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More Prophecy: Russian Invasion

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This was given to me by one of my readers. It is his account of what lies ahead. I was given permission to publish it, but with his name redacted.

Concerning the Russian Invasion (Anonymous):

The weather is shirtsleeve but not too very warm either.  I have been unable to confirm snow on the ground or leaves on the trees when questioning people.  Some time before the event all communications went out.  This includes radio and telephone systems.  No specific mention was made concerning electrical power although it would be consistent with known military doctrine and practice.  No one was sure how long it was out, hours?, days?  It seems it's a Sunday as many people are dressed in Sunday best and are home for the day.  There are already a number of Russian students at the university(ies) and among them are spies who report back on "shakers and movers" within the community.  This intel, along with gun forms and lists made from membership records of certain organizations goes into make up the priority hit lists.  (There will reportedly be a "Red List" of high priority people to knock off-no questions asked and a "Blue List" of those who are to be detained and questioned-before they're killed anyway.)

I am not sure where the troops come in from.  The Cache (Utah) airport is north of town and perhaps it's from there.  (The troops wear the blue and white striped undershirts consistent with Spetsnaz troops)  The squads arrive in town in unmarked buses, vans, and whatever.  Each team has a pre-assigned neighborhood and a list of addresses to which they are to specifically go to.

(2010 addit. Subsequent to this write-up, the Feds funded an extension to the main runway at the Logan/Cache airport which now allows most mid-sized jetliners to operate there.  Recently, there have been a number of such large planes flying in and out there, though they seem innocuous as they have corporate markings.  I live in SW Logan now, but our place is along the flight path for air traffic.) Note: Logan is the home of the Illuminati Eccles family.

They immediately go from house to house and order the men outside under the pretense of taking them away.  Some were forcibly removed.  Some, not specifically on the list, go just because it seems the thing to do (sheeple) or they are called out even though not listed.   One of my children saw them on our front lawn and I was talking to them in a language that she and the family, which I'd chased into the basement, didn't understand, (I have a minor in Russian, though it's been a long time since I used it much), holding a gun out of their sight and refusing to exit my house.  They grouped up the men in our neighborhood just nearly across the street from our house, right next to the canal, (2010 addit. We lived at approx 100 S and 400 W at the time) and when the doorknocking was done, the troops opened fire and killed them all.  My daughter couldn't tell me what exactly happened in my case but I am happy to report that her dream history of the future following that event continues to include me!!!

There wasn't much time taken in looting or raping as the object was to get in and clear out the men quickly and move on down the road.  My former neighbor, who shared the largest parts of this tale, set off with her kids in the stroller in search of her husband, not knowing where he was.  Walking up the street she was jeered by passing troops but not stopped or accosted.  On Main St. and 2nd South is a large parking lot for a local fabric store.  (2010 addit.  Joanne's Fabrics) It was here that it appeared to her to be the rendezvous point for the teams reporting in from all over town.  As soon as enough of the units reported in the column moved southward towards other smaller towns to "get" the men there before they could be forewarned.

Russia first and China second were the major areas of study in getting my Poli-Sci degree and Int'l Relations Certificate.  I've also been an avid "student" of events in the world.  The above story is totally consistent with Russian/Soviet military doctrine and indeed was the same way they went into Afghanistan.  Many vehicles and major equipment was already pre-positioned under various pretexts, usually joint military maneuvers and exercises.  It certainly would take precious few troops to make a mess of things.  A friend, who is still a Colonel (2010 addit. since forcibly retired, even in a time when more troops were needed. Says that with only a platoon(?) of men in the right places, he could seal off the Salt Lake Valley.  

I'm not sure what to say when I get there. It has been my advice to those which I've felt to share this with that it might be best to appear not to be home and hope that that plague passes you by.

Afterwards many others move or are directed away from the area.  We stay virtually sequestered in our house in order not to attract attention for some period of time.  There's more to the bigger story but thats the Russian "thing."


I have another blurb for you here.  A past visionary friend, who used to live here in the valley, related what seemed at the time to be a very real sight, but now I believe was something of a vision.  She was working outdoors from the Icon Fitness plant, moving things, when she noted a couple of flatbed trucks off loading a couple of armored vehicles south of the main plant.  She stated that soldiers were looking back unapprovingly and felt that they were not uniformed (coloration, markings.  and language!) as she'd seen US troops.  The vehicles were being driven into a defunct warehouse.  I brought up a picture show of various world armored vehicles to see which she'd noted.  I first brought up a Bradley and a couple of others.  She lit up when I brought up the BMP-3.  If you know the specs on those, then you'd know that it'd only take a couple of them to ruin the day in a small valley.

I remember a Reader's Digest article from back in at least the '80's which described the porousness of the Euro borders, the known activities of the Soviet military, and the NATO efforts to prevent the forward placement of heavy tanks and other self-propelled variants deep into Germany.  I wish I still had that article or knew how to access it.  It was well before the advent of the 'net.

You'll recollect that the Soviets did the same thing in the Afghan invasion in '79.  Pre-placement of armor in key places in the country.  People go to bed one night and all's well.  Get up in the morning and there's tanks and troops outside the window.

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