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LDS Church Backs Illegal Amnesty Laws
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The one sure-fire way to guarantee that your state will be over-run with illegal immigrants is to pass a law that states you will not prosecute them or co-operate with Federal authorities to deport them. Its called the law of least resistance. Illegals can choose a state like Arizona, which will enforce the law and deport them, or they can now come to Utah, where they will be welcomed with open arms thanks to the passage of Utah's Amnesty Laws.

Realizing that they needed a moral imperative, The Utah Illuminati were able to persuade the LDS Church to officially support their drive for low-cost labor in the state. Utah already has a glut of labor, with current unemployment reported at 7.6% (real unemployment is probably closer to 16%). Now, devoted Mormons can make the ultimate sacrifice for those that the Church has deemed worthy, in-spite of their "law-breaker" status, by giving them their jobs. 

Fortunately for Utah's politicians, they can still borrow money to pay for the skyrocketing social service costs. In fact, little ol Utah led the nation in borrowing money last September with bond issues of $1.25 billion dollars (another $2 billion already on the books).  The rest of the country combined only issued $9 billion in new debt. (Source)

By the way, Utah lost 43% of its tax revenue in 2009. (Source). Spending, however, increased by 9% the same year. Utah State taxes fell to $5.4 billion in 2009. But the most revealing statistic is that Utah lost $4.3 billion in its "Social Trust Revenues". (Ibid) Since all good Mormons go to heaven in the State of Utah, there have been no attempts to investigate the investment practices of these funds. After all, we wouldn't want to be accused of "questioning the brethren".

Were one to look in such dark places for derivatives fraud, he or she might offend the state's beneficial owners, the Rothschild dynasty (recently praised as men of business at a BYU commencement).

This might also explain why the Utah legislature (IE: the Lord's Annointed) recently conspired with the Governor of Utah (IE: the Lord's other Annointed) to close off access to Freedom of Information requests from legitimate journalists. Not to worry, I am one of the few remaining in the vast state of Utah. The Deseret News, owned by the LDS Church considers questioning politicians about their spending practices an act of religious heresy. After all, the thinking has already been done.

"(Governor) Herbert, whose office did not return phone calls requesting comment, signed House Bill 477 last week. It passed the Legislature less than a week after being introduced.

"The law restricts access to most electronic communications by government officials, allows state agencies to charge higher costs to answer records requests, and places the burden of proof about whether a record is public on the person asking to see the record.

"The cards are stacked against citizens so badly that almost everything can be kept private," Cuillier said. "They can say no to every request and there's nothing that can be done."  (Source)

Not that anybody is asking for information at this time except myself and a surprisingly large segment of the Utah population that frequents this website. Those that actually believe you can hold onto your brain, and faith, at the same time. Meanwhile, the Mormon Illuminati are doing their best to have these articles expunged from websites and forums throughout Utah, without success. A typical response when you have no way to answer for your crimes but brutal suppression of the truth.

Thinking Mormons can't help but wonder if Gov. Herbert's actions have something to do with the highway scandal that let him pocket $85,000 in contributions from the winner of a $1.1 billion dollar highway contract.

"HB34 • The Legislature gave final approval Thursday to a bill that would prevent the Utah Department of Transportation from making any more big, secretive settlements.

That comes after UDOT paid $13 million last year to quiet a bidder that alleged UDOT tweaked bid scoring to rob it by one point of a $1.1 billion contract to rebuild Interstate 15 in Utah County. The contract instead went to a company that had just donated $85,000 to Gov. Gary Herbert’s re-election campaign." (Source)

In most states, a $13 million dollar "secret" payout to spike a news story would result in the resignation of the guilty parties. Not in Utah. Since Mormons don't sin, and forgiveness comes before repentance, most criminals can feel pretty secure in the fact that they won't be prosecuted or impeached. Since they are also psychopaths without a conscience that feel no shame, don't expect a resignation letter anytime soon.

Now, back to the LDS Church's support of the Amnesty Laws just signed by our corrupt Governor.

"The debate is vital to Utah’s Latino population, many of whom are LDS. Yapias and others estimate that 50 percent to 75 percent of members in Utah’s 100-plus Spanish-speaking congregations are undocumented. That includes many bishops, branch presidents, even stake presidents. The church sends missionaries among undocumented immigrants across the country, baptizing many of them without asking about their status. It also allows them to go to the church’s temples and on missions." (Source)

As a member of the Church in good standing, I cannot help but feel somewhat conflicted. I am asked to sustain the laws of the land in which I live. This includes both Federal and State Laws. Perhaps someone with the right authority could publish a guideline of what laws I am exempt from obeying from a Church perspective. I would hate to think that Mormon Illuminati like Marriott, Eccles, Huntsman, Reid, Cannon and Herbert are the only ones with sin exemptions out there.

One other frequently asked question by the Church comes to mind: "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?"


Guess that I can now see how the prophets of the 19th Century were able to so clearly see how the Lord would first come to the corruption in His House. I guess the new LDS Church standards is that any kind of corruption goes and one can still enter the most holy of LDS structures -- the temples. It does not matter that one is willfully breaking the laws of the land and that one is in clear violation of the Articles of Faith penned by Joseph Smith JR. I fondly remember telling people with a firm conviction that Mormons '...believe in honoring the US Constitution as a sacred, treasured document; and believe in honoring, sustaining, and obeying the laws of the land." Now, I have folks asking me, "I thought you Mormons believed in upholding the laws of the land? What is this stuff with supporting illegal aliens?" And, now I am at a loss for words. Has the new batch of LDS Leaders dumped the Articles of Faith? I wait with batted breath to hear what might be spoken at the upcoming General Conference that might declare that Mormons no longer bother with that relic of the Articles of Faith. Should I now burn my worn and studied copy of the "Study of the Articles of Faith" by Apostle James E Talmage? It clearly is not being followed in Utah nor by the LDS Leaders who are now embracing illegal aliens. It feels like not that "I" have left the faith but the faith has just picked up and scurried over to the wrong side of standards and values. Leaving me stunned and bewildered until I remember the prophecies of Joseph Smith, JR; Brigham Young; John Taylor; Ezra Taft Benson; and others that there will come a time when even the elite among you will be deceived and that one day the House of the Lord will be purged of its own wickedness.

An oddity I am finding on Mormon websites is that one should not expose 'corruption, wickedness, nor sinful behavior' with in the Church or by LDS members. And their argument is that one should protect "THE CHURCH" from any form of negative coverage. But, I argue that the evil and wickedness is NOT part of the Church and pulling out the deadly parasites of bad actors is a good thing to keep the House of the Lord clean. These people would prefer to protect an imagine, an institution, a public relations agenda rather than call out the evil from within.

These poor ill informed souls apparently have not read of the many times that Pres. Brigham Young chastised the members as they traveled westward to Utah. At one point, Young told them that if they did not mend their sinful and corrupting ways he would not go one step further with such an ill tempered, foul mouthed, animal abusing lot.

BRAVO to you, Paul, for your writing on these topics that should not be sensitive nor taboo amongst Mormons at all but a rallying cry for all Mormons to declare "Yes! We need to stop the corruption and remember who we are and what we stand for!"
From Facebook:

Sandy Heer : Wow, your bashing of the LDS Church just continues to get more fierce--but now your bashing Mormons, in general, as well? "Mormons do not sin"...and "Forgiveness comes before repentance?" Come on, Paul--as 'a member in good standing' you know better than that.

Paul A Drockton M.A. I hope you save a little outrage for the criminals that have infiltrated our Church.

Scott Hixon Rodney: Good article. I have a friend who used to be a business owner in Utah years ago. He told me one of the reasons he left the state is the corruption in the LDS business community. He feels that the Wasatch front will go down in history as the most corrupt area in America. He really hated seeing bishops and stake presidents denying recommends to people on Sunday then on Monday engaging in the same behavior. He said "I just had to get out of there."