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Alex Jones Gives "The Sign"
The Sign of Baphomet is a way for speakers to let certain listeners know that they are Satanic insiders. In the above picture, Alex Jones gives "the sign". I just visited the Infowars Forum and the disinformation campaign against me is in full swing.  Instead of quoting from my article, another article written by another author I never heard of is the focus of their anger. So much for honest journalism. You would think that with all the high quality journalists over at infowars, someone would get this straightened out.

Even more laughable are the attempts to paint me as a "Rense" puppet. No offense to their "disinfo-ites", but I have been writing and taking on the enemies of freedom for decades. I started by running for office at the age of 29 as a Republican in a city that hadn't seen a Republican run for office in 30 years. That, my friends, is street cred. I was battling demigogues and criminals long before Jones hit the lottery of life.

The other, more amusing accusation has to do with martyrdom. I have been shot at, financially devastated, brutally slandered, almost killed in a traffic accident "set-up" and walked away from a position that was paying $25,000 a month to defend my less fortunate, but innocent, subordinates from a very corrupt Insurance Company. I have taken on sitting Congressmen and Senators. Even organized successful efforts to remove them from office.

In fact, I even forced one corrupt politico to put back $85 million dollars in assets he had unlawfully separated from a large corporation, so that the pensioners could be paid. Here is the documentation

I am the consummate Champion for Truth and Justice. Unlike Alex Jones, I don't live in a home valued at $750,000. I made more money than he does and I walked away from it because of the corruption of my employer. I now rent a small but humble home and drive an old car that still runs pretty good. Heck, I am proud to say that I even have a paper route to help pay my bills. I have more than enough education and skills to get another high paying job, but, then I would have to stop writing these articles. Heck, I guarantee that if I wanted to make a few phone calls, my enemies would pay the big bucks just to shut me up.

It wouldn't be their first "offer" by the way.

My beef with Jones is that he says all the right things, but there is no room for others in his "Big Tent".  Jeff Rense is just one glaring example of what Jones does to other legitimate voices in the Conspiracy movement that cut into his revenue stream.

I believe the man is a typical Illuminati tool used to disrupt and channel the legitimate voices of opposition into a growing financial concern. Obviously, if I was money motivated, like Jones. I would be kissing his behind and not put at risk the legitimate and significant following I myself have amassed by criticizing him.  My site is ranked 16,000 in the United States and growing rapidly. It is also ranked in the top 100,000 globally. I don't need a fight with Jones to grow, I am doing that without his help.

The difference between Jeff Rense and Alex Jones is that Jeff has no desire to control the movement or set an agenda that only benefits himself. He lets the cards fall where they may and doesn't re-brand other voices as his own. Go to Infowars and you will stay on Infowars. All of the information is rebranded under the Alex Jones logo. All of the ad revenue goes to Jones. The original author receives no real benefit other than he was seen on "Info-Wars"

Now go to Rense. Click on any link and you will go to the original author's website where the original author makes money from his work, not Jeff Rense. This is a major difference folks. Jones is obviously about the money and Rense is obviously about the Truth and helping others expose the Truth. So, next time you go into the Infowars maze, ask yourself, "Who benefits from all of this besides Alex Jones?"

Now, one other thing. Here is the link to Jones' video clips

How much of it is original material that was actually researched and presented by Jones himself and how much is the work of others. One would think that, with all those investigations going on, there would be more original stuff.

The same could be said about Jones' home page. It looks like another Drudge Report without the guy in the funny hat. Compare it to where almost all of the stories would never be seen on any other site. I am not the only one that feels this way. Yes, Jeff Rense has played a huge role in my success. Yes, there is a loyalty issue here. But, more importantly, there is a struggle going on for the very heart and soul of America and the rest of the world, and listening to the wrong voice will get you nowhere.

Please accept my compliments for your having publicly taken a stand on this critical issue. I wasn't listening when the blow up happened and I have been too embarrassed to inquire about Jeff's feelings ever since, although he is certainly very important to me.

My first encounter with Jeff occurred in 2002, following an encounter I had with a big black triangular UFO, here in North Little Rock, Arkansas, on Christmas, 2001. Jeff, you would agree, takes big leap of faith to cover some of this material in the first place. Despite the fact that I hate the sound of my own voice, and that I have no propensity for public speaking, He was delighted to lead me through our first interview, and I did not pass-out, despite severe stage fright. Later, Jeff's subtle innuendo over my (ahhem) 'chain-smoking' during that show caused me to quit smoking, without so much as a single relapse or a moment's thought about the real importance of my decisions, in this case simply to live more responsibly.
Alex Jones, by contrast, was, ( in 1996,) nothing short of a complete jerk, despite the fact that I approached him with considerable praise, overjoyed at the prospect of meeting someone who I thought really cared about where our lives in America had been leading. Just two nights before, I had first seen Alex's show on Austin's public access TV. Delighted with his no-holes-barred , 'both parties are corrupt' politics, I spent the following day asking my work mates, and our employer, how they felt about the guy's take on local politics. Everyone, without exception, hated Alex Jones. Mostly, they just didn't like his reputation. My boss, Doug Smith, (well known TV systems engineer) said he would avoid the guy and that I probably should not mention politics anymore at work. Further discussion was not forthcoming. Note, our income depended on our 'network neutrality!'

What was said was curious enough. Alex had just wrapped a shoot in front of a newly opened 'Fiesta Mart,' where he was editorializing about the rights of a Mexican Corporation to open such a large grocery-chain in central Austin. After watching him in action, and waiting considerately, (around 18 minutes,) to approach him, I said I just wanted to say hello. He said, "you are allowed to say hello, -anything else?" And, I replied, "Yes, I am a community producer from Denver and we've come to Austin to build a digital TV suite. I really liked seeing your show for the first time!" Alex replied, then you understand that I am a busy man and I can't be stopping to answer a lot of questions. If you are a 'certified' community producer, then where's your video camera? Can't you see we are right in the middle of a shoot?" (His assistants looked at him a little shocked as they went on packing away their camera gear.) - "It's OK, we'll talk later," I said, wondering why anyone would choose to spend the summers 'frying their brains' in South Texas?
Around two months after 9/11, I composed a major story about my involvement in the taking down of the World Trade Center. Had anyone in the (sic) 9/11 community remotely considered the importance of 'long-range' planning--where it comes to mega-structures, they might understand why 'tearing one down' could be a daunting process. Imagine, just for example, the trouble it might be to 'replace' the Golden Gate Bridge? Would this take a year, or more? Would they not simply use a mini-nuke at each of the fulcrum points?

The story I eventually told at Rense, was much stranger than fiction. Having my apartment and subsequent residences 'searched' for traces of my involvement in NYC, having been 'shadowed' from coast to coast, by former [*unpublished*] photographers from Denver, Jim Chestnut and Kurt Sonnenfeld, I was both scared to death, and subsequently emboldened to speak out about the facts behind the WTC demolition.

Alex Jones, who's office people previously signed for my 'registered dossier,' refused to acknowledge having received it. He subsequently lied about it again, and tried to make a fool of me each of the three occasions I phoned to discuss it on air. This was, I felt, a tragic oversight. Not long after that, one of the DJ's who had phoned me to find out more, was killed on his motorcycle in Phoenix. Then, Hunter, (--rather, 'Gonzo,' or 'wolfie,' as we called him at the lab in Denver,) somehow... 'committed suicide?' My story was (and still is) much hotter than any 'to do' over these 'patsys,' like Mohammed Atta. Mind you, I deeply admire our friend in Florida, at Mad Cow Productions. He is a consummate professional of exceedingly high character, someone I would have to say truly deserves the attention that Hunter S. Thompson received, just for brandishing his seemingly careless lifestyle. Sadly, though, that attitude mirrored the deplorable condition of his property at Wolf Creek pass, which partially explains why his emotional 'stability' was easily written off by an uncaring local/international Press.

Supporting Jeff Rense, is, for me, a no-brainer. I'll even up the stakes and remind you that he's 'loyal,' almost to a fault. We would ALL be remiss not to point out the tireless work that his partner James Neff has contributed all these years to the website. ..Doubtless, there was a time or two when their "servers went down" and jeff considered ripping his (someone's) hair out!

In closing, let me add that I appreciate the things you write as well. 'Brevity,' (I'm sad to say,) isn't my strong point, but it certainly works well for you.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for speaking out!

Tom-Scott Gordon,
prior photographer, Emery Roth Associates, AIA, NYC, circa 1989.