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George Bush Shares Masonic Handshake of "Full Fellowship" with LDS Church President, Thomas Monson
In the late 1950s, 60s and even early 1970s, Ezra Taft Benson and Cleon Skousen led the anti-Communist crusades within the Mormon Church.

"Skousen spoke of billionaire banker David Rockefeller as being one of the most powerful men in the world. Skousen criticized Rockefeller for praising Mao Zedong in a 1973 New York Times article, in which he stated that the communist leader was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century.[27]  Later Skousen claimed that the Rockefellers and Wall Street had conspired to elect Jimmy Carter president.[13]  Skousen was also known as a strong supporter of law and order and believed that local police departments were being undermined in order to promote a national police state." (Source)

In the late 1970s, Skousen became "persona non-grata":

"While the LDS had been extremely supportive of Skousen in the 1960s and early 1970s, by 1979, the First Presidency sought to distance itself from the controversial writer and Brigham Young University professor. It issued a letter against promoting Skousen in LDS wards and temples, stating: “This instruction is not intended to express any disapproval of the right of the Freemen Institute and its lecturers to conduct such meetings or of the contents of the lectures. The only purpose is to make certain that neither Church facilities nor Church meetings are used to advertise such events and to avoid any implication that the Church endorses what is said during such lectures.” (Ibid)

There are those that feel that this all resulted from a fraudulent Florida land deal that placed the Church in financial bondage to the Rockefellers and later, the Rothschilds. the Book of Mormon warns about "Secret Combinations", with their secret signs, tokens and murderous agenda. Many within the Latter-Day Saints believe that these Secret Combinations brought about 911.

One such individual was Professor Steven Jones at Brigham Young University.

"Prof. Jones cites a particularly excellent synopsis article by Joe Firmage about 42 facts of significance and how they are incompatible with the official story, including Cheney's early 2001 assignment over counter-terrorism and war games, and the disappearance of Cheney for weeks. Regarding Cheney's assignment over counter-terrorism and war games, Firmage concludes: "This position would afford Cheney the total legal authority to manage a 9/11-type situation as it unfolded. As it turned out, he would need such power and appeared very comfortable exercising it." And regarding his disappearance for weeks following 911, Firmage concludes: "If we accept, solely for the sake of discussion, that one of the complicity theories is true, then Cheney was almost certainly the key leader of the operation. It would be several weeks before he would have felt sufficiently informed of the aftershocks and information tributaries from 9/11 to come back into administrative routine."

You can see why "Impeach Cheney First" became the slogan adopted in 2006 as the primary action item. The other major points were his lying to get the U.S. to go to war with Iraq and his denying then admitting to torture being used against detainees in Guantanamo, against the Geneva Convention. They pointed to the Vice President as being the most clear example of a government insider who acted contrary to Constitutional principles." (Source)

It appears that this one action item by the 911 Truth Movement, "Impeach Cheney First", is what forced Dr. Jones from his position at Brigham Young University.

Beginning in February of 2006, as Professor Jones went around the country lecturing on the facts regarding the 911 attacks, he would routinely urge people to participate in garnering support for the action item to "Impeach Cheney First." This was the decided upon action item by many in the 911 Truth movement. Significant momentum was beginning to build to this end.

Then in September of that year, Prof. Jones was pulled into a meeting with the College Dean (Wooley) and Chairman (Sommerfeldt) of the Physics Department at Brigham Young University.  They asked him to stop talking about Cheney or Bush, and any mention of impeachment

Though he complied with this request, still under pressure surrounding the controversy of his stance on the facts of 911, on Oct. 20, 2006, Prof. Jones announced his retirement from BYU, under duress. (Ibid)

And then, much to the chagrin of Mormons involved in the 911 Truth movement, none other than Dick Cheney was permitted to be the 2007 BYU commencement speaker, and received an honorary doctorate from the University as well. Even more startling:

"Not only did BYU honor President Cheney in that commencement event, but one  speaker sung the praises of Mayer Amschel Rothschild who founded the House of Rothschild. Speaking about the accomplishments of this man and his family was the primary message of his address, offering it as a worthy example for emulation to the graduating students.  The name Rothschild is synonymous with conspiracy to those who have done any studying of such elements." (Ibid)

The Rothschilds had purportedly paid off a $500 million lien against the Church from its acquisition of worthless Florida swampland in the 1960s.

On January 12, 2010,  BYU hosted  Zbigniew Brzezinski as a featured speaker, another name synonymous with conspiracy to those who are awake.

Both Brzezinski and Cheney are former heads of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) , which the late LDS President Ezra Taft Benson pinpointed as a primary organization involved in conspiring to destroy the freedoms vouchsafed in the Constitution of the United States.  Now BYU is honoring them, thus further silencing the dissent of the faithful who are supposed to be serving as a light to the world.

On this coming March 25, Prof. Jones' birthday, another CFR member, General Petraeus will be the guest speaker at BYU.  As an insider, he has been suggested as a Republican candidate for President for 2012.

For those Mormons that believe 911 was an inside job, conducted by "Secret Combinations" with the Rothschild family at the head, these actions on the part of Brigham Young University came as a crushing blow to their belief that the Church would help expose the truth, not suppress it.

Still others feel that the Church has been co-opted by the Globalists through financial donations and political favoritism. For these individuals, the rise of Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, Orrin Hatch and other Mormons within the Rothschild controlled establishment, are just another sign of a major sell-out to the Conspiracy.

There are many prophecies of a coming division within the Church, between those that have joined the Secret Combinations and the Mormon Patriots that oppose them. Such divisions are not new. In fact, the Book of Mormon is a perfect record of how these things will occur when we permit "Secret combinations to get above us."

I believe that the coming Financial collapse, which will hurt the parasites as much as their host, will lead to more cries from these Gadianton Mormons to submit to the Agenda of the Satanic Psychopaths. An agenda that includes taking upon oneself the number 666, the Mark of the Beast. Only those that don't live on borrowed light, and that have the fires of Patriotism burning in their souls, will refuse.

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