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Mormon Church Settles with Sex-Abuse Victim
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The Boy Scouts of America has been a positive experience for millions of young men looking to improve themselves through measured achievement and a variety of skills. I personally believe that the organization has done quite a bit of good over the years, for quite a few reasons. "Be Prepared", the Scout Motto, really should be the motto of every American citizen. It ties in with Self-Reliance, Freedom and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights..

In my personal view, all organizations have become corrupted by the Satanic Psychopaths and their unlimited ill-gotten wealth. Yet, I also believe that most organizations have their fair share of good and honest men and women. Its like two rivers running side by side. One river provides clear, pure spring water. The other one is toxic. I also believe that ultimately, these rivers will part ways. When the day comes that the wicked cast out the righteous from their Churches and other organizations, God's judgments will follow shortly thereafter.

Most people drink from both rivers without realizing it. Eventually, they will have to choose one over the other. That choice is always based on what the individual truly wants from this life. Wicked men lust after power, wealth and perverted or forbidden sexual pleasure. They view human beings as objects that exist in the present for their exploitation and corrupt manners. Good men see their fellow beings as they see themselves, navigating a treacherous journey that we call life. The goal of the wicked is to debase and destroy their fellow beings. The goal of the righteous is to elevate mankind.

Scouting can do either. It all depends on the motives and intent of the local leadership. Case in point:

"PORTLAND, Ore. A Scouts leader in Portland, Oregon, subjected a boy to hundreds of instances of fondling, sodomy, oral sex and masturbation in the 1980s, even though Scout and Mormon Church leaders had been warned for years that the man was an abuser, a suit filed Tuesday alleges.

In all, the suit says, there were 14 reports of sexual abuse or inappropriate behaviour on the part of the man before the boy joined a Cub Scout den in 1981.

The suit seeking $5.2 million from the Scouts was filed by Portland lawyers Kelly Clark and Paul Mones, who won a major abuse suit against the Scouts last year and have continued to file similar suits.

The victim, Clark said, is a member of the armed forces, in his mid-30s who is "emotionally shut down" and trying to come to terms with the abuse, Clark said. He has a history of troubles with relationships and authorities, Clark said.

The abuse lasted eight years, according to the suit. The victim's brother was also abused, the suit said. Clark said at a press conference that "the other family member" was healing emotionally and didn't sue, Clark said.

Clark said church leaders who sponsored Scout troops were warned as early as 1967, in California, when the perpetrator, identified in the suit as James Hogan, was reported by parents to have fondled their son and showered naked with Scouts.

The reports continued after Hogan moved to Portland that year, the suit said. In 1975, it said, Hogan told a bishop in the church "that he had pedophilic attractions which he could not control."

"I can't think of a case where there was so much notice of a man's dangerousness," Clark said at a news conference.

I personally wouldn't trust anyone to be alone with children or young teenagers. Neither does the Boy Scouts. In fact they now have written policies against leaving any adult alone with a child. (Source) Two-deep leadership, no one-on-one contact, separate accomodations etc. are all now in place. In the Mormon Church, FBI background checks are also conducted on potential youth leaders. Yet, the policies are only as good as the people they are directed at.

Where those policies are not taught or enforced, you can expect more victims. Also, current policies are directed at adult leadership. Youth leaders can also be pedophiles. Older Scouts with younger Scouts can be a recipe for disaster as well, if the two-deep leadership rule is not enforced. Activities that involve older scouts with younger scouts should be closely monitored for bullying, hazing or other inappropriate activities.

In the Mormon Church, members need to abandon the blind obedience principle for the safety of their children. They should not permit their children to be alone with any leader, in any situation. Most people wouldn't leave their money alone with someone. Children are much more valuable than money. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Always insist on being present for interviews between your child and Church leaders.

2. Insist on being present for parties or other activities or have one of your older children attend. In the book, "Paper dolls", little children were abused by the Satanists at so called "parties".

3. Insist that all Sunday School classes have two adults present. Same with Seminary. In American Fork, Utah, a seminary principal was just sent to the clink for having sexual relations with a student. This would have never happened if the perp. had another adult present while interviewing the young adult.

4. Report anyone that does not want to follow these guidelines to higher leadership. They are more than reasonable. Do it in writing and send it registered mail with a signature requirement. Keep a copy for your files. If you are harassed, send it to Salt Lake City with a report of the harassment. If they don't take any action then you can draw your own conclusions about what your next step should be.

5. Mormons need to realize that their children's safety what matters most. If your child is in an unsafe environment, remove them without apologies. Your loyalty to them comes first. If your family is being harassed by those with authority, and you have reported it with no action in your favor, remove yourself.

6. In the end, the corruption of any organization depends on your willingness to ignore it. Don't ignore it. If a crime has been committed, file a police report. I have no qualms with taking Civil Action against a perpetrator as well, or the organization that enables such an individual.  For those that value money above people, it is often prudent to hit them where it hurts.

7. Send your complaints to me as well (pdrockton@aol.com). Good journalism often succeeds where other attempts have failed.

8. God is the last resort. Ask Him to intervene as well.

9. Pedophiles are repeat offenders and can rarely be reformed. Forgiving and Forgetting is a crime when the individual is a repeat offender or likely to hurt someone alse in the future. Failure to act can result in you losing your assets or being named as an accomplice to the crime. Don't let anyone talk you out of taking action.