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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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The Devil and Bill Marriott (Part 2):
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The above image and letter below are from this website
In other words, Bill Marriott, the CEO and 30% owner of Marriott Hotels, likes the money that pornography brings in. As a (reported) 30% owner of the company's stock, he clearly believes that corporate profits come before integrity and faith. Other hotel chains have gotten rid of hardcore and other pornography and stayed in business. There is even a website where you can find porn-free hotels called

Clearly Bill Marriott could care less about his religion, and the dictates of his own conscience. He also has no loyalty to the Doctrines and Beliefs of the Mormon Church. With an estimated net worth of 1.6 billion (Source), he is definitely one of the richest men in the world. He also donates generously to the LDS Church, which has probably led to a few Temples being constructed due to his largesse.

Which reminds me of another (likely Illuminati) Temple builder, King Herod. Herod's Temple was a marvel in its day, yet, Herod himself was a murderer. He reportedly had a massacre performed at the time of his death, just so people would mourn at his passing. Jesus Christ referred to the Temple as "His Father's House" in spite of the source of the money.  Yet, He paid no honor to the donor that made it all possible. In fact, He had so little respect for Herod's son, who beheaded John the Baptist, that He refused to even talk to him when He was brought before the man.

Herod's Temple was ultimately destroyed by the Roman Army when the Jews revolted against their masters. This fulfilled a prophecy made by Jesus Christ that "one stone shall not lay upon another".

Interestingly enough, the Deseret News, which is owned by the Church, justly condemned Mitt Romney for profiting from pornography,when he served a ten year stint on the Board of Directors of Marriott's company. (source) Which brings us to another question: Just how much influence does the apparent Illuminati affiliate, Bill Marriott, have over Utah's politicians?

The Marriott PAC is quite the heavy hitter when it comes to donations. In just this year alone they have raised $279,000 in contributions and spent $144,000. (Source) In other years, they have exceeded 1 million dollars in political contributions! It is difficult to imagine that they give such large amounts of money away, without thought of some action on the part of those that take their dough. Perhaps one of the requirements they demand from their politicians is to keep hard-core pornography legal in the United States. This would tie in with Marriott's letter and explanation of why hard-core pornography is sold to hotel guests. One thing is certain, they are not campaigning against pornography.

The Illuminati agenda promotes pornography to destroy the family unit, and replace it with big government. They are Socratic Communists that feel they have the right to exploit our sons, daughters and wives sexually. They don't believe that we have any more right to family relationships anymore than common cattle. We will be nothing more than commodities and slaves in their New World Order. Slaves don't have families. They have children, but their offspring is taken away from them at the earliest possible opportunity.

Right now we have plenty of evidence to show what they would like to do with all of our children:

1. Raise them in State-run Institutions.
2. Indoctrinate them using advanced Propaganda Techniques
3. Mind-Program them so that they obey every command, no
    matter how repulsive.
4. Torture them for Sadistic Pleasure.
5. Exploit them, for their sexual perversions.
6. Murder them (usually at age 30), when their programming
    breaks down, along with their usefulness.
7. Sacrifice them to their Satanic Deities.

The MK-Ultra mind programming is all about creating sex slaves for the personal perversions of the Illuminati elite. Most of those that are glamorized in the porn industry are also controlled through mind-programming and narcotics. Notice the rarity of old porn stars. They exist for the mere exploitation and greed of their masters, and receive no material benefits for their work.

The typical porn star's life begins with sexual abuse as a child, progresses into sexual exploitation in front of the camera, evolves into prostitution, and ends at Bohemian Grove or some other termination point.

You can't make money with the devil and then deny that you are not part of his organization. As Jesus said, "Ye shall know them by their works. A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit...nor can an evil tree bring forth good fruit." All Churches need to divorce themselves from Illuminati money if they want to remain free and independent. Those that don't, risk being absorbed into the coming global religion and leading their membership into taking "The Mark of the Beast".

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