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Exclusive! Mormon Sex Slave Revelations: Part 2
Author and "Sarah" at 6 Years Old
( In Part 1, Rachel reveals how she was tortured and raped at the tender age of 3, by a Mormon Patriarch who also served as the family doctor. She also explains how she was severely beaten and traumatized by her mother, who was also under the care, and heavily medicated, by the same Church Leader.

Rachel's story follows the Illuminati- Satanic Psychopathic model for creating a programmed multiple to serve the sexual depravities of the organization's elite.

1. She was victimized by extreme emotional and physical trauma to force her to "dissassociate" and to create the separations of the mind required to create the programmed multiples that will do their master's bidding. I believe these are actual evil spirits that enter the victim's body during the Satanic Ritual Abuse.

2. Her mother also seems to have been programmed by the same "handler". In this case, the Mormon Patriarch/family doctor.
This is consistent with multi-generational, Satanic Ritual Abuse which relies on the ability to "dissassociate" as a family genetic trait.

3. The parents failed to report the abuse, and were apparently financially rewarded for the use of their daughter for sexual abuse by others in the organization. In essence, prostituting their daughter for filthy lucre.

In Part 2, Rachel explains the impact this had on her life and how the Mormon Illuminati were able to continue to use her as a sex slave by accessing her programming for their depraved purposes.)

"I continued to be best friends with Sara until Junior High when we both went to separate schools and started to see other friends. When I was 13, my parents had me go visit my cousin in Phoenix who was married and had four young children. Her husband Eddie was very good looking and very popular with the kids in the ward. I think he was involved with the Young Men as one of their leaders. They had me sleep in their daughterís room and she slept in her brotherís room. Eddie came in and molested me every night of that week. This was done when I was fully conscious and contributed to my feelings of shame and blame, and that I was a bad person. I have now come to know that he also raped me. This was not the first nor the last time for Eddie to be involved with little girls. They say that for every victim that comes forward, there could be as many as 40 that donít report it.

Just a few years ago, I received a phone call from my cousin who was in the midst of divorcing Eddie. Apparently he was molesting his step granddaughter and was turned into the police. She had remembered the interest that Eddie had taken in me when I was 13 and asked if anything had happened to me. I told her what happened. The police called me and I told them my story. They said that since so much time had passed, there was nothing they could do with my story. Amazingly enough, my cousin was told by her bishop that she should forgive Eddie and not divorce him. No church court was held on him and he is still welcome in the church and holds a temple recommend."

(Note: the above is consistent with others that have reported sexual abuse to Mormon Church Leaders, who also belong to the Illuminati. They demand that the victims "forgive" the evil perpetrator and even remain in the abusive environment, thus exposing them and their children to future abuse. The Illuminati have also infiltrated law enforcement, politics and other community organizations.)

"One night when I was 15, I somehow acquired a pint of Southern Comfort liquor. I donít know how or where I got it from, I just remember taking a walk around my neighborhood and drinking it straight on my own. My parents had gone out for the evening with the Clarktons. This is the first time I remember drinking liquor and donít even know why I did. The worst part of it is that I blacked out and donít remember what happened after that. I just remember waking up in my bed the next morning and was sick with the worst hangover for two days. 

At 16, I started smoking pot and drinking regularly and having sex with anyone who would have me. This was certainly not normal behavior for a girl born and raised in the LDS church. All I knew was that I was a bad person who was going to hell anyway so it didnít matter anymore what I did. My junior and senior years in high school revolved around how many drugs I could smoke, take or snort, how much alcohol I could drink and who I was going to have sex with next. I dropped acid (LSD) about two to three times a week during my senior year. I regularly fantasized about suicide and how I wish I had the guts to do it. But there is one overriding theme about my entire life; I have always had an internal light/flame that would burn deep within that kept me going. I didnít know it at the time, but know now that it was the light of Jesus Christ who knew who I was and what I was going through. He helped me get through so much.

(Note: the use of drugs and alcohol to sedate the victim and suppress the severe trauma  that results from physical and sexual abuse is well documented by other SRA survivors.  This is another reason why the Opium fields in Afghanistan are so important to the Satanic Psychopaths.

Sadly, those that society calls "sluts" have often been victimized by sexual abuse from early childhood. The ability to provide sexual gratification is what defines their self-worth and is all that defines them in the Illuminati organization.)

Right before I was about to graduate, I found out I was pregnant. Of course, Dr. Clarkton was there actively involved in the pregnancy test and counseling my parents. He played an active, continual role in every aspect of my life. I looked up to him and always felt like there was a strange spiritual connection with him. I thought of him as a god because he always took special interest in me. He told my parents that I should get involved with the churchís unwed mothers program. I didnít walk in my graduation, I didnít care about anything anymore. 

A few days later I was sent to Phoenix to live with a ďgood Mormon coupleĒ who took in unwed mothers (in the LDS Churchís Unwed Motherís Program). Iíll never forget the counselors in that program making me feel like such a piece of trash because I couldnít tell them who the father was. I didnít know!!! They made me come up with a name of someone because it was so important that they get a release signed for the baby. They wouldnít leave me alone until I came up with a name. They didnít care if it was really the father or not. I feel very bad for the person I named. Donít know what happened to him. It didnít matter anyway because I ended up having a miscarriage.

(It is typical for sex slaves to feel a spiritual attachment to their handlers (Dr. Clarkton). This is encouraged during their programming and creates the loyalty outsiders will never understand. The handling of Rachel by the counselors in the Mormon unwed mother program reinforced the dehumanizing process experienced by SRA victims.

The fact that this was the course recommended by Rachel's Illuminati handler is very enlightening. For some reason, he did not fear exposure from these particular "counselors". This makes it easy to conclude that they were part of the Mormon Illuminati, and were there to reinforce the programming through guilt and shame.)

Conclusion: The Mormon Illuminati do not fear exposure or punishment for their crimes from either the Mormon Church, or the communities in which they reside. They have infiltrated every decent organization and will continue to perpetrate their crimes as long as the targeted communities remain in a "State of Denial", or defend them because of their vast wealth and/or contributions to the organization.

The Book of Mormon warns of what happens when the people let these scum get above them. The judgments of God being poured out on the heads of the perps and their dupes are the only hope that these severely traumatized victims have.  The increase in natural disasters, wars, famine and disease may look like random events to the man or woman who judges after the eyes. To the victims of the Satanic Psychopaths, these disasters provide them with the only hope that God is overthrowing their eternal enemies.

I feel it is reasonable to conclude that when mankind neglects its duties to the weak and innocent, because of money and reward, they become targets of that same Divine Justice that will be used to wipe the Satanic Psychopaths off from the face of this land. So, defend these perps at your own peril. Or, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the line when this earth is cleansed from all of its abominations.

More of Rachel's Experiences in the Next Article.

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