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Mormon Cyanide Murder and Disposable Illegal Immigrants
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On the Rense Radio Network
Utah Governor Scott Matheson
Utah has about 440,000 illegal immigrants. That's out of an estimated 2.7 million state inhabitants. This website has demonstrated that illegal immigration is not a boon for anyone, except those unethical corporations that exploit the cheap labor provided by those that are in the United States illegally.

This fact is known by the leaders of the Mormon Church, who endorsed and lobbied for the so called "Utah Compact with Illegal Immigrants". The Compact mandates that local law enforcement not enforce Federal immigration laws, so that those who are iin this country illegally can continue to be exploited by their Illuminati overlords.

Case in point:

"Film Recovery Systems (FRS) used massive amounts of cyanide in a process to recover silver from old film. The cyanide was not stored safely. The employees, mostly illegal aliens, didn't know what chemicals they were working with, nor were they taught how to safely handle the chemicals they used. Employees removed handfuls of cyanide, sometimes without wearing gloves, from large vats, and they breathed noxious fumes every day. From time to time during each work-day employees would run outside to vomit, a result of the cyanide they'd inhaled, and then go back to work.

FRS illegally stored cyanide contaminated plastic refuse in bags and containers in numerous locations throughout Elk Grove Village. Several other Elk Grove Village silver recovery companies also used cyanide carelessly and illegally stored cyanide contaminated refuse throughout the area.

In 1983 FRS closed and filed for bankruptcy shortly after an employee died from breathing noxious cyanide fumes. Attorney General Neil Hartigan filed murder charges against five FRS executives and accused the company of illegally dumping 15,000 tons of cyanide waste." (Source)

FRS was owned by a prominant Mormon named Michael MacKay, of Utah. The illegal immigrant who died was from Poland, perhaps one of many that convert to Mormonism overseas and then are encouraged to migrate to the United States for a "good job" and an opportunity to live the American dream.

Unethical Mormon businessmen prey on these ignorant individuals.

"In October 1983, four officials of a Chicago, Illinois company that recovered silver from used photographic and x-ray film were indicted for murder in connection with the poisoning death of a worker. The company, Film Recovery Systems, Inc., was charged with involuntary manslaughter. In February 1983, Stephan Golab, a 61-year-old Polish immigrant collapsed and died near an open vat of cyanide at the now bankrupt Film Recovery plant. Richard M. Daley, Jr., the chief prosecutor in the case, described the plant as "a huge gas chamber."

...  The indictments charge that Film Recovery used drums of lethal chemicals with burned-off warning labels. The skull--and--crossbones poison symbols had been obscured. "Our investigation found that Film Recovery Systems primarily recruited undocumented workers, relying on the fact that they could not understand English and also were afraid that their illegal status would be exposed," prosecutor Daley charged. "Because of these circumstances, the firm and its officers believed that the employees would not complain about the lethal working conditions."

.... Film Recovery is accused of illegally storing and disposing of 8,000 tons of chipped X-ray film treated with cyanide to recover silver. The chips could contaminate water or release deadly fumes, according to Illinois officials.

Apparently the company also shipped used vats of cyanide throughout the Chicago area. Dumping them in in vacant lots and empty buildings throughout the Chicago area (Ibid). Today this would be called the work of terrorists using "weapons of mass destruction". (Source)

"The health effects from high levels of cyanide exposure can begin in seconds to minutes. Some signs and symptoms of such exposures are:

    * Weakness and confusion
    * Headache
    * Nausea/feeling "sick to your stomach"
    * Gasping for air and difficulty breathing
    * Loss of consciousness/"passing out"
    * Seizures
    * Cardiac arrest (Source)

Following the murder indictments, the Government of Illinois tried to extradite Michael MacKay from the State of Utah.

"In January 1984, a Montana judge ordered extradition of Film Recovery Systems owner Steven O'Neil to face a murder charge for the job-related death of the Elk Grove Village factory worker.  The judge's decision came nine days after Utah Governor, Scott Matheson blocked extradition of co-owner Michael MacKay on the same charge, saying MacKay was too valuable to his home state and probably would not receive a fair trial in Illinois. District Court Judge Joseph Gary, who was critical of Matheson's ruling, gave O'Neil 30 days to turn himself over to Illinois authorities.

Matheson, in a memorandum on his decision, said he refused extradition primarily because "Utah's interest in retaining Mr. MacKay outweighs Illinois's interest in this extradition."

In June 1985 the president and two other officials of Film Recovery Systems were found guilty of murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison for the death of a Stefan Golab, an undocumented Polish immigrant.  Judge Ronald Banks found that the officials knew the dangers of cyanide, but did not protect workers from it. He said that Golab's death "was no accident, but murder," and compared the work situation to leaving a time bomb to explode in a public place. (Source)

How shielding an individual who reportedly sent illegal immigrants to their death, and also reportedly placed over 8,000 tons of deadly cyanide throughout the poorer neighborhoods in the Chicago area, is in Utah's best interests is a question worthy of more investigation.

Common sense would seem to dictate that there were other prominent Utah Mormons involved in this case that did not want their names exposed in open Court. Mormons so poweful that, to this day, Michael MacKay still resides unmolested in his Salt Lake City residence. Free from ever facing the consequences for the death of one poor Polish illegal immigrant looking forward to living the American Dream. Free from ever facing the consequences of placing 8,000 tons of deadly, water soluble cyanide throughout the poorer neighborhoods of Chicago.

The Federal Government also failed to pursue any action against Michael MacKay. Perhaps a testimony to further testimony to the powers exercised by the Mormon Illuminati.

Mitt Romney will probably promise to get tough on illegal immigration, but his record is a whole different story:

"Mitt Romney casts himself as tough on illegal immigration in a new ad in which he says that, as Massachusetts governor, "I authorized the State Police to enforce immigration laws." He doesn't mention that his order never took effect. It came in the closing days of his administration and was rescinded by his successor, as we wrote back in August.

He also promises, "As president, I'll . . . cut funding for sanctuary cities." Maybe so, but as governor he took no action against several such towns in his state....

During his tenure, at least four Massachusetts cities enacted or renewed legislation declaring themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. Brookline and Cambridge reaffirmed their longtime status as sanctuary cities in so many words. Somerville and Orleans  didn't officially deem themselves "sanctuaries," but Somerville affirmed its "long-standing policies in support of all immigrants," while Orleans forbade city officials from turning in illegal immigrants without probable cause." (Source)

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