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I am very happy to see your comments about Jeff Rense. I too, greatly appreciate the Jeff Rense site. I have been a guest there. Both Henry and Jeff have helped me when I was in trouble with Canadian Jewish Congress for their unfair charges.

I produce the Toronto Street News and am now in my 12th year. It is a 16 page broadsheet sold by the homeless, handicapped, underemployed and dying on the streets of Toronto.

Somehow, I've raised the press money to turn this out all of these years. It operates as a one-man charity as I give the paper to the homeless who pay some distributors ten cents and they get $2 a copy. I get nothing in return.

My advertisers are threatened so I don't have any.

I am guilty of running a lot of material from Rense.com without credit to him  but he knows this as it just causes me even more trouble if I use his name.

I also use Henry's columns frequently with credit.

Henry helped raise $500 for me one time when the CJC came after me. He also buys me  a beer when he comes to Toronto.

I've had a lot of dealings with Jeff -- he is a master at his business. People are so damned cheap and shallow to try and insult him. He stands head and shoulders over his critics any day.

Anyway, thanks for the Marie Osmond item -- I put that on one of my four colour cover pages and my long-time contributor LoveCry also passed it on to her many internet readers.

Our friend Dee Nicholson appears on your show as well.

Talk later.

-- Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News


S Hayes   
S  Hayes, October 24, 2010 at 10:40pm
Subject: regarding mark glenn
oh yeah! you go paul!! a loyal reader of rense and drockton


Jesse wrote:

"hey Paul - great article on Mark Glenn.  I listened to his whacko rant and
considered his allegations for about ten seconds.  You hit the nail on the head
when you wrote "[Mark] looks like a Satanic Psychopath and acts like one too". 
But you forgot one - sounds like a Satanist too.  The first I heard of him was
via the Sabrosky interview and I thought he was a teenage kid.  Contrast this
with Jeff's voice and voila, all doubts are settled."


Jim L wrote:

Paul, Victor Thorn is a very demented and dangerous man. He and his wife make a living trashing the truthers.

"Lisa Guliani and others on the Signs of the Times website have written dozens of pages seeking to discredit me as a liar. Lisa attacks me for writing about Sam Danner, the man who claims to have seen a Global Hawk at the Pentagon, and about my arrest.

This bizarre and vicious attack, led by Lisa Guliani and Scott Makufka of Wing TV, seems to be a concerted effort and only commenced after I was assaulted and arrested by three unidentified armed men in my front yard on August 15.

The Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith also joined in the attack on September 7 with their press release. As I said, this seems to be a concerted effort to attack me and discredit my writing. Are Guliani and Makufka in league with the ADL? It seems that way." (Link)

Cheryl J wrote:

Paul, did you see this? Mark Glenn and Victor Thorn could be the same person.

"These Greg Szymanski, Eric Phelps, and Eric May bashing, temporal coajutors bashed Bollyn one year ago and claim he exaggerated his claims and still promoted the lies that he had no injuries even after he proved he had them by scanning his medical report. Eric Hufschmid writes an essay last August exposing them and their tactics and in November, Lisa Guliani splits from Victor Thorn claiming that he was a control freak... 

I think of course she left with her head down after Bollyn exposed her personal life which includes nothing short of child abuse upon her own kids.


Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka, likely a polish jew working for the ADL as Hufscmid and Bollyn wrote), said in November, the last wingtv broadcast however that he respected Lisa Guliani and would be back updating his website and doing shows after 2008 as he's got some major projects. (Link)


"Tired of the crime and other problems in their town near Daytona Beach, Fla., Guliani and her husband Cris sold most of their belongings and moved with their [her] three kids and a dog to Minnesota in search of a better life," the Star Tribune reported. I wonder what those "other problems" were, Lisa.

Well after 9/11, Lisa, now age 34, was shocked and left her "other problems" for good and shacked up with Scott Makufka. She left her three children and husband to join up with the aspiring author Victor Thorn.

What she left behind were three young boys aged 8, 11, and 13. She left them with Cris Guliani, her last husband. Cris, however, is only the father of the youngest. Lisa has three sons from three different men.


Greg S:

Paul, Found this on Icke's site (Link) Looks like Mark Glenn is working with him to destroy the Truth movement, just like you said.

Is he a real person? Or is that a picture of Scott Magufka? a CIA agent working to discredit the 911 Truth movement?

--- On October 1, 2004 pseudo-journalist Victor Thorn posted a 36-page character-assassination hit piece about me titled "Mike Ruppert Unmasked." He did so without presenting me with his allegations or offering me an opportunity to correct the record. He has mistakenly misrepresented to his audience that he was being "fair" because he had previously asked me to appear on his web-based TV show. I declined that invitation. Subsequent to that Thorn (whose real name has been reported to be Scott Magufka (I am unsure about the spelling) posted his attack piece without even advising me of its content or offering me an opportunity to comment before he published. He has also refused to disclose whether his real name is Victor Thorn or not. ---- http://www.fromthewilderness.com/10questions.shtml

And --

Now that the 911 Truth Movement is gaining momentum, I
intend to publish articles naming the names of those alternative media figures
who are "false friends," meaning that they have
collaborated with the Bush administration, while posing as helpers
of the 911 Truth Movement. My conviction that such people, Victor
Thorn and Lisa Guliani among them, are a great danger to the movement and
the country.

Thorn and Guliani have done everything they could to sabotage
genuine efforts to interdict false flag terror attacks -- and have
published articles that make it clear enough that such was their purpose.
In this essay I'll stick to what I know as a principle participant, and what has
been published in mainstream, non-alternative venues to back my claims.
There are two particular instances in which the two Wing TV hosts have
collaborated with the feds to sabotage the movement and cooperate with the
feds to set up US cities. http://www.striketheroot.org/node/10

These are the simple facts:

1. I am a journalist and columnist who is expressing my opinion regarding a public figure's attack on rense.com where, among other places, my commentaries are posted.

2. Rense, after receiving a death threat resulting from, and posted by Glenn, and his posted, published rhetoric inciting of potentially radical muslims and others against Rense personally. Jeff then received a phone call on his unlisted office number from Glenn.  Rense told Glenn that his efforts to foment HATE and potential physical harm to Rense and staff must stop or he, Rense, would be forced to call in law enforcement (FBI and DHS) to protect himself and his staff.

3. Glenn's demands that Rense censor the general scope of news and commentary on his news service are unacceptable in a free country and were rejected out of hand.

4.  Everything from that point on, emanated directly from Glenn and his radical and evangelical supporters.  At least one known post critical of glenn was deleted by glenn from his the Comments on own site - his right to do, but it presents a managed and spun picture in the readers' minds.

5. Glenn has employed the classic intel op technique to attempt to enhance his miniscule name recognition by attacking a well known site and defaming its owner scores of times. 

6.  Rense has not yet called any agency nor made a single public statement about Glenn and his attacks on him personally or his site, or the de facto attack on freedom of the press for Ms Devvy Kidd or Mr. Frosty Wooldridge.  Even before the attacks began in earnest by Mr. Glenn, Rense once again had begun a charity effort on his site homepage to raise funds for Dr. Mohammed Miraki, PhD, MA, MA for the children and impoverished of Afghanistan.  Rense.com has done more than any other known internet site to help the victims of zionist American war on Muslim peoples.

7.  Even a cursory scan of the Rense.com homepage  fails to show a single zionist author and, in fact, shows numerous stories by Muslim writers.  Rense.com continues to publicize the plight of Muslim peoples of Iraqi, Iran,  Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has done so for 15 years has no equals at the highest level of internet news sites.

8.  This entire controversy is all about a man who has lost two radio programs and has a reported history of fighting and internet conflicts with others who won't conform to his own world view.

9.  The Disclaimer at the bottom of the rense.com homepage and at the bottom of every story hosted by rense.com could not be more clear.  This is something glenn won't dare mention or acknowledge.

10. Regarding the clear working relationship between glenn and Scott Makufka (sp) alias 'Victor Thorn', above is the book cover clearly showing it. For the record, Makufka and Guliani put on a half hour net tv show for a time and one of their truly incredible attacks on Mr. Rense was a program in which they had  constructed a hand puppet to look 'like' Mr. Rense. They added their own 'gay voice' to the puppet and slandered Mr. Rense for most of the entire program.

It was an infamous performance using the same basic intel protocols of slander and defamation with the intent of trying to draw the target into a 'war' with them, thereby wasting the target's time and energy. This same Victor Thorn is Glenn's book partner and associate. It is also interesting to note the assaults on Mr. Rense because of his hair and appearance. It is hard to see how these attacks can enhance the patriot news movement. Mr. Rense is not now, nor has he ever been gay, and supports the rights of all people to conduct their private lives as they see fit.

Mark Glenn and Victor Thorn: Birds of a Feather, Flock together?
*Featured: Scientist built a home made 24 KW Magnetic Generator for his home A Small version is only $100 to Build

* Read Henry Makow's: "Cruel Hoax" Feminism, Homosexuality and How Heterosexuality Works

Mark Glenn and Victor Thorn: Birds of a Feather?