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The following shows just how defective Gun Control really is. The United States has .042 murders per thousand (Source) and is ranked #24 in the world.  Guns were the weapon of choice in 62% of the US murders in 2007. (Source)

Australia: Gun ownership is accessible only for those persons with 'genuine reasons' who can obtain a Permit to Acquire from local Police stations. 'Genuine Reasons' focus on primary production, licenced sport, animal control or employment requirements, and do not include 'personal protection. (Source)

Australia is ranked number 43 on the list, and has about .015 murders per thousand. A knife was the weapon of choice 44% of the time. Another important stat is that Australia has far more police than the United States per thousand. (Source)

Canada: The stated intent of Canadian firearms laws are to control firearms so as to improve public safety. Canada has a long gun registry that costs 66 million dollars per year to maintain.Currently, users must possess a licence, called a "possession and acquisition licence (PAL)". A firearms safety course must be passed prior to applying for a PAL. here are three categories of firearms for purposes of Canadian law: non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited. Restricted and prohibited weapons may actually be owned and used in limited circumstances. (Source)

Canada is ranked #44 for murders per thousand (one below Australia). Canada also has far more police per capita than the United States. (Source) In-spite of their strict gun control laws, Canada still has a major problem with hand-gun deaths. (Hint: Criminals and Gangs don't obey the law) (Source

United Kingdom:

"Over the course of the 20th century, the UK gradually implemented tighter regulation of the civilian ownership of firearms through the enactment of the 1968, 1988, 1994 and 1997 Firearms (Amendment) Acts[27]  leading to the current outright ban on the ownership of all automatic, and most self-loading, firearms in the UK. The ownership of breech-loading handguns is, in particular, also very tightly controlled and effectively limited (other than in Northern Ireland)[28]  to those persons who may require such a handgun for the non routine humane killing of injured or dangerous animals. Each firearm must be registered on a Firearms Certificate (FAC) or shotgun certificate. These are issued by local police after the buyer demonstrates good reason for each firearm (e.g. hunting, pest control, or target shooting). Police may restrict the type and amount of ammunition held, and where and how the firearms are used.[29]  Historically, most certificates approved for handguns listed "self defense" as a reason. Since 1968 in mainland Britain, self-defense alone is not considered an acceptable "good reason" for firearm ownership. (Source)

The United Kingdom is still #46 in the world for murder. They are also 34th in the world for Police per thousand. In the UK, knives or other sharp objects are the weapon of choice. Dogs have been used. Even a grease gun. (Source)


"This week, Chicago took over as murder capital of the United States. There are several cities that have higher murder rates per 100,000 population, but no city with more total murders.

Even with a population of just over 3 million, Chicagoans can expect more murders -- 500 -- in their city, than in New York (400 murders and 5 million population) or Los Angeles (300 murders and 3.8 million people)." (Source)

"Chicago is also the gun-confiscation and voluntary hand-in capital of the U. S. Over the past decade, Chicago police have confiscated or had surrendered to them an average of 10,800 guns per year. Chicago has also had a complete ban on handgun sales and possession since 1982." (Ibid)

Chicago has 4.8 police officers per thousand. The violence is attributed to major criminal gangs that disregard gun laws and don't turn in their guns voluntarily. (Source)


America does not have problem with guns. We have a problem with gangs. In fact 80% of all violent crimes in this country are gang related. Gun control laws won't stop criminal organizations that have hundreds of millions of dollars for aquiring the latest high tech weaponry. Neither will a community police force. Gangs with military grade weapons require a military grade response from a tactical standpoint.

Narcotics are the revenue engine, not only for organized gangs, but also for the Satanic Psychopaths that profit from their activities. The Illuminati are at the top of this pyramid, and they need to be dealt with if we are to have any hope of turning back the clock. This is a difficult task, considering that they own our politcians, court system and media. True reformers, like myself, become targets of the system. The Arizona shooting, with the blame being shifted onto the alternative media, demonstrates this fact.

America also has a decreasing police force. The removal of guns from the hands of its citizenry will place them at the mercy of organized criminals that face a decline in their narcotics revenue and have to look elsewhere to fill their coffers. Declining revenue also means more "turf" is required to produce the same income.

Many have seen these gangs in vision lead the charge into anarchy after the economic collapse. If you value yourself and your family, you will oppose any efforts at taking away your weapons of self-defense.