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Twitter is rolling with reports of rainbow cloud over Los Angeles today (5/13). Reports are coming in that this looks similar to before both the China and Chile quakes where residents reported and took photos of such events in the sky.

While no one can be sure what it means, people should always be prepared for a major Earthquake in Southern California as it is seismically active. (Source)

*NOTE: These Look More Like Chemtrail Clouds According to One Very Reliable Source.
3.0  2010/05/15 04:33:17 34.002N 118.343W  8.4    3 km ( 2 mi) E   of Baldwin Hills, CA
2.6  2010/05/15 04:00:33 34.023N 117.570W  2.2    9 km ( 5 mi) ESE of Ontario, CA
1.6  2010/05/14 22:13:41 33.990N 118.152W  4.4    5 km ( 3 mi) SSE of East Los Angeles, CA
1.6  2010/05/14 21:51:50 34.031N 117.252W 16.1    2 km ( 1 mi) S   of Loma Linda, CA
2.5  2010/05/14 01:04:37 34.216N 117.413W 12.2    1 km ( 1 mi) WSW of Devore, CA
1.6  2010/05/13 02:26:09 34.370N 118.444W  4.7    8 km ( 5 mi) E   of Newhall, CA
1.4  2010/05/12 20:54:58 34.003N 117.156W  8.7    6 km ( 4 mi) SSE of Redlands, CA
0.5  2010/05/11 15:56:38 34.507N 117.626W 12.3   17 km (10 mi) N   of Wrightwood, CA
1.4  2010/05/10 13:58:23 34.170N 118.510W 11.7    1 km ( 1 mi) NW  of Encino, CA
1.3  2010/05/10 03:13:46 34.002N 117.154W  9.4    6 km ( 4 mi) SSE of Redlands, CA
1.4  2010/05/10 02:21:51 34.012N 117.199W 12.3    5 km ( 3 mi) SSW of Redlands, CA
1.8  2010/05/09 11:34:07 34.894N 118.868W 13.0    8 km ( 5 mi) SE  of Grapevine, CA
2.1  2010/05/08 23:13:57 34.147N 117.684W  7.0    6 km ( 3 mi) NW  of Upland, CA
1.4  2010/05/08 18:41:36 34.136N 118.534W 10.4    4 km ( 3 mi) SW  of Encino, CA
1.9  2010/05/08 14:44:33 34.261N 118.138W 18.4    8 km ( 5 mi) N   of Altadena, CA
1.1  2010/05/08 13:22:31 33.924N 117.851W  4.5    5 km ( 3 mi) E   of Brea, CA

Los Angeles Earthquake List 5/15/10
Number of "Tweets" on Twitter Reporting Dogs and Cats Acting Strange Before May 19, 2009 Earthquake in L.A. (4.5 mag)
Twitter Key Word and All Links 5/15/10:

Birds Acting Strange: LINK

Dog Acting Strange LINK

Cat Acting Strange LINK

Quake Lights  LINK

Use of the word "Earthquake" on Twitter Peaked two days before...
* The main method we use to make our earthquake forecasts is based on thermal temperature changes caused by frictional heating of the tectonic plates.

"Here are a few other methods we have tried listed below";

* Moon phases
* Animal behaviour
* Human behaviour
* Micro earthquakes
* Seismic gaps
* Thermal temperature changes
* Satellite earthquake clouds
* ULF or Ultra Low Frequency sounds
* Water temperature changes
Forecaster Predicts 7.2- 8.2 Earthquake in California Between 5/15/10 - 5/20/10 Using Following Techniques. (Source)
I am looking at this from a probability/scientific approach.

1. You have a HAARP Rainbow colored sky

2. Some (not a lot of animals acting strange)

3. The word "Earthquake" is coming up pretty frequently on Twitter

4. You have some "mini-quakes" going on.

5. Another researcher claims the signs are there.

From a Spiritual Standpoint: Here is the Vision I had of an LA Earthquake

But, I never get a time frame on these things.

So, I would recommend that you prepare with food storage, water purifiers, and tents/sleeping bags. Pretend the stores will close in the event this actually happens and prepare.