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Why Do Mormon Leaders Want Illegal Citizens?
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The Aztlan movement is a very real attempt to wrest Utah, California and other Southwestern States from the Union and unite them with Mexico. The movement relies on illegal Mexican immigrants settling in the United States. It will also rely on a very thuggish and bloody revolution to achieve its ends once the Mexican population in these areas reaches critical mass.

Aztlan prospers because it ties in with the Satanic Psychopathic goal of dismembering the United States, destroying the Constitution and then merging the new dis-union into the Luciferian one-world Order. It only seems logical that anyone professing an affinity to the Spirit of God would be opposed to such an agenda. Denial and obfuscation not withstanding. Yet, it appears that the current Mormon Leadership is not only aiding and abetting the Aztlan movement to their country's detriment. They are also ignoring their own doctrinal mandates to uphold the Constitution, Bill of Rights and "Laws of the Land".

Here are a few examples:

1. The Utah Compact was formed with the consent of the Church and signed by Mormon Church Leader Melvin Ballard. The "Compact" forbids local law enforcement from detaining illegals and turning them over to INS when they commit a crime.

2. The Mormon owned Deseret News editorialized that illegal immigrants in the state should be granted full driving privileges, including a driver's license. (Source) "The state's driver license division reports that almost 42,000 undocumented immigrants and about 700 legal noncitizen residents hold privilege cards". (Ibid)

3. The Mormon Newspaper continues to thwart any real efforts at enforcement of the laws of the land. Take editor John Flores, a so-called Hispanic Activist's frequent diatribes against Utah politicians that seek to fix the problem by replicating the Arizona Statute that mandates police officers detain illegal immigrants, arrested for a crime, and turn them over to INS.

"In today's hard times, the blame goes to minorities and immigrants who are here illegally. Utah politicians use these groups to stir resentment among us by saying minorities and illegal immigrants cause crime, take jobs, use public resources and violate the rule of law." (Source)

This website reported that the Mormon Church became indebted to the Rothschild family after a major Florida Real-Estate transaction went South and the Church was facing bankruptcy. To this date, there has been no official response from the Church, denying any of the numerous damaging allegations reported and documented by this journalist. This, in-spite of the fact that this site, and my radio program, are one of the most popular news sources for Mormons around the globe.

In fact, this journalist was once targeted by Church leadership for excommunication. Yet, my local Bishop and Stake President resisted and declined to take any action, based on the fact that my articles are very well sourced and documented. They viewed it as an attack on my rights as a journalist and the Constitutional Rights of a Free Press.

I consider myself the number one "Defender of the Mormon Faith" on the planet at this time. Exposing hypocrisy, under-handed dealings, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the Luciferian Agenda by those who call themselves Mormon will prove to be far more beneficial to the Church's future than apologizing for the miscreants and justifying their evil deeds.

I have also claimed the privilege of representing God in these matters, a claim that is supported by the numerous attempts on my life, family, health and well-being by the Mormon Satanic Psychopaths that seem to have such an enormous influence within the Church. My exposure of Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Bill Marriott, Spencer Eccles and a host of others that support the Luciferian agenda, has placed me in a position that only a Just God could sustain.

On Friday, after rigororous prayer, I was told to curse the Mormon Satanic Psychopaths in the name of Jesus Christ. I was also told that their misery would only continue to increase until they met the conditions that God told me to present to them. This past weekend, there were three earthquakes felt by the residents of Utah County.

I was told that the judgments on the heads of the Mormon Illuminati will only continue to increase in severity and frequency, like the plagues of Egypt, until they complied with the demands in full. The people of Utah, and the Mormon Church, which I still believe to be the Church of God, have now been officially notified of these recent events, that they might know that there yet remains a true prophet in the land that will not compromise with the Satanists and other enemies of God.

A prophet that upholds the God-given Constitution and the Bill of Rights. A prophet that truly represents the poor and down-trodden against the proud and haughty. A prophet that has placed his own life on the line repeatedly to protect their rights and privileges. A prophet that seeks not the "praise of the world", but the praise of his God.