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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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Consequences and the L.A. Earthquake Vision
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In a society where people are trained to ignore cause and effect, it becomes nearly impossible to talk about the consequences of evil behavior. The HIV epidemic is just one example. Mention the link between HIV and homosexuality (the latest lingo is Men having sex with Men or MSM) and the epithets fly. Yet the Center for Disease Control presents us with the following statistics:

        532,000 total persons).

        MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men).

AIDS is a horrifying disease that takes down the bodies immune system and exposes the individual to a plethora of diseases. If an individual uses a needle infected with HIV in an attack on a fellow human being, he will be arrested and imprisoned. People understand the nature of cause and effect in this instance.

However, those infected with HIV are free to spread the disease in no less deadly fashion. We spend billions on education and the "search for a cure", yet do absolutely nothing to stop the infected from infecting others. Those with other communicable diseases are quarantined until they are no longer contagious. Yet, talk about quarantining those infected by HIV and the Satanic Psychopaths will do everything in their power to discredit or destroy you.

Yet, they cannot prevent the consequences of their evil deeds. This is why I am re-posting this vision given to me about a Los Angeles Earthquake in the near future.

I have been holding back on this one, but, I feel that now is the time to share it. I have family in Los Angeles, and have been there a few times. One night, I was praying about the city and my family when I saw the following:

1. Narcotics money and organized crime had taken over the criminal justice system and many of the elected officials.

2. Gangs had infiltrated local politics and the police forces. As a result, investigations were interfered with, innocent police officers were killed and organized crime ran the city.

3. I saw that the Illuminazi Conspiracy ran these criminal elements from Hollywood. I also saw that they were involved in child pornography, snuff films, child prostitution and MK-Ultra Mind Control. I saw that some people at Disney were also involved.

4. I saw that the Illuminazis were also involved in donating large amounts of money to various charities in order to avoid suspicion.

I then saw the following:

1. A severe earthquake that stripped the facades off of downtown buildings. Concrete was turned to powder, so that, all that remained of some buildings was their steel frames. Many buildings stood with concrete floors and other building materials lying in piles of rubble at their base.

2. One major crack opened up along the "strand" and separated the city from the Pacific Ocean.

3. I saw waves come in groups and submerge the homes along the Pacific Coast.

4. The Hollywood sign was destroyed and huge mansions were in ruins. These were subsequently looted and some of their inhabitants raped and murdered.

5. I saw that many were killed and many were displaced. Inner city tenements drew a hefty premium and it was nearly impossible to find a place for rent.

6. I saw fires break out both during and after the earthquake in the downtown area. Some from broken gas mains and some from looters.

7. The National Guard and Federal Troops were brought in to maintain order, but the downtown area was in ruins from looting and rioting.

8. I saw that food was sold for a king's ransom.

9. I also saw that food trucks with supplies were attacked by gangs so that they could resell it on the black market.

10. It became necessary for the government to "convoy" in supplies with tanks and troops.

11. Many people starved from the lack of food. Others from dehydration or disease from  lack of clean water.

12. I saw a literal war between the gangs and the military. Helicopters were shot down with gang-owned missiles. The inner-city became a combat zone.

I also saw that many of the righteous were warned to leave the city. Others remained and were under divine protection. Most of these were there to help the injured and the homeless. Refugee camps were set up throughout the city.

If you have not already done so I would recommend that you store food, water purifiers, guns and ammunition. As I have stated in previous posts, the best protection is a righteous life. God harvests the innocent and the guilty. I feel that Los Angeles has let these Secret Combinations get above them and now they run the government. Those that have permitted this, fall under the same condemnation as those that brought it about. I was told this is why the entire city is under condemnation, and all will suffer to some degree.

We as a people have a responsibility to oppose evil, no matter what the cost to ourselves, our fortunes or our family. God will ultimately restore all of our losses and add His eternal rewards on our heads. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward.

I believe that when we sit back and do nothing, we ultimately take upon us the same judgments as the wicked.