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Mormon Church Starts War With FBI
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The Mormon Church owns numerous media outlets, including a rock station in Los Angeles, a few talk radio programs in Seattle (that feature Mitt Romney's Clear Channel), an ESPN station in Seattle, a Phoenix rock station, and a few talk programs in the same city. (Source)

In Utah, the Mormon Church owns the Deseret News, a neo-con rag that pushes the Republican Party, and the globalist agenda. Once led by a Christian Scientist, CFR member (until I outed him), and a Utah Republican Gay Rights Advocate (until I outed him), the daily newspaper is the clearest example of how the Mormon Church pushes the Council on Foreign Relations Agenda and covers up for career criminals.

Then their is KSL. The newsite/radio station wouldn't know good investigative journalism if it walked in with clown makeup, a seltzer bottle and a fright wig. Yet, for some reason, it decided to do a hit piece, full of anonymous "insider" leads, attacking the Salt Lake Bureau office of the FBI.

"These whistleblowers were interviewed as part of a yearlong investigation by KSL News, which was able to corroborate much of what each source reported by conducting individual interviews without the knowledge of other sources. These individuals spoke on the condition that their identities be protected." (Source)

The crime, it appears, is not keeping track of "confidential information", that might end up in the hands of a journalist that could expose MRIHP (Mormon Republicans in High Places). (Ibid). The Mormon Church works very hard trying to persuade MIUs (Mormons in Utah) that it is not in any way responsible for the corruption that plagues the state and its policians.

These crimes are well documented on this website:

* Utah (Mormon Republican) Governor took $85,000 in campaign donations from winning bid for a Utah highway project. (Source)

* Said Utah Highway Project was awarded to Governor's campaign donor, and not the lowest or best bidder. When lowest and best bidder complained, he was given 11 million Utah tax dollars to shut up and go away. (Ibid)

* Mark Shurtleff, the State's Attorney General, stopped the pursuit of criminal charges against ICAN millionaire now sitting in a Federal Prison. Three months later, Shurtleff received $50,000 in campaign donations from said individual now sitting in a Federal prison.

* Joseph Cannon, former State Republican Party Leader and Editor of the Deseret News, separated $85 million dollars in assets from Geneva steel before he bankrupted the company. Then, fraudulantly claiming the company was broke, he turned over the employees pension plan to the Pension Guarantee Corporation, and let US taxpayers pick up the tab. (Source)

* Mitt Romney covered up the crimes of the 2001 Salt Lake Olympics Committee. It seems that the committee used bribery, teenage sex and other inducements to win the winter olympics. (Ibid)

* Pedophile Prophet, Warren Jeffs, was released on a technicality by a Mormon, Utah appeals Court, free to molest little girls for a few more years until Texas went after him. (Source)

* Mormon Church leader Dallin Oakes covered for indicted cyanide murderer when Oakes was a Supreme Court Justice in Utah. (Source)

The list of corruption and crimes involving high level Mormons in the state is endless. I don't know what the FBI is investigating, or even if it is on the above list. I do know that the Mormon Church would have the final say on anything KSL or any of its media holdings decides to investigate, or ignore. In other words, any and all investigations by Mormon Church owned media would have to be approved at the highest levels of the Mormon Church.

The last thing the Church wants is a lawsuit, or a fight with a Federal Law Enforcement Bureau that can put quite a few high-level Mormons behind bars. This leads me to conclude that the FBI office in Salt Lake City must have some pretty damning evidence that the Mormon Church doesn't want leaked to the public, via an independent journalist such as myself.

The way these matters have worked in the past, is that the Mormon Church uses its political influence to thwart the FBI from conducting criminal investigations on Mormon Leaders caught in their criminal misdeeds. Its what they did to me. Even resorting, as I am convinced,  to attempted assassination and numerous other attacks, when I wouldn't back down.

I would love to see the FBI files on those crimes.

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