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Liberty Dollars and Monopoly Banksters
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In the game of monopoly, players buy up real-estate in an attempt to create monopolies in different neighborhoods. Once the monopoly is established, rents can be raised to exhorbitant levels and other players are driven into bankruptcy. Monopolies were made illegal in the United States during the Progressive era by the Sherman Anti-trust Act.

"Monopolization  and attempted monopolization are offenses that may be committed by an individual firm, even without an agreement with any other enterprise. Unreasonable exclusionary practices that serve to entrench or create monopoly power can therefore be unlawful. Allegations of predatory pricing by large companies can be the basis for a monopolization  claim, but it is difficult to establish the required elements of proof. Large companies with huge cash reserves and large lines of credit can stifle competition by engaging in predatory pricing; that is, by selling their products and services at a loss for a time, in order to force their smaller competitors out of business. With no competition, they are then free to consolidate control of the industry and charge whatever prices they wish. At this point, there is also little motivation for investing in further technological research, since there are no competitors left to gain an advantage over.

High barriers to entry such as large upfront investment, notably named sunk costs, requirements in infrastructure and exclusive agreements with distributors, customers, and wholesalers ensure that it will be difficult for any new competitors to enter the market, and that if any do, the trust will have ample advance warning and time in which to either buy the competitor out, or engage in its own research and return to predatory pricing long enough to force the competitor out of business." (Source)

To simplify things, Monopolies destroy competition and drive up prices. The basic model of Free Enterprise relies on the idea that anyone, anywhere, can put out a shingle for a product or service without being driven out of business by a larger competitor. Monopolies are inherently evil and conspiratorial. When given their way they corrupt politicians, suppress wages, screw consumers and kill the American Dream.

Fascism is the end result of monopolistic capitalism. A few large Business Cartels running our government for their own selfish and evil purposes.

Fascism is the father of Eugenics. Monopolies encourage disposable super-workers and starvation wages in the name of higher profits. A lack of competition means that the skilled workers are forced to sell their services to only one bidder. This drives down the standard of living and results in economic depressions.  Monopolies eliminate the need to pay benefits. They transfer this responsibility to the government in the name of Socialism.

Monopolies brought us NAFTA, GATT, and Globalism. They push for lax enforcement of illegal immigration laws. All in the name of higher corporate profits. In the end, the only beneficiary is the billionaires that amass their fortunes to the detriment of society and the masses of humanity.

The Federal Reserve is a monopoly. It is not a government entity. It is a private corporation that was created by corrupt politicians and monopolistic capitalists like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. The Satanic Psychopaths charge the American people interest just for the privilege of using their worthless pieces of paper.

The Federal Reserve uses its profits to corrupt society, destroy the middle class, and steal the homes and fortunes of the average American. If Congress wanted to truly set America free, they would break up this monopoly and return to Constitutional Principals.

"Section. 10: No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility."

Gold and silver both need to be made legal tender in order for the system to work. The beauty of these commodities is that they would virtually destroy the Monopoly Banksters and their Satanic Psychopathic agenda, if used as the Constitution directs. Wealth would remain in the hands of the people, free from the heavy burden of interest payments to a group of evil men that worship Lucifer as their god.

The Liberty dollar was a threat to the Bankster monopoly. It created an alternative currency in the only wealth that really matters, precious metals. Unlike the Federal Reserve, it was constitutionally sound and should be permitted under the Sherman Anti-Trust laws. It would be, if our legal system wasn't so corrupt. As more people wake up, they will realize that gold and silver are the only means of protecting their wealth from the Bankster monopoly.

In essence, the only means of preventing the Satanic Psychopaths from realizing their goal of a one world government under Lucifer.