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Alex Jones, Disinformationist
By Anthony Migchels

Now, the Truth community has behaved really very reasonably in many respects, considering the enormous breadth of viewpoints that circulate within the non MSM real media.

It is noteworthy that very few character assassinations take place, clearly indicating the awareness of the people involved how damaging it is to your own reputation to slander others, even if you feel they are wrong.

There is a very thin line between slander and necessary questions and I think people like Rense, Makow, Stirling and and a few others have been really great examples of avoiding unnecessary name calling etc.

For quite some time I have been contemplating of writing about my major doubts that my heart senses regarding Alex Jones.

Jones certainly has had a positive impact on the awareness of people both in and outside the US about the true nature of our plight here on planet Earth.

I’m pretty sure many people are grateful to Jones for showing them things are not quite what they seem.

Lately however, a few more notable voices than my own have been starting to shed some light on Jones. Brother Nathanael Kapner, for instance, delved up some interesting links between Jones and a famous Illuminati Powerhouse, the Bronfmans.

Now, you shouldn’t believe everything Kapner says, his infatuation with Putin for instance is rather bizarre, but this is a sore point. You can understand Jones not having anybody piss on his wife, but he should also understand that connections like these are creating some very serious questions, knowing how things work in the world.

And lately none other than Paul Drockton has started some serious complaining about both Jones’ attitude AND his message. Showing Jones flashing ‘the sign’ for instance, which is really bad taste on Jones’ part to say the least, although his buddy Ron Paul has been known to flash the said sign on several occasions as well.

I can’t just sit here and say nothing, when these gentlemen are doing a nasty and painful job: telling the truth about someone we would rather enlist as a powerful ally. However, they are right to do so.


There are two reasons. Content and communication.

Jones communicates in a most unpleasant manner, especially when faced with people he doesn’t like or even just disagrees with. Basically he is a bully. He yells and likes to tear apart callers in his show who put forward things he is not in to. Especially healthful Anti Semites, people who are hated by a certain category of Jews because they see that organized Jewish Supremacy is intricately linked to the Banker’s Satanic Empire.

Now, you can let that bit go, saying it is passion and you need to have a lot of testosterone to do what Jones does. But is it passion, or is it bullying? The more I’ve seen of it, the more I call it bullying.

Another little thing is his eyes. Just look at them, blinking all the time! Now, more enhanced disinformationists like Obama know very well what message blinking sends: a lack of belief in what you are saying. Obama is a master of hypnosis and NLP and he is not blinking his eyes all the time. He is too well groomed for that.

Non-trained people, who make a habit of speaking truth, don’t blink their eyes either. This is well known, scientifically established fact. It is easily quantitatively analyzed. And it has been. There is a clear link between blinking and lying.

I think it would be very interesting to reverse speech Alex Jones. I fear we will not like what we hear.

The only thing that speaks for Jones’ blinking is that he is not such a psychopath that he can lie without it. These are the really nasty types and Jones is clearly not one of them. He is probably just a sucker for fame and wealth.

Then there is content.

The number one reason why I stopped trusting him is simple: he pushes the Gold Standard.

Now, in this day and age of Truth, is it really feasible that an honest man sitting on the info that Jones is sitting on, can still be for a goldstandard?

Is it really credible that Jones would not know that the bankers are pushing for gold (probably among other commodities they control) in their Phoenix World Currency?

Is it really true, that Jones is unable to sift through the various monetary schools of thinking and NOT notice, that the Gold Standard of earlier days was Bankers domination?

Isn’t it absolutely clear, that interest bearing gold as money will be scarce and manipulable just as the paper? Not to mention the enormous cost to Labor of this usury?

Doesn’t Jones know about GATA and Morgan Stanley going long on gold on an unimaginable scale?

Isn’t this issue of paramount importance when we realize that our not so illumined self declared ‘masters’ are central bankers who run this show by controlling the supply of money?

Is it really true, that civilized and understanding people can support a barbarous relic like gold?

No. And this issue is so important that it is very clear that the powers that be would invest in someone like Jones to gain credibility with a somewhat enlightening narrative, just to lead the opposition in a blind alley concerning the monetary heart of the matter, which is so important that it is only transcended by the spiritual battle between good and evil that is ultimately what is going on here.

This point is seriously worsened by the fact that Jones ONLY features monetary analysis based on gold. He mostly ignores the interest free money community.

Therefore it is clear that he is pushing an agenda and not enhancing debate.

Now, being married to a wealthy Jewess, lying about money and withholding more plausible points of view on monetary issues from his public, ignoring Organized Jewry in his narrative AND his not trustworthy way of communicating……..

Can we really afford to trust him?


There is an other famous case in point. Antony Sutton.

His reputation is quite unbelievable, I will not list his astounding volume of works, one even more unbelievably informing than the other.

But there also is his ‘War on Gold’. A fantastic book, a must read for all students of gold and money, and the best case for Gold ever put forward.

I believe this book might be the reason why Eustace Mullins commented once: ‘I always considered Tony to be MI6?.

It is too bad I can’t check it with him any longer…………………..
The Above Video shows the following:

1. Alex Jones either intentionally, or unintentionally, obfuscates the true history of the Freemasons.

Alex states that the Freemasons had their beginnings in Solomon's Temple as stone masons. This is the big lie. In reality, Freemasons started with the Knights Templar, a middle-ages, religious order, that originated in the 1300s. They were known as the "Bankers of Europe" and were the most powerful political, ecclesiastical, and economic force of their time.  They were driven into the Inquisition by their debtors and the Catholic Church.

The Templar naval fleet flew the skull and bones and the flag was also used on the field of battle. Their great wealth of gold and silver also disappeared. Freemasonry contains all of the hidden ordinances of the Knights Templar, and is still governed by their descendants, who intermarried with Illuminati Jewish Merchants and founded the Illuminati and Rosicrucians.

2. Alex minimizes the influence Freemasonry exerts as part of the Globalist Conspiracy.

The Templars use the Freemasons as the support base for all of their political and social movements. Freemasons were the Jacobins in the French Revolution and the Communists in the Russian Revolution. They were also behind the American Revolution, but, I believe that our Founding Fathers were more influenced by their love of liberty than by their involvement in Freemasonry. Nevertheless, we can see Illuminati Banker involvement in the establishment of the First National Bank, and the layout of Washington DC. When the Founders tried to break free of the Illuminati Bankers completely, it started the War of 1812. We lost, and the 2nd National Bank came into being. The ultimate Illuminati-Freemason institution is our current Federal Reserve Banking system, which is also foreign owned and operated by the descendants of the Knights Templar and their Jewish Illuminati allies.

3. Alex disregards the impact that Freemasonry has on the Court System and the fact that the Tax movement founder was a High level Free-Mason used to co-opt the movement by the Illuminati elite.

You cannot effectively fight the conspiracy if you don't understand it. If you do understand it, but conceal critical information from your followers, than you are part of the problem, not the solution. Exposing something, and then mis-characterizing it, serves the needs of the conspiracy and not the needs of Freedom and Liberty.  Alex Jones might not like it, but he operates in a way that is raising the eyebrows of many in the Patriot movement. I include the following:
Alex Jones and Freemasons:
by Synkronus » Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:24 pm

The fact that alex is a Jesuit and controled opposition is painfully obvious. Even though 90% of his diatribe is factual it's the ten percent that divulges his true master. I've been following him since 99 and even though he is resposible for spreading truth he has major flaws in his presentation. First off he has long been an advocate for closing the borders instead of calling for the enforcement of already existing laws prosecuting corporations or individuals for employing illegals. Second he admits to choosing his battles when it comes to the unconstitutional income tax and even regularly laments the destruction of the bogus currency on a regular basis(I challenge someone to confront him on how Thomas Jefferson would feel about that position). Third he absolutely positively ignores the Zionist elephant in the room just as much or even more than his self proclaimed counter parts.Three strikes and your out
From My Forum:
by black dahlia » Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:50 am

A few years back, a guest on Jack McLamb's online program suggested that A.J. was under mind control. He proposed that this could be proved with a reverse speech analysis. Officer McLamb went to a break immediately after the guest (don't recall his name) made these remarks. Upon returning to their dialogue a few minutes later, McLamb chastised his guest for saying things against his good friend A.J.

I do not know if anyone ever did listen to A.J.'s speech in reverse. Might be something David Oates could prepare for one of his Rense appearances.

I find it interesting that A.J. frequently mentions that many family members are with the government, and that his father was approached very early in his career to work for the evil empire. It would be easy to accept that Jones Senior refused, but perhaps it didn't go that way.
Alex Jones and his "Kool-aid Drinkers". You can reach me by email through  Alex. If you want to refute these articles, you are welcome to come on my radio show anytime you want - or email me.  Just the facts please.