthy elite of the church watch each others backs, and many serious infractions go undisciplined.

One time I knew the owner of Alco Seat Covers in Cache Valley Utah, was bringing Indo-Chinese refugees and sponsoring them, letting them live in his apts. for free, in exchange to sexual favors.  He was doing these things as an acting stake president...  He was eventually excommunicated because of the growing community of young girls coming forth... But he was re-baptized and made assistant scout leader?

This is the tip of the ice berg...  These things are true as can be.  I was asked at one point to write a chapter in a book... I was then living among the gadiantons and knew I would have to watch my back. At this point in time, most of my children are learning the truth and having their eyes opened up, especially since their father is on his 5th wife.  I received yet another standard letter from his one time bishop who asked how I felt about a sealing clearance so he could be sealed to another wife?  (This isn't even his current bishop!)  Was he current with the financial in relationship to the divorce?  Well, the last bishop in North Logan sent me the same letter, and he wasn't happy with all the court documents proving hidden assets, and a letter from our long time accountant in who divulged all the wrong doing.  Was there any church discipline?  No. He was rewarded instead by being made a temple worker, scanning the temple recommends.
One more things that is kind of humorous, a stake president called me after a lengthy investigation into his activities, and said to me, yes he did admit to everything you accused him of,  even sleeping with his secretary.  But we wanted you to know he didn't have sexual intercourse!   That was back in 1993.

Well, needless to say, I don't attend church, in fact I am no longer a member... I had to move out of state where I felt safer and relocated to the beautiful mountains where the church isn't prevelant.  I also know that I am not alone...   Sorry this info is a little scratchy, and disconnected, it is very hard for me to relive some of these things,  I can document everything I have written down."

(Name Redacted)

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