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Dear Paul,

I discovered you through Jeff Rense Radio who I found on a network called American Freedom Radio. I have unfortunately only very recently been waking up this past year. I want to thank you for your informative show and for your personal thoughts that go out to all of us through God. I am only a very common warehouse laborer but I have been trying to alert my co-workers of the things to come. I feel even if I do not survive the oncoming onslaught of the tyrannical government and its' "hidden hand" at least I will have helped people in some way prepare and understand why we have been manipulated, used, abused, and targeted for elimination.

I have listened to your archived shows as I work night shifts but I must admit some of the dark evil that you uncover is so horrifying that I could hardly recommend anyone to listen to it. Some of your shows bring tears to my eyes. I just pray along with you for these young victims of the evil powers that be and realize, like you, that the evil bast***s will be dealt with by God. I know a wise man said to live this life without envy, greed or hatred. I have no problem with the first two but I struggle mightily with my hatred when it comes to these dark forces.

I would possibly like to make some more small purchases and may some day ask you for assistance from your store.

Thank you very much for your time and your shows and I pray that the internet never goes silent. This would be a hard thing for us to endure.

Hello Sir

just a quick note. I enjoyed your 12-22-2010 broadcast. The prophecy seemed to be right on target. I am 45 years old and live in  Western Pa. I observed the first massive fall of this country during the early 80's as I graduated high school in 1983. The jobless rate was unbelievable when the mills shut down as our steel production went to South Korea.  This is just round 2 for me. So many people that drove Lincolns, paid cash, for everything and made 15-20 dollars and hour with 6 weeks of vacation back in the 70's  were on welfare and selling all their toys so they could get food stamps.

I understand you lived near Cleveland OH for a time, and I had many relatives who lived there in the 60's-to today. Back in 2005 I went to Ohio after not being there since 1979 when my cousin football played top level high school football, and to see what was a middle class neighborhood on the Westside of Cleveland turn into a war zone with so many factories shut I passed on the way ..and that was 5 years ago.

I guess is that anyone from the hard hit rust belt that is about our age and knew how bad it got and that it NEVER does fully recover,  look at the present circumstances and know there is no hope! Workers cannot head south to the non union places. back then, they went to Mexico. Now the work is in India and now China and South Asia.

There are solutions that would help right away and long term. However I am convinced that the evil forces that control this world never want the United States to be strong ever again.

Therefore since I woke up fully about 9 years ago,  I just have resigned myself to hope my wife  , my son and those the LORD put in my path I can tell educate them and pray that I can help in anyway I can.

Thank you for your work and please donít ever quit. Your closing comments in the show on 12-22 said that you would be here "for us" And after reading your extensive experience with the illuminati and all of their evil...you inspire me that one can survive and even overcome against the evil influence.

May the LORD be with you always

Mike From Western Pa

ps Prophecy shows are always interesting...thank you!
In order to understand the present, it is important to understand the past. As the recent comments by Pope Benedict demonstrate, the world is being deceived by a spirit of Lucifer and his followers. Everyone will be forced to choose between the increasing darkness and the light of conscience and truth.

Joseph Smith visited Brigham Young twice in vision after he was martyred. In the first vision, he appeared with a mottled gangle of goats and sheep. Brigham laughed and was rebuked by Joseph, who told him that he should not mock the flock of Christ. In the second vision, Joseph told Brigham to teach the people to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

This second commandment clearly explains what Churches should be teaching, in contrast with what they actually teach. Religions are supposed to exist to teach men how to draw close to the promptings of conscience and the Holy Ghost. That is their primary mission. This points to every person being able to communicate with God directly for guidance and personal Revelation.

When religious institutions become corrupted they seek to replace God with so called "mortal mediators".  The fact that such mediators even exist within an institution is evidence of its apostasy from the true principals of Christianity, which is to teach people how to communicate with God directly.

Ancient Judaism, which I would argue was apostate Christianity, exemplified the various institutions that are created within a Church that relies on the wisdom of man, instead of the principals of personal Revelation. In this article, I will further break-down these organizations and show their modern equivalents.

1. The Herodians

The Herodians were apostate Jews that used religion to gain political power over the Jewish nation. Herod rebuilt the temple, not to glorify God, but to glorify himself as a mortal god. He was well educated in both Greek Philosophy and Rabbinic law. The former justified his hedonism and immorality, the latter was a weapon for political control.

In Mormonism, I believe that Mitt Romney and his followers could be labeled as Herodians. Like Herod, Romney has used the Mormon Church to gain political power. Like Herod, he lacks a moral compass and any real affinity towards the Doctrines of the Church. Those that followed Herod were looking for political gain, even if it came at the expense of the Church. The same can be said for many that follow of those that follow Mitt Romney. Apostasy for political gain and power.

2. The Sadducees

These were the college professors of their day. The Sadducees were trained in Greek philosophy and the Scientific method. They were also hedonists that felt a particular loyalty to the Herodians. Sadly, Brigham Young University is the modern Mormon equivalent to the Jewish Sanhedrin. Moral compromises at BYU are evident in its embrace of Illuminati-CFR faculty and department chairs.

Evolution, moral relativism and worldly attitudes are embraced by these modern Sadducees. Their guide to all truth is their physical senses and the scientific method. They publicly profess spirituality and a love for all things Mormon. Secretly, they plot with the Herodians and Pharisees to extend their political and cultural acceptance by the non-Mormon masses.

3. The Pharisees

These were the lawyers of apostate Judaism/Christianity. The oral traditions developed by them and their predicessors became such a burden on the people that Jesus openly defied them (IE: walking on the Sabbath). There's was a belief rooted in customs and rituals. They washed extensively before every meal and developed purification rituals for every event. They operated under the belief that outward appearance was what mattered.

Jesus called the Pharisees the worst form of hippocrites. He explained that they were indeed beautiful outwardly, but inwardly they were guilty of murder, adultery and all other abominations. He then counselled them to clean up their inner vessels before worrying about their outward appearance.

In modern Mormondom we can see the influence of modern Pharisees as they suppress the evil deeds of the Satanic infiltrators or even participate in them. They call on the victims to repent through forgiveness and let the guilty go forward and abuse other victims. Their primary motivation is greed and avarice.

The Temple:

All three of the above groups were frequent in their Temple attendance. The goal being to show the people how righteous they had become. While Jesus accepted the Temple itself as His Father's House, He emphatically rejected the Pharisees, Sadducees and Herodians as the enemies to God.

Before His crucifixion Jesus rejected the Temple and cursed it to destruction. It appears that the general unworthiness of those that were in regular attendance, and provided a good deal of financial support for the structure, had actually defiled the building with their presence.

While the Temple provided a place for meditation, prayer and necessary ordinances, Jesus taught that every mortal body should be a Temple of God. He thus reaffirmed the importance of personal sanctification through obedience to the Commandments of God.


Man cannot be sanctified by external ordinances and endless rituals. True spiritual sanctification comes from personal obedience to the Commandments of God, personal prayer, studying the Scriptures and Fasting (going without food and water for 24 hours).

Jesus added the higher laws of repentance (forsaking bad evil deeds) and a common concern for those around us. He never justified the evil deeds of others, although He was quick to forgive the truly penitant.

Miracles are necessary for the salvation of this generation. Miracles come through faith and obedience. Those that rely on their education, wealth or political influence cannot overcome the coming judgments through human understanding alone. These will quickly join with the enemies of God and help them to establish their one-world, Satanic government because of their infatuation with mortal abilities.

Mortals that cannot receive their own answers from God through conscience and revelation, will be those that are the easiest to deceive. Only the power of God can break through Satanic illusions and counterfeits.