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Mormon Cyanide Murder and L.F. Rothschild
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Normally, an indictment for murder would hamper the ability of most individuals to conduct business, especially when they would be arrested if they even crossed the boundary of their home state. In my previous article, we discussed how Michael MacKay was under indictment for murder in Illinois after an employee of his company died while handling Cyanide with his bare hands.

We also discussed how his company, Film Recovery, was also reportedly involved in dumping tons of the poisonous stuff in various Chicago neighborhoods. Normally, this would constitute placing weapons of mass destruction, a terrorist action, and would result in a Federal Indictment as well, Congressional hearings and a very long stint in a Federal prison, but Michael MacKay lived a very charmed life.

In fact, the governor of Utah, called him a valuable asset to the state and refused to allow him to be extradited to face the murder charges. I think I now understand why.

According to a deposition I now have in my possession, Mike MacKay was also involved in setting up shell companies designed to be taken public in a pump and dump scheme involving the now defunct L.F. Rothschild and Company.

"L.F. Rothschild (also known as L.F. Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin) was a merchant and investment banking firm based in the United States and founded in 1899.

Following its merger with C.E. Unterberg, Towbin in 1977, the firm was known as L. F. Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin and was led primarily by Thomas I. Unterberg and A. Robert Towbin. The firm was known for its merchant banking investments, particularly in high-technology companies. In the early 1980s, the firm emerged as the leading underwriter of initial public offerings, surpassing the elite investment banks (at the time, including Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley). Among the companies they took public were Intel, Cray Research and biotechnology company Cetus Corporation."

The Firm helped bring about the 1987 collapse of the Stock Market and became a Party to a major lawsuit:

"Plaintiffs allege that from around 1984 until the end of 1987, various of the defendants in these cases agreed to artificially increase and maintain the price for certain securities (hereinafter "the manipulated securities"). Defendant Frank Shannon,*fn1 a resident of the United Kingdom and the principal of defendant Yarrimup (a corporation); defendant Lawrence Caito, a trader and control person of defendant Capital Shares, Inc. (hereinafter "Capital Shares"); and defendant L.F. Rothschild & Co., Inc. (hereinafter "Rothschild") are named by some of the plaintiffs as having been among the conspirators. The alleged goal of the conspiracy was to increase the market price of the manipulated securities while they were being distributed to the public. The conspirators are said to have made and supervised the making of markets for these securities and then to have dominated and controlled these markets. The conspirators' activity is alleged to have consisted of increasing the volume of the trading in the manipulated securities through buying and selling between accounts and by means of fictitious trades.

The broker-dealer defendants, including defendants Haas Securities Corporation (hereinafter "Haas"), Capital Shares, and J.T. Moran & Co., Inc., are alleged to have held themselves out as independent market makers for all or certain of the manipulated securities, when in fact their market making activities consisted at least in part of illegal and conspiratorial pricing of the markets by the use of material inside information as to market positions.*fn2 Other defendants are alleged to have participated in the conspiracy by allowing their brokerage accounts to be used as nominee accounts to purchase and sell the manipulated securities. Some defendants are alleged to have withdrawn and concealed profits from the conspiracy by use of controlled, nominee and foreign bank accounts. Defendant Shannon is specifically accused of having helped finance the purchase of manipulated securities in order to insure that the supply of these securities did not exceed the demand at given price levels and in return for the pledging of large amounts of the manipulated securities to him or to Yarrimup. Defendant Caito is alleged to have made markets for some of the manipulated securities through defendant Capital Shares.

On March 16, 1987, the alleged conspiracy was the subject of an extensive article in Barron's entitled: "The Abracadabra Man, Step Right Up and See Him Turn Pennies Into Millions." Plaintiffs maintain that the Article increased the selling pressure on the manipulated securities. On March 19, 1987, defendant Rothschild*fn3 is alleged to have directed defendant Haas, for whom Rothschild served as a clearing broker, not to increase the total amount of margin in several of the manipulated securities in any customer accounts. At the time it issued these instructions, Rothschild is accused of having non-public information concerning the conspiracy but failing to disclose this information to parties to whom it owed a duty. After complaints by Haas that its ability to trade the securities between customer accounts would be restricted, Rothschild is alleged to have rescinded its directions. Rothschild is also accused of having made decisions to sell out certain of Haas' proprietary positions in the manipulated securities to protect its own proprietary positions. There seems to be no dispute that Rothschild did extend large loans on margin to Haas and to Haas' customers to purchase the manipulated securities.

After the drastic decline in the stock market on Monday October 19, 1987, the activity to artificially raise the prices for the manipulated securities is said to have dramatically increased. On October 28, 1987, Haas closed its doors, ceased doing business and, shortly thereafter, declared bankruptcy. On October 28, 1987, the manipulated securities lost a great deal of their market value. The various plaintiffs in these actions, investors or representatives of investors whose accounts were allegedly used in the scheme and who incurred pecuniary losses, then filed suit, asserting a number of causes of action against the various defendants." ((EPSTEIN v. HAAS SECURITES CORP)

Pump and Dump schemes were a favorite activity for CIA, MI6 and Mossad operatives, including one Adnan Kashoggi, who worked very closely with leaders of Utah's Mormon community. Kashoggi, it will be recalled, bilked Utah investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars with his Triad Center, real-estate development scam. He also reportedly put up the money behind Mormon Bishop, Wallace Hilliard's purchase of the Flight Training School in Naples Florida that trained the 911 hijackers. Mormons and Spooks seem to work well together. Both against their country's better interests.

Kashoggi was also a key player in Iran-Contra. Putting up the cash to make the whole drugs for guns for hostages scheme possible. The money, by the way, came from the Utah Triad Center scam.

"I no should longer be surprised by any of this - and yet it is surprising to find that Rudy Giuliani's biggest backer for the U.S. Presidency (Paul Singer) is also one of the biggest beneficiaries and insiders of Adnan Khashoggi's massive penny stock pump and dump and manipulation scheme called GenesisIntermedia.
Rudy Giuliani in his role as U.S. Attorney of Manhatten failed to convict Khashoggi in the 1980's Iran Contra cover up...." (Source)

But I digress, It seems that one of the major players in the L.F. Rothschild scam was one Frank Shannon, the same Frank Shannon that put up the money for Mike MacKay's shell corporations (Over 1 million dollars according to the deposition I now have in my possession). This should help explain why the Mormon Governor of Mormon Utah refused to permit Mackay to be extradited to face the Illinois murder charges.

Next, the MacKay-LDS Church connection. Buy Silver now! email pdrockton@aol.com