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Mormon Illuminati/Paypal Steal $5200 from Patriot?!?!

The problem with evil-doers is that they don't know when to quite. They rob us with their Hedge Funds, Put Options and Derivatives Transactions. They steal our pensions, our homes and even our children. Evil people do this because they want a monopoly on power. They despise Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech because it robs them of their right to be evil.

Today, they stole $5200.00 from me. All it took was an email, and now it is gone. I have a Paypal Account, which I used for personal and business transactions. I have had the account for years and years without any issues. I guess my last articles about Romney, Huntsman, Marriott, Eccles and the other Mormon Illuminati must of hurt them pretty bad in Utah, where I have a huge following. After numerous murder attempts, financial assaults, harassment from Utah attorneys and politicians, etc., I figured they had just given up. I guess I was wrong.

Paypal sent me an email that said that I had been randomnly selected for a credit review. Now, Paypal does not require a credit score to open an account, nor do they state in their contract that credit is an issue in keeping an account open. I haven't used credit for almost a decade. No credit cards, nada. Due to the previous efforts waged by my enemies through fraud and felonious behavior, my credit was ruined. I never thought of it as a big loss.

So, after being randomnly selected for a Credit Audit (following a few articles on Romney et al.) they simply closed my account, permanently. They stole my money, all my money, just like that. I received another email stating that it was because of my credit. I called Paypal and was initially told that it was because of my credit. I told the Rep. that Paypal's Contract doesn't require good credit to open or maintain an account. I also told him that my radio listeners and article readers would not be happy to learn that Paypal can steal your money on false pretenses, just like that. Then he played the "Patriot Act" card.

Translation: I am a political target according to the Paypal representative I spoke with. Such honesty is truly refreshing. Its always good to know that a man who espouses true Mormon and Christian Principals, and defends the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is considered a political dissident.

I am not sure which article did me in. Maybe you can help me (Article List). I do think that it is more than a little odd that this comes the day after I criticize the Mormon owned Newspaper for catering to the Romneyites at the expense of the US Constitution. Or, after I linked the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney to Clear Channel Communications. In my "Heart of hearts", I think this paragraph might have did me in.

"The Romney effect on Mormonism can be likened to the Constantine effect on early Christianity. Both saw religion as a political tool and both ended up destroying the very faith they purported to confess. Romney seeks to make Mormonism acceptable to the masses so that he can govern over them. Constantine did the same thing to early Christianity." (Source)

After they stole my money, I decided to do a little research on the Ebay-Mormon-Romney connection. I found this:

On Monday, former EBay CEO Meg Whitman, the one-time Mitt Romney supporter who was also on John McCain’s list of possible vice presidential candidates before he chose Sarah Palin, gave her first interview since she announced last week that she is running for California governor.

So, Romney had the motive, the means and the connections to make this happen. We will call him our chief "Person of Interest". The measure of a man is how he treats those that oppose him. I was kind of getting tired of beating up on the Mormon Illuminati, this latest outrage kind of stokes the old fire in the belly. I intend to give Paypal, Ebay and the Romneyites their $5200 worth in my future articles.

I also recommend that you drop Paypal and find another Auction site besides Ebay, or they could do to you what they just did to me. Who knows what will motivate them to steal all of your money. Heck, maybe they don't need a reason at all. Maybe, they are just looking for an excuse.

An impoverished people, without the means to resist, is fair game for the Satanic Psychopaths in this world.

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