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From Facebook:

Revelation to Orson Hyde, member of the Quorum of the Twelve, received at Nauvoo, Illinois, on 14 March 1846
In my meditations, this morning, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was moved to write: and being grieved in my spirit on account of false pretences [pretenses] by evil designing persons to gain power, and lead away the flock of God; It whispered me and said:

Evil men, ambitious of power, must needs arise among you, and they shall be led by their own self-will and not by me. Yet they are instruments in my hands, and are permitted to try my people, and to collect from among them those who are not the elect, and such as are unworthy of eternal life. Grieve not after them, neither mourn nor be alarmed. My people know my voice and also the voice of my spirit, and a stranger they will not follow, therefore such as follow strangers are not my people. Behold James J. Strang hath cursed my people by his own spirit and not by mine.

Never at any time have I appointed that wicked man to lead my people, neither by my own voice, nor by the voice of my servant Joseph Smith, neither by the voice of mine angel: but he hath sought to deceive and Satan helpeth him; but before of old was he one that was ordained to gather the tares of the field, and mine angels have chosen him to do it because he was a wicked man, even as Judas was chosen to betray his Lord.

But his spirit and ambition shall soon fail him, and then shall he be called to judgment and receive that portion which is his mete, and his treacherous followers, who have forsaken the counsel of their brethren and turned from the covenants of their God, and have cast asunder the tenderest ties, must drink from a bitter cup. (Source)


Byron wrote: "Didn't Jesus Christ choose Judas Iscariot? We either place our faith in men and the organization, which is not a sure foundation and can shake with any kind of news that doesn't "seem right" or we place out faith and hope in Jesus Christ, who is the sure foundation (hel. 5:12). Stop doubting with every kind of logic and finite thought!"

Homeland Security wants to get to know you. In fact, they want to know every possible detail about you, your employment history, beliefs in God, organizational affiliations, political leanings etc. They plan on storing all of this information in the new Utah Data facility being built for keeping records on every American citizen. Used to be, Congressional investigations followed and Impeachment hearings were inititiated over simple FBI files gathered on political dissidents (think Daniel Ellsberg). Now, we are all political dissidents.

What makes all of us political dissidents is our unhappiness with the economy, unemployment, military aggression, TARP, the Federal Reserve, derivatives, foreclosures, higher taxes, etc.

Realizing that they can hide behind people we trust to gather their intel, Homeland Security launched their Faith-Based Initiatives Program. Here are the bullet points:

    * Develop policy and protocols for the engagement of faith-based and community organizations in Departmental initiatives;

    * Develop and coordinate Departmental outreach efforts to disseminate information more effectively to faith-based and community organizations with respect to programs, contracting opportunities, and other agency initiatives;

    * Provide opportunities for unaffiliated faith-based and community organizations to formally engage in emergency preparedness, response and recovery activities by building strategic relationships with voluntary organizations active in disasters and with state and local emergency management professionals;

    * Co-sponsor joint training efforts with the Department and other local, state and federal government entities to build the capacity of faith-based and community organizations to engage in Department-related efforts.

The Nazis found that men of the cloth based the best collaberators. They could be relied on to spy on their congregations and report any un-Nazi like activities. This would be considered an extreme breach of confidence by those the German Clergy took into their confidence, but, it is highly unlikely that the cowards ever told their congregation that they were under the NAZI thumb.

Undoubtedly these weasels rationalized that they were doing what needed to be done to "save" their flocks from the NAZI wolves. However, if they had done their job in the first place, and resisted the Nazi evil, think of all the misery and evil they could have prevented. Adolf Hitler came into power because the German Clergy permitted it.

This past Sunday, from what I understand from various reports, the Mormon Church introduced three outsiders from the University of Pennsylvania to their congregations in various locales. The men were there to gather 13 pages of data on the individuals that were at Church to worship God and denounce Satanic Psychopathic schemes like the coming New World Order. Now some might conclude that words are cheap. Such a conclusion fails to place a true value on a detailed survey that would undoubtedly end up in the hands of our modern Nazis and their Police State.

I quote from an anonymous correspondent:

"In (Mormon Church Services) we were told there would be a survey given out, therefore the class would be cut short, allowing us time to fill out the questionnaire.

Shortly the Bishop introduced three men." Ram Cnaan" from Israel,"David Curtis", and "Van Evans" the latter two, from the University of Pennsylvania.-- This was to be a pilot survey, the 1st of it's kind, developed by the School of Social Policy & Practice/ Research on Investigative Volunteerism, at the University of Pennsylvania.

This was to be volunteer survey--- had been authorized by the church, Pres Monson, &  Also, "The Public Affairs Council of the L.D.S. church". ( however, I could see clearly we were expected to answer all questions and complete the survey)  Also, M. Russell Ballard had added his name near the top of second page, encouraging all members to answer questions.

I must add here,,,---- I did not have time to write everything on the small piece of paper I had, only the pertinent highlights , since there were 13 full pages, 8x11,  to be completed. Two Stakes In Maryland, two Stakes in California, two Stakes in Utah, two Stakes in Philadelphia, would be partcipating. I thought it interesting how eight stakes only, from various parts of the country, would have been chosen. ( I have my own ideas about that)

As I scanned the questions page upon page, these were all deep, serious, personal, penetrating, prying, questions,, I felt no one should be asking unless it was to pick out the very deepest thoughts, experiences of individuals, only God should know in some of these questions.( and answered)

In my Stake, nine wards I believe, which would be approx. 2600-2700 adults were eagerly filling out the lengthy questionnaire throughout the morning as I walked the hall passing several rooms, to another class. It was in appearance,, robots had had their buttons pushed and they could only comply. (sorry)

1. Beginning questions--- married? single? widow? etc. Harmless enough.
(b) education--- school level? length of time? degree? specialty? B.S.?  P.H.D.? etc.
(c) age--- 20-30, 40-50, 60-70?
(d) mission for the church? what kind of mission? where served, length of time, etc.
(e) jobs to be listed, held in the church in past years, jobs now held, jobs you would like to be doing in the future?
(f) ever been a bishop, stake pres, leadership of all kinds to be listed.

2.employment or experience skills,, electrical, mechanical, medical of all types,(doctor, nurse, assistant, etc) computer, food, cooking, hair, engineering of all types, legal training of all types, emergency ability of all types, trusted positions such as banking or trusted   with finances in various places of employment, etc.

3.Have you ever done other free volunteer work in schools, emergency, projects you can list for any other none church organizations?

4. What type of free service can you think of the church could expand into, that has not been made available to date?
5.What type of voluteer works did you see parents doing, during the years of growing up?
6. Describe what you think the purposes of life, elaborate how you feel about this.
7.Are you close to God? How important is it to you to be close to God?
8.Do you follow the covenants? elaborate.

  Many more personal questions I could not get to.
It was explained this information will be analyzed by the "U" of Pennsylvania. My thoughts--- At that point, intimidate other groups to comply with the survey across the nation. Declaring 8 groups had done this, what is wrong with the new groups doing the same?? This is a brain picking invasion and all the info will definitely be shared with government computer centers, related snoop agencies to utilize skills, experience, All free labor, etc. This is only the beginning! Sounds very much like FEMA camps to me!!!"

                                                            American Patriot
One has to wonder about a test like this that is set up in such a way that it does not lend inself to statistical analysis.  It is not the kind of structured test that you usually see in psychology and sociology studies.  At least not without the test analysts rearrainging the answers and putting them into some kind of category system.  Way to open ended.  It's very much intended to find out what the general attitudes are of certain individuals in these congregations.  However, it could be used to get a rough estimate of the percentage of people in these congregations that fit certain general categories like patriot, follower, etc.  I find it troubling that the study is being conducted by a Pennsylvania University.  Pennsylvania is known to be one of the areas with the highest concentration of satanist followers.  So there are bound to be a lot of illuminati and satanist professors and those universities. (From A.H.)