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Modern Separatism and the Jury System
Yesterday, I wrote an article about a new "Separatist" movement based on the one organized by the Pilgrims and their "Mayflower Compact".  Today, I would like to to continue that discussion. The organizations I speak of are family based, local and can operate within a modern society without creating too much attention. This proposal is in stark contrast to movements that have called for relocation to a central commune, led by a charismatic leader.

When the Western Roman Empire was in the process of dissolution, religious cloisters were organized under the inspiration of Saint Augustine. These formed the foundation of monasticism. Eventually females and males were divided and marriage was forbidden. Either to limit the size of the monasteries, or to reorganize the religious orders along military lines.

Our modern religious orders are a continuation of the monastic ones.

Rather than eliminate the normal relationships between the sexes, our separatist communities would be best served by promoting healthy relationships among its members under the confines of marriage. With this in mind, like the Pilgrims, we should only permit individuals in our Separatist Community that will respect the traditional family. I recommend the following ground-rules.

1. No sexual relations outside of marriage.

2. No Adultery

3. No homosexuality

4. No pre-marital sex.

5. No Pornography

6. Make 18 the Age of Consent.

7. No Perverse Sexual Behavior.

These are the same rules that the Pilgrims created. The community can decide how to handle transgressions of the above, but, I would argue that the most severe punishment should be banishment from the Separatist Society. If an individual cannot abide the rules, he/she should be given all of his/her property and then expelled. Allowances should also be made for those individuals that are truly penitent and desire to change. Perhaps, these should be permitted to remain within the community, but "shunned" or excluded from community affairs for a specific period of time depending on the offense.

Simply stated, we believe in the Freedom of Association guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We won't force anyone to live our laws, they are more than welcome to return to a dying and corrupt world if they are so inclined.

Trial By Jury

All laws should focus on the 10 Commandments and the law itself should not become a burden to the members of the Society.  All laws should be approved by a vote of the majority adult members in the Society. Men and women should enjoy equal voting rights. Voting age could be 18 or 21.

Any infraction of the laws of the Community shall be heard before a Jury of Peers. The Jury Foreman will function as judge, but will not have the power to decide what evidence will or will not be heard. He shall be elected by the majority of the jurors, and shall have the power to call witnesses. All members of the jury shall have power to question witnesses, the accused and the accuser.

A Jury secretary shall be selected by the Jury Foreman and shall keep a record of the proceedings. A Sergeant at Arms shall also be selected to maintain order in the Courtroom.

Criminal Complaints:

When a crime has been committed, it should be reported to our current civil authorities. When the civil authority is destroyed by the coming social breakdown then we have the right to establish our own. We also have the right to resist subjection to any authority not authorized by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. For us, this is the only authority we will respect and submit to.

Criminal Code:

1. Crimes against Property: including theft, arson, vandalism, robbery, burglary , embezzlement, bribery etc. should require full restitution. This should always be voluntary, with the ultimate punishment being expelled from the community. If a crime is committed by a former member of the community or an outsider, the crime will be referred to the proper civil authorities, when one is present. 

2. Crimes against Person: Murder, assault, battery, rape, statutory rape should be prosecuted by civil authority where one exists. Where there is no civil authority that exists that has been organized under the Constitution of the United States, we reserve the right to function as our own civil authority.

The Jury system shall never be replaced by martial law, or military authority. A jury can be organized anywhere at anytime to prosecute anyone with a simple majority vote of the community.

All business shall be conducted by the "Voice of the People". Serving on a jury shall be considered a condition of membership in the community. Only those eligible to vote shall serve. No "shunned" members of the Society shall serve as jurors.

Civil Code: Can be created to serve the needs of the Society. All civil complaints will be tried by Jury.

Emergency Measures:

In the event of a Societal Breakdown, the Separatist Society has the right to make whatever laws that are beneficial to protecting the life, liberty and property of its members as long as they are made by the common consent and reconsidered after the crisis is past.

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