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Mormon Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff has a good thing going with the Mormon Church owned media. It seems that they only report what Shurtleff wants reported. What the Attorney General definitely doesn't want reported is the relationship between consumer scams investigated by his staff, and the money that flows into his campaigns.

In 2008, Shurtleff raked in $187,500 from 7 entities that were being "investigated" by his office. Entities like iWorks, which reportedly scammed consumers for hundreds of millions of dollars, donated $50,000 to Shurtleff, after all of their violations mysteriously went away. There were others:

Take "Mentoring of America" a Call Center that specialized in software that identified homes with property tax issues. "Phone Consultants" made up to $35,000 a week in an environment that reportedly involved the use of illegal narcotics and cocaine.

"...numerous drugs were sold and available and people had connections to street drugs like ecstasy and heroin, but he says, for the most part, prescription drugs were the narcotics of choice: OxyContin, Lortab, Percoset—even a combination of all three they called “legal speedballs.” X says these prescription-drug cocktails were like performanceenhancing drugs for the sales team. He says the mindset of using while at work was, “I’m going to [work] for 12 hours; I won’t feel rejection, I won’t feel pain. I’ll be patient with the people on the phone. [The drugs] give people the ability to mold and mirror people on the phone and basically take their money.”  (Source)

One employee committed suicide in a Mormon Church parking lot after a drug relapse involving heroin .(Ibid) Others were treated for overdoses by the American Fork, Utah  paramedics, where the call center was located.(Ibid) Then there were the consumer complaints against the company. Mentoring of America was forced to refund $2,459,383 to consumers over the years.

The various complaints and fines leveraged by Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff's office, began shortly after the company opened its doors in 2002:

"In fact, the company has been under three separate investigations that resulted in administrative citations and one enforcement action by the Utah Attorney General’s Office, between 2004 and 2007. Not for drugs, however, but for allegations the company fraudulently promised unrealistic guarantees to customers, sold them programs they couldn’t use and otherwise conducted deceptive trade practices. These investigations were brought by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. The last time Mentoring of America was behind the 8-ball for alleged shady business practices, during winter 2007-08—five months before Beckstead took his life—MOA stood to potentially lose its license and have to eat $113,500 in fines and statutory penalties from the Division of Consumer Protection. In March 2008, however, the charges were dismissed, and MOA dodged a bullet and paid no fines." (Source)

This, of course, coincided with $30,000 in campaign contributions to Mark Shurtleff's campaign fund.

"...on Jan. 16, 2008, almost a month after it received its most recent charges from the state, MOA contributed $20,000 to Attorney General Mark Shurtleff’s 2008 re-election campaign. Three months after the charges were dropped by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, Shurtleff would bank another $10,000 from the company, according to MOA’s PAC report." (Ibid)

Strangely enough, like the $50,000 he received from iWorks owner, Jeremy Johnson, after the charges were dropped against his company, no record of these contributions appear on Shurtleff's 2008 campaign finance reports. They were taken from the reports filed by the companies in question. (Ibid) A search of the Utah campaign finance database shows the same. 

The Mormon Church's media, which allegedly knew about the above transgressions, failed to report on them. Instead, when accusations were raised about Shurtleff's "Pay to Prey" policies, the Mormon Church ran interference. (Source) This has apparently resulted in an FBI investigation that looks to be ongoing. (Ibid)

A lengthy corruption investigation by the FBI would undoubtedly uncover numerous other crimes involving bribery, extortion, kickbacks, etc., The question is whether or not the Mormon Church has the political clout to shut down such an investigation. They are definitely making the attempt, by purportedly investigating the FBI through KSL, a Church owned newsite.

The Mormon Church, through its media, goes so far as to accuse the FBI of "gross corruption". (Source)  The best defense is a good offense. By labelling the FBI as "corrupt", the Church hopes to bring doubt to the Federal Investigation that will undoubtedly link leaders within the Church to political corruption and worse.

This places Jon Huntsman, who was governor of Utah from 2005-2009, in a very precarious position. It could also scandalize Mitt Romney, who presided over the "cover-up" involving the 2002 Winter Olympics.

On one hand, we have the political ambitions of a few Satanic Psychopaths. On the other, we have the opportunity to discredit one of the greatest Christian Churches in America. One thing I am certain of, is the fact that the Luciferian Agenda trumps individual ambitions. Discrediting Christianity is the Luciferian Agenda.

Members of the Mormon Church should be angry at those that have placed their organization in such a vulnerable position. Men like Huntsman, Herbert, Romney, Cannon and a host of others. Its the same program that was used on the Catholic Church:

1. Infiltrate
2. Corrupt
3. Compromise
4. Discredit

In the end, those that blindly follow their leaders like stupid sheep, will only have themselves to blame for not challenging the Satanists and their Agenda while their programs were only in their infancy. Instead of dealing with a mere annoyance, Mormons now have a real monster on their hands. A monster that likes its Mormon sheeple medium-rare.

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