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Mitt Romney Hurt by His Own
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Illegal Immigration is a major campaign issue in states like Arizona, California and Utah. Now it appears that Mitt Romney's closest allies have placed an anchor weight on his campaign that could very well stop any forward progress in the upcoming Republican Primaries. The Republican Party is composed of money and Conservative voters. Big money wants cheap labor, loose immigration laws and non-enforcement of existing laws on the books.

Conservative voters, however, want strict enforcement and deportation of those in this country illegally. They view illegal immigrants as unfair competition for American jobs and a massive drain on the Social Services system. They are not racist. They simply want everyone to play by the same rules they are expected to play by. Its a classic battle of greed vs. Patriotism.

The Governor of Utah signed an assortment of laws designed to appease the corporate Republican "fat-cats" and their lust for illegal alien labor. They like illegals because they can control them through fear and intimidation, something American workers will never tolerate. Work for pennies a day or they send you back to Mexico, their are plenty of others waiting to take your place.

If their were no jobs for illegals their would be no incentive for them to cross the border illegally. Mitt Romney's financial contributors include men like Bill Marriott, who stated:

"If we don't get the (illegal alien) workers, the growth in the hospitality industry, the restaurant industry is going to slow markedly. And I think it could cause labor costs in this country to escalate tremendously. We can have runaway inflation and we could, at the same time, have a recession. We could have the worst of all worlds on the economic front." (Source)...

"We do believe that there has to be a pathway to citizenship. However, there certainly has to be...  some sort of process going here where people can become citizens who come into our country to work. We need these workers. We have a shortage today of hourly workers come into our hotels. We are very short. We opened a new hotel a few months ago and we couldn't even open all rooms because we didn't have enough people to clean the rooms. And so our need for workers from countries abroad is extremely, extremely high." (Ibid)

The reality is that illegal aliens earn 25% less than their American counterparts. Add to the fact that employers also avoid paying for unemployment insurance, retirement benefits and other costs demonstrates why illegal immigration enjoys such great support among men like Bill Marriott.

Mitt Romney, who sat on Marriott's Board of Directors for 9 years will never bite the hands that feed him:

"Mr. Romney distinguished himself in the Republican primaries for the vapidity and hypocrisy of his stance on immigration. He proudly professed a rigid hostility to comprehensive immigration reform, waving the word “amnesty” like a bludgeon while conveniently sidestepping his previous endorsements of such reform. In ads, speeches and debates, he displayed a profound fuzziness over what the word actually meant. He once defended a strategy of mass deportations and then admitted the strategy wouldn’t work — in the same debate." (Source)

So, it appears, Marriott and the Utah Republican Party have thrown Romney under the bus for cheap illegal labor. It is virtually impossible to elect a Republican President without Conservative voters. Utah's new "Amnesty" laws are an albatross around Mitt Romney's neck, and anyone else that goes against the will of the people.