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Liberty Dollars and Political Dissent
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The inventor of the Liberty Dollar, Bernard Von Nothaus, is a political dissident being persecuted for making a political statement against the privately held corporation known as the Federal Reserve Bank.

"Liberty Services' original name was "National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Code" (NORFED). Since its founding, the organization has asserted that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and harmful. The company is now in a series of legal battles both defending their exchange service and challenging exclusivity assertions made by the US Mint." (Source)...

"Bernard von NotHaus has been out on bond since a 2007 FBI raid on the Liberty Dollar headquarters in Indiana,  when he was charged with conspiracy to possess and sell coins in resemblance and similitude of genuine coins of the United States.  The FBI and Secret Service confiscated gold, silver, platinum, and almost two tons of Ron Paul Dollars, which was the property of Liberty Dollar customers, when executing a seizure warrant for money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, counterfeiting, and conspiracy." (Source)...

For those unable to tell the difference at the US department of justice, Liberty dollars are made of pure silver bullion. Federal Reserve Notes are printed on worthless paper. Liberty dollars actually appreciate in value. The dollar, on the other hand, has lost 90% of its value in the last decade.

It can be argued that the Federal Reserve is actually the one guilty of counterfeiting. Trying to pass off worthless paper dimes as worthless paper dollars. Bernard von NotHaus never represented that his coins were "legal-tender", nor did he design them after any United States Currency I have ever seen. What he did, was establish an electronic and physical barter system where participants could exchange silver for other goods and services.

Perhaps he should have used cocoa beans instead of silver. Or grape nuts. Either way the end-user would be holding an appreciating asset. As protected political speech, the Libertry Dollar is Constitutional and its use in private transactions is nothing more than a political statement that is covered under our "Bill of Rights".

Kind of like burning the American flag, only this is a legitimate form of political expression.

This is the argument that NotHaus's expensive lawyers should have used with the Grand Jury. This is the real reason why the Liberty Dollar is important. It is a legitimate form of political dissent. This is also why the Satanic Psychopaths jumped on this guy like a bowl of Skittles on a Desert Island.

The elite know that barter will replace their system when the dollar becomes totally worthless. If they permit the public to view this  as a legitimate form of trade, than all of their depopulation plans for America through famine and societal breakdown will come to naught. Barter or the "Mark of the Beast" will be the only alternatives left to the American people.

On a more consoling note, not even Communist Russia was successful at shutting down private transactions or the "black market". The more oppressive government becomes in the marketplace, the more demand they create for private transactions. Even Reagan understood this concept. It formed the foundation for his tax cuts and Reaganomics.

Jude Wanniski, the father of Reaganomics, explained a phenomina known as the "Laffer Curve", whereby black market activity increases in proportion to governmental regulation and higher taxes. This black market actually offsets any gains made through higher taxes. The theory argues that the marketplace will find its own solutions for public demand with or without the government's influence.

Right now there is a huge demand for stability. If people cannot find it in the stock market, bond market or traditional currencies they will buy gold and silver. As I have stated before, this is the only real store of wealth in this world of ours. I would argue that any government attempts at gold or silver confiscation from private individuals will result in the same response as trying to take their guns.

The Federal Reserve is intentionally destroying the dollar so that they can introduce the Mark. One nation, under Lucifer, just like the Book of Revelation and the Bible state very clearly.

Patriots and resistors everywhere need to recognize that von NotHaus and the Liberty Dollar were shut down because they were an effective form of political resistence to the New World Order. They posed a very real threat to the current system run by the Satanic Psychopaths. This is why they were neutralized.

"The Liberty Dollar’s creator, Bernard von NotHaus, was convicted March 18 (2011) of “making coins resembling and similar to United States coins” and “issuing and passing Liberty Dollar coins intended for use as current money,” among other charges.

In other words, counterfeiting.

Where the federal jury in Statesville, N.C., and the prosecution sees counterfeiting, the coin hobby sees the creator of beautiful exonomia in gold and silver, or the advocate of the gold standard instead of unbacked paper money.

Federal officials also see gold. On April 4 a forfeiture trial will begin to determine whether the government is entitled to claim almost $7 million in Liberty Dollars and precious metals that was seized when von NotHaus was arrested almost two years ago.

Von Nothaus also is facing multiple prison terms totaling 20 years and multiple fines that could total as much as $500,000 as well as loss of his seized property.

Anne M. Tompkins, U.S. attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, likened the creation and potential use of Liberty Dollars this way: “Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism.” (Source)

The only "domestic terrorists" I see in this dispute is the Satanic Psychopaths and their "New World Order". Private property is private property. It can only be taken away under the laws of due process. Since, Bernard von Nauthaus did not own any of the silver in his vaults, it wasn't his property to confiscate. It belonged to private investors.

All these wars to establish "Democracy" overseas and not even a veiled attempt to preserve it here at home. Welcome to Amerika, land of the fleeced and home of the slave.