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Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church Division
With the Cannon Family's release of their great grandfather's diary, it is clear that the Mormon Illuminati are no friend of the Mormon Church. The diary reveals some shady dealings involving bribes, Mormon leadership and a Supreme Court Justice.

"Cannon’s diary entry of Dec. 17, 1892, records that at the apostles’ meeting “… the brethren were told that our success in the Church suits was in a great measure due to the fact that we have a partner of Justice {Stephen J.} Field of the Supreme Court of the United States in our employ, who is to receive a percentage of the money if the suits go in our favor, and the property is returned to us. …” ...Justice Field was not the only person of influence tempted by the church. President Benjamin Harrison’s secretary was helping the church. The diaries reveal how federal attorneys were routinely bribed through third parties. Church leaders spent considerable energies covering up the crime of an embezzler because that man — sympathetic to the church — was in a position to be a receiver of assets the church needed. In fact, Cannon records entries where the apostles were counseled to “keep secrets” from their enemies."

The release of these "secrets" by the Cannon family at this time can be seen as an attempt to justify their own multitude of crimes. Or, as I believe, it is an effort orchestrated by a family that has fallen from the highest pinnacles of Mormondom to discredit the Church. Clearly the Cannons are not going down alone. Look for them to take more cheap shots at the Church in the near future.

What effect will this have on Mitt Romney and his political aspirations? Romney, as the above video clearly demonstrates has no loyalty to the Mormon Church or its teachings. As the below video will demonstrate, he has even gone so far as to deny the key components of the Mormon faith in an attempt to garner votes.
Mitt Romney and his fellow Mormon Illuminati have played the Mormon Church for a group of "suckers". Demanding absolute loyalty for his political endeavors from the Mormon faithful, he has done nothing for them, or their faith, in return. As traitors like the Cannons continue to release "secrets", expect Mitt Romney to continue to distance himself from the Mormon faith.

I fully expect him to announce, because of ideological differences, that he is no longer an adherent to the faith in the near future. I also expect him to take with him all of the other "Sunshine Mormons" that think they actually had a chance of ruling over Babylon. This, in my opinion, includes the likes of Harry Reid, Orrin Hatch, the Marriotts, Huntsmans and the Eccles families.

When this split occurs, the Mormon Illuminati will take their money with them and true Mormons everywhere will shout, "Good Riddance".  Persecution will follow, and only the true believers will survive the day. For those of you thinking about riding the rail between Babylon and Christianity, that option will no longer be available.

It seems that both God and Satan want your full commitment.

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