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Judge Judy Gibberish Episode...
As I stated in yesterday's article, the Satanic Psychopaths known as the Illuminati have a secret deal with the legions of hell. The Illuminati provide mortal bodies for various demons in exchange for the powers that these evil spirits purportedly provide. Using  various techniques, they brutally traumatize their offspring while still in the mother's womb in order to train the unborn child to "dissociate", or mentally separate from the traumatic experience.

This creates an amnesia wall, where an alternate personality takes up residence. Previous theory suggested that the human programmer created these personalities. The writings of Aleister Crowley and other Occultists seem to indicate that the real goal of traumatic mind-programming is to open the door for demonic possession. I am now convinced that the various personalities of programmed multiples are actually a variety of evil spirits that have entered the victim through repeated trauma inflicted during occult rituals.

The programmers role is to train these multiples to only appear when given specific commands. According to Svali, the ability to dissociate is highly prized among members of the Illuminati. Those that come from specific bloodlines, where trauma based occult programming has taken place for generations, are the most prized of all.

Each Illuminati bloodline is prized for a specific demonic attribute, or attributes. That is, each "House" has specific spiritual attributes. A "House" that desires another bloodline's attribute will seek to breed with that other bloodline.

The problem with trauma based programming is that the amnesia walls break down over time. First generation victims have a low tolerance and will often manifest multiple-personality syndrome early on or perish in the process of being ritually abused. Woman are easier to program then men.

I have noticed that in many cases of suspected cult programming (Britney Spears, Curt Cobain, Justin Timberlake, James Morrison, Jimi Hendrix), the programming breaks down while the individual is in their mid 20s to early thirties. Depending on the value of the individual to the Cult, they will be reprogrammed. If the reprogramming fails, the individual will be "suicided" or meet some other untimely demise.

For those that come from multi-generational bloodlines, the process of reprogramming often be successfully repeated well into the individuals later years.

I believe that as evil and wickedness continue to grow in this world of ours, and Satan's power increases, it becomes even more difficult to control the evil entities that exist within the bodies and minds of those that are trained as programmed multiples. Evil Spirits don't appreciate being controlled and will look for ways to break through to consciousness.

I am not saying that program breakdown is always the reason behind a celebrity babbling in incoherent tongues, but, watch these videos and draw your own conclusions: